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Introduced towards the tail-end of 2014 2L FWD Hot Rods will have a full programme at Arena Essex (Rolling Thunder Show) during 2015. Perhaps not immediately apparent the formula itself does fill a gap; purpose built Hot Rods are RWD, which leaves a small amount of RWD Hot Rods that are old road-cars (Sierra, BMW) and for the mainstream FWD formula – Stock Rods are only up to 1400cc.

Steve Tandy has been pivotal in getting the class to this stage and said “it can be a cheap way into hot rods” siting the class is “trying to be a premier FWD formula as they end at stock rods for the kids at the mo.”

Drive Front-wheel drive
EngineUp to 2L, no motor-bike engine
Tyres 8 inch slicks
Safety4 post rollcage must adhere to ORCi rules

The rules have purposely left relatively open to attract as many cars as possible, the closure of SEGTO tracks over the past few years does mean there’s cars that are suitable from Mod Saloons and Super Saloons. Add to that Stock Rods, multiple classes at Swaffham or the smaller independent tracks like Worthing, Stansted and Standlake that will have crossover with their Hot Rod classes. There is no license just an entrance fee of £14 per meeting.

The 2L element of the class doesn’t mean that has to be used just it’s the maximum engine capacity allowed and fear not the biggest wallet shouldn’t be a major factor as those are likely to be in the national classes.

The reality is you are unlikely to find a more diverse Hot Rod class on tarmac. The next meeting will be the Expo Meeting on the 17th and 18th January, that will require booking in through. Grading is not applicable at present but you can’t just turn to race like some other RTS classes.

The following drivers have expressed an interest in racing or raced during the end of 2014. Please note this is not an official booking list.
32 Ben Lewis - Vauxhall Corsa (previously 54)
44 Steve Tandy - Vauxhall Corsa
46 Andy Sier - Vauxhall Corsa
067 Marc Walker - Ford Fiesta mk2
95 Ashley Croft - Peugeot 205
159 Iain Fraser - Honda CRX
161 Dean McDermott - Ford Ka
167 Mark Miller - Mini
444 Robert Richardson - Renault Clio
516 Shaun Lane - Peugeot 205

Additional drivers: Wayne Hearn, Jamie Goldthorp, Barry Grant, Tristam Barden, Danny Osbourne, Gavin Anderson, Mark Horner and Wayne Farrer

Production team Text: Paul Ballard (08.12.14)
Photo: HR Photosite and Paul Ballard
Layout: Paul Ballard

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