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24th October
Stock Rods - Tipperary - European Championship
  • Andy Sturt wins the title only just ahead of Jonny Cardwell, William O'Donovan and Ronnie McMillan

    National Hot Rods - Tipperary
  • Shane Murphy wins both the Davy Evans Memorial and Euro Challenge Cup

    Rookie Rods - Ipswich - Long Track Championship
  • Lee Ribbans wins the title with Lee Jordan closing in; Dan Abbott takes the other podium place
  • Ribbans and Jordan win the reverse heats

    2L Hot Rods - Ipswich - Hoosier QR
  • Tyler Wilkin takes the wet final ahead of Brian Twinn
  • Twinn and Dan Smith win the heats
  • Mitchell Souter and Dan Guidotti debut, Dalton Scarlett races a new Saxo

    Outlaws - Arena Essex - British Championship
  • Matt Leadbetter takes another title

    17th October
    National Hot Rods - Birmingham
  • Kym Weaver takes the meeting final being chased home by Mikey Godfrey

    4th October
    ORC Stock Rods - Arena Essex - English Championship
  • Luke Oliver wins the title

    3rd October
    2L Hot Rods - Ter Apel - National Championship
  • Gavin Botfield wins ahead of Charlie Jowers and Dan Smith
  • This is the first championship taken by a Zetec engine in the class

    National Hot Rods - Irish Open
  • World Champion Shane Murphy adds another title to his collection winning ahead of David Casey and Derek Martin
  • Heats won by John Christie and Casey; Ben McKee rolls

    Stock Rods - John Hall Memorial
  • Keith Butler takes the title

    Lightning Rods - Tipperary
  • More travelling for Ben Murray and another final

    2nd October
    ORC Stock Rods - Ballymena - Irish Championship
  • Wilfie McNeice wins dramatic race ahead of Aaron Moody, Matt McKinstry and Shane Gault
  • First over the line Steven McKane is removed from the result for being underweight
  • Gareth Bevan also removed when the race is declared two laps from the end

    Lightning Rods - King of Aghadowey
  • English driver Ben Murray travels across to win the title even though he had been shown several blue flags along the way
  • Heats won by Jordan Rochford and Gary Beggs

    27th September
    ORC Stock Rods - Taunton - West of England
  • The final is won by Simon Jones

    26th September
    Stock Rods - Aghadowey - Best in Britain
  • Race declared with 3 laps left as leader (Chris Gordon) was removed and then reinstated
  • Micky McFall docked two places from 2nd to 4th
  • Full result: 35, 125, 658, 3, 4, 47

    2L Hot Rods - King of Aghadowey
  • Steven Emerson wins ahead of Joel Richardson and Adam Best

    19th September
    2L Hot Rods - Tullyroan Road Motors Final
  • Short series saw the Steven Emerson take the title

    12th September
    Classic Hot Rods - Tipperary - Irish GP
  • Mike Oliver secures title after first and second in heats.
  • Hughie Weaver wins other heat

    Outlaws - Arena Essex - World Cup
  • Matt Leadbetter wins on 14 car grid. Trevor Ward takes dash for cash race

    11th September
    National Hot Rods - Ballymena
  • Jaimie McCurdy takes a hatrick

    6th September
    ORCi Stock Rods - Cowdenbeath - World Championship
  • Michael Bethune wins gold ahead of Stuart McKinnon and Derek Conner

    National Hot Rods - Tullyroan - Leslie Dallas Memorial
  • Glenn Bell takes a heat and final double to secure the title
  • Other placemen are David Casey, Billy Wood and first heat winner Adam Maxwell

    2L Hot Rods - Tullyroan Challenge Cup
  • Shane Murray wins ahead of Steven Emerson and Adam Heatrick
  • Heats are won by Murphy and Emerson

    5th September
    National Hot Rods - Aghadowey - British Championship
  • David Casey takes his first major title in the class ahead of Adam Maxwell
  • Full result: 261, 76, 54, 305, 9, 996, 994, 82, 199, 4
  • Casey started on pole after winning second heat

    2L Hot Rods - Aghadowey - Irish Open
  • Adam Best and Tom Casey win the heats but Shane Murray takes the title ahead of Best and Adam Heatrick

    Stock Rods - King of Aghadowey
  • Stevie McNeice wins ahead of Jonny Cardwell and Gary Butler

    31st August
    2L Hot Rods - Northampton - English Championship
  • George Turiccki wins ahead of Dan Smith and Mark Paffey
  • Turiccki's second and third in the heats secured pole

    Lightning Rods - Hednesford - British Championship
  • Incarace drivers dominant result with Ben Murray winning ahead of Roger Dormer and Andy Minshull
  • Heats won by Lee Skoyles and Richard Warner

    29th August
    Stock Rods - Aghadowey - William Cooke Memorial
  • Southern Irish Gary Butler takes the title ahead of Stevie McNeice and Micky McFall

    22nd August
    Stock Rods - Lochgelly - Scottish Championship
  • Siobhan Martin maintains the tradition of female winners in the race by taking the chequers ahead of Jonathan and Chris Lattka.

    Slick Cars - Ipswich
  • Colin Hitch wins all 3 races in his Pinto powered Fiesta even lapping NHR's on route

    16th August
    National Hot Rods - Northampton
  • Brett Walter wins both to secure pole but only takes second behind Jack Blood

    Classic Hot Rods - Northampton
  • Utterly dominant performance from Hughie Weaver to take all 3 races

    15th August
    2L Hot Rods - Lochgelly - World Championship
  • Adam Hylands wins ahead of Robbie Burgoyne and Chris Crane

    9th August
    Slick Cars - Northampton
  • Wilson Hamilton takes heat and final, surviving late pressure from Colin Hitch in the final
  • Simon Cox wins the opening heat after Paul Cusack is disqualifed from spinning aside early leader Luke Walter

    7th August
    National Hot Rods - NI Round 1 - Ballymena
  • Mark Heatrick wins both heats that give him pole for the final that he also wins. Gary Wilson and Derek Martin complete the podium.

    1st - 2nd August
    National Championship weekend
    National Hot Rods
  • Heat winners: 9, 54, 42, 20, 42, 76
  • Grid: 42, 9, 54, 940, 261, 209
  • Result: 940, 996, 199, 174, 962, 75, 82, 4, 966, 23
  • 940 fastest in Friday practice

    Lightning Rods
  • Heat winners: 51, 30, 50
  • Grid: 51, 974, 503, 339, 30, 50
  • Result: 51, 452, 591, 918, 5, 9, 688, 465, 910, 78
  • 918 fastest in Friday practice

    Stock Rods
  • Heat winners: 647, 447, 944, 658
  • Grid: 168, 944, 447, 658, 47, 647
  • Result: 944, 647, 188, 207, 171, 28, 5, 144, 8, 136

    25th - 26th July
    Aghadowey/ Tullyroan weekend
  • Adam Hylands retains 2L British Championship
  • Result: 54, 931, 976, 959, 75, 342
  • Heats were won by Madill, Best and Hylands

    Lightning Rods - European - Tullyroan
  • Result: 902, 918, 977

    Lightning Rods - Irish Open - Aghadowey
  • Result: 962, 918, 50, 45, 339, 503
  • Heat winners: 45, 962, 974

    25th July
    Stock Rods - Ipswich
  • Jamie Akehurst takes heat and final double in his second meeting since moving from PRI

    22nd July
    Rookie Rods - Southern - Eastbourne
  • First over the line Lee Evans removed from result for running gas shocks, Jamie Lee Callis takes the title

    19th July
    ORC Stock Rods - National Championship - Taunton
  • Simon Jones wins the title from pole position followed by Luke Oliver and Derek Conner
  • Heats were won by Tony Perfect, Lewis Trickey and Jones

    Stock Rods - Southern Championship - Aldershot
  • John Smith wins title ahead of Andy Sturt and Ben Grant

    15th July
    Lightning Rods - Southern Championship - Eastbourne
  • Lee Skoyles wins final where a small grid assembles. Jason Busby and Ben Furness take other podium places
  • The recently returned Richard Warner won the first heat, the other was won by Skoyles.

    12th July
    2L Hot Rods - Great Yarmouth
  • Charlie Jowers wins the East Anglian Championship ahead of Tyler Wilkin

    Slick Cars - Hednesford
  • Steve Hunt takes heat and final double, taking the final ahead of Wilson Hamilton and Trevor Harvey
  • On his track debut Terry Bell wins the other heat

    11th July
    National Hot Rods - WQ Round 1 - Ipswich
  • Former Brisca F1 Stock Car Andy Smith races, Willie Hardie returns
  • Brett Walter wins all three races even with new format for lining up the grid

    2L Hot Rods - Birmingham
  • Brisca F2 convert Ryan Morgan wins all races

    Classic Hot Rods - Birmingham
  • Andy Steward takes a hatrick as Graham Boyd and Tim Foxlow crash out in the final
  • A successful day for Chris Caton sees him take two second places

    2015 Spedeweekend
    National Hot Rods - World Championship
  • Best qualifying lap: 970 14.65
  • Haird crashed out first corner, Murphy led until stoppage and rain fell but he regained the lead from Bell
  • World: 970 997 9 76 174 162 261 20 117 92
  • Revenge race: 4 117 304 996 76 42
  • Nick Thomas Mem: 76 54 970 209 304

    National Hot Rods - Wildcard
  • Heat 1: 960 278 629 342 55 23
  • Heat 2: 629 23 54 960 482 871
  • Final: 960 23 54 629 217 777
  • Hylands first over line but docked for contact

    Lightning Rods - World Championship
  • Heat 1: 970 917 636 916 51 79
  • Heat 2: 557 387 355 64 339 452
  • World: 970 355 557 917 977 688 636 452 7 591
  • Cochrane takes the World from pole position
  • Revenge: 627 78 21 346 337 465

    Classic Hot Rods - National Championship
  • Heat 1: 16 333 265 6 72 198
  • Heat 2: 265 57 16 6 198 144
  • National: 333 57 144 210 8 6
  • Smith pushs Steward into fence when fighting from the lead, although first over line is removed from the result

    Stock Rods - British Championship
  • Heat 1: 207 47 845 257 551 212
  • Heat 2: 17 658 168 28 5 188
  • British: 168 658 188 212 25 207 876 972 28 136
  • Sturt and Lattka swap lead many times, Sturt pulls clear as Lattka becomes smokey in last few laps

    2L Hot Rods - European Championship
  • Heat 1: 43 17 54 70 8 67
  • Heat 2: 303 71 976 3 900 54
  • European: 17 54 565 67 70 26 71 976 931
  • Very wet race that Purdie takes by half a lap

    21st June
    Classic Hot Rods - Bill Morris Memorial - Hednesford
  • Big entry includes Irish visitors
  • Shane Taylor wins both heats
  • Craig Boyd wins the final ahead of newcomer (to the class) Hughie Weaver

    13th June
    National Hot Rods - Thunder 500 - Ipswich
  • Chris Haird wins the title ahead of John Christie and Jason Kew
  • Christie and Glenn Bell win the heats
  • BTCC drivers race in their own stand race, Aidan Moffatt wins this race. Rob Austin and Rob Collard compete in the whole meeting.

    12th June
    ORC Stock Rods - British Championship - Ballymena
  • Steven McKane takes the title as leader Derek Conner slows on the final lap. McKane started the race from 13th and entered the final lap in 3rd place.
  • The other top finishers were Wilfred McNeice, Gareth Bevan, Stuart McKinnon and Trevor Calvin.
  • Richard Taylor and McNeice won the heats, two second places for Conner gave him pole position

    7th June
    Stock Rods - Scottish Open - Lochgelly
  • Jack Grandon takes the title ahead of Jonathan Lattka

    Incarod - National Championship - Hednesford
  • Andy Birch wins the title after first over line Ashley Law fails scrutineering. The podium is filled by Steven Priest and Adam Priest.
  • Also racing are the 2L Hot Rods, Layton Milsom takes a heat and final double.

    6th June
    Stock Rods - World Championship - Lochgelly
  • Andy Sturt qualifies on pole with Stuart Smyth alongside. They race side by side for the first few laps until Smyth falls back allowing Dean O'Dell up to second.
  • O'Dell takes the lead when Sturt runs depps and falls back to fourth place. Jack Grandon moves up to second but is later docked for contact
  • Result: O'Dell, Sturt, Chris Lattka, Grandon, Cardwell, Smyth, Sneddon, Jonathan Lattka, Butler and Grant.

    31st May
    National Hot Rods - WQ
  • Champions crowned in all four regions. Kym Weaver (England), Glenn Bell (N Ireland), David Casey (Rep Ireland) and Ian Donaldson (Scotland).

    25th May
    Slick Cars - Hednesford
  • A bigger grid than the recent NHR meeting assembled with Warren Farazmand taking the final, second was Colin Hitch who won the opening heat and third Ian McGuigan who won the other heat.

    Classic Hot Rods - Hednesford
  • Craig Boyd took the final with Lee Wood and returnee Mike Oliver taking the heats
  • The anticipated debut of Hughie Weaver failed to materialise

    Lightning Rods - Hednesford
  • Sam Petitt took a heat and final double ahead of Andy Minshull and Craig Boyd (who was also racing his Classic Hot Rod)
  • Jacob Roff won the first heat of the day

    2L Hot Rods - Ipswich
  • George Turiccki won both heats before white top Brett Collison held on to win the final just ahead of Turiccki

    24th May
    ORC Stock Rods - European Championship - Barford
  • Derek Conner won the title, more to follow

    23rd May
    2L Hot Rods - Birmingham
  • Legends convert Martin Dalzell won his first race in the class by taking the opening heat, the next heat was won by Alex Crane
  • Ex-Superstox World Champion Nick Smith won his first non-contact race by taking the final. Marc Gould was runner-up in every race

    22nd May
    National Hot Rods - Ballymena
  • Jaimie McCurdy took the final to edge closer to a World qualifying position, Bell still tops the points.

    16th May
    National Hot Rods - Northampton
  • Jack Blood takes all three races that leap frogs him to fifth in the points
  • Shane Bland moves back to the top of the points

    15th May
    National Hot Rods - Aghadowey
  • Adam Maxwell takes the final but comes close to winning all 3 races.
  • Maxwell took the second heat but was penalised for jumping the start handing the win to Keith Martin. The first heat was won by Adam Hylands

    4th May
    National Hot Rods - Hednesford
  • Mikey Godfrey took all the races in a meeting barred by a huge pile-up from a Stuart McLaird engine blow.
  • Godfrey jumps up to 12th in the points whilst Kew leads by one point over Carl Waller-Barrett and Kym Weaver.
  • Former Legends racer Peter Elliot made his debut in the ex-Armiger/O'Shea 206cc. Slick Car racer Alastair Lowe also debutted in the ex-Kew Tigra.

    3rd May
    Stock Rods - St Day - ORC Championship
  • 25 drivers raced including several Scottish visitors making their first appearance
  • Derek Connor's first and second in the heats nabbed him pole position. The other heats were won by Simon Vincent and Michael Bethune.
  • Simon Jones moved past early leader Connor in the final but after being impeded by the back-marking James Matson it left a gap for Bethune to pass and land the title
  • The rest of the top five were Connor, Luke Oliver, Jones and Adam Daniels.

    2L Hot Rods - Northampton - Midland Championship
  • Paul Wright took heat and final to take the title, the other heat winner Mark Paffey was the runner-up

    2nd May
    Classic Hot Rods - Ipswich
  • For the first time this year Andy Steward didn't win at least one race during the meeting
  • Scottish traveller Graham McCabe won the opening heat and Stephen Lumley the next one.
  • Craig Boyd won the final ahead of McCabe and Lumley

    Slick Cars - Birmingham
  • Stephen Pedley won all 3 races

    25th April
    Stock Rods - English Championship - Ipswich
  • Spedeworth and Incarace have announced the 38 qualifying drivers for the event but only 27 want to race in the event.
  • Andy Sturt wins the title, second over the line Ed Trofer was disqualified for a weight infringement.

    19th April
    Lightning Rods - English Championship - Aldershot
  • Adam Eyles wins the title for the second year in a row. Second over the line Ben Furness is disqualified in the final result to promote Jason Busby and Brett Tillow.

    18th April
    National Hot Rods - European Championship - Lochgelly
  • Adam Hylands wins title from pole, second over the line Jason Kew is dropped places for contact. Andrew Murray and Stewart Doak fill the podium
  • Heats are won by Rob McDonald, David Casey and Kym Weaver
  • Scottish Open on the Sunday is won by Glenn Bell and the title doubles up as the Malcolm Chesher Memorial.

    6th April
    National Hot Rods - Ipswich
  • Colin Smith takes a heat and final double
  • Shaun Taylor wins the opening heat, Smith finishes second in this one.

    Lightning Rods - Ipswich
  • Barry Parker wins the first race of the day before picking heavy damage in the next heat that is won by Paul Strawson
  • A big crash in the final wipes out several cars that is won by Adam Eyles

    Classic Hot Rods - Northampton
  • Andy Steward wins both the heat races but bizarrely the final is voided and all cars are sent off track

    Stock Rods - Irish Open - Tullyroan
  • Chris Lattka leds home Siobhan Martin in a Scottish 1-2, Derek McMillan completes the podium. Micky McFall had challenged early but retired
  • Heats are won by McFall and Willie Taggart

    National Hot Rods - Tullyroan
  • Adam Hylands just holds off Glenn Bell to take the final
  • Hylands and Gary Woolsey win the heats

    5th April
    National Hot Rods - Tipperary
  • Les Compelli won heat and final as the class returns from its winter break. Shane Murphy wins the other race
  • Alan McCormack debuts and finishes second in the final

    V6 Super Rods - Swaffham
  • The first British qualifying round saw Bradley Tinto win all three races with Ashley Crofts following him over the line in all races

    2L Hot Rods - Aldershot
  • The next Hoosier Series round sees race wins for Chris Harvey, Marc Crome and Damon Wellman

    4th April
    2L Hot Rods - Lochgelly
  • Recent newcomer Gerry Hendry wins the heats before Kenny Purdie wins the final

    2L Hot Rods - Tullyroan
  • Shane Murray's brand new Peugeot 106 wins the feature final
  • Mark Madill and Jack Boal win the heats
  • Although moved onto Nationals Adam Hylands races in a borrowed car

    3rd April
    National Hot Rods - Northampton
  • Meeting starts dry before consistent rain midway
  • David York makes the most of his pole starts to take the heats
  • Jason Kew wins the final, his 2nd and 6th in the heats takes him to the top of the points

    Stock Rods - Yokohama Championship - Ballymena
  • Plenty of travelling drivers from oversea contest the title
  • Steven McKane wins the final ahead of Derek Connor and Wilfie McNeice
  • The reverse grids see McKane and Connor win heats and secure a front row starting position

    22nd March
    Classic Hot Rods - Wimbledon
  • Booked in for the season opener for their debuts in the class are: David Stevens, Gary Goodswen, Steve Tandy and John Bowring

    15th March
    Stock Rods - Midlands Championship - Northampton
  • A big grid creates a split grid for the reverse heats that are won by Alan Thorndyke, Jack Grandon and Eddy Trofer
  • Chris Lattka secures pole and the title followed by Dean O'Dell and Trofer

    Lightning Rods - Northampton
  • With a few battled scarred cars from the previous night at Ipswich a good entry assembles
  • Heats are won by Jacob Roff, Simon Barry and Sam Pettitt; Owen Gibbs wins the final

    14th March
    National Hot Rods - Lochgelly
  • Qualifying returns in Scotland. Heats are won by Rob McDonald and Ian Donaldson; Davy Philp wins the final

    Lightning Rods - Ipswich
  • Former European Champion Harry Skoyles booked-in for his return to the class. Northern Irish driver Scott Cochrane is also expected to race. The entry is currently at 38 cars.
  • Chris Aldridge wins both heats and Steve Putt takes the final. Cochrane sets fastest lap of the meeting.

    2L Hot Rods - Birmingham
  • Former Legend racer Martin Dalzell takes heat and final in his second meeting in the class
  • Rich Adams wins the other heat

    Aghadowey Open Practice
  • Adam Hylands topped the session just ahead of John Christie and Adam Maxwell

    Rolling Thunder Show - Arena Essex
  • An increasing grid of 8 Valve Hot Rods see Dan Guidotti win all races
  • Matt Knight and Matt Leadbetter share the honours in the Outlaws

    8th March
    Stock Rods - Taunton
  • Newcomer Richard Edmonds wins the final. Simon Jones wins the other races.

    7th March
    2L Hot Rods - Ipswich
  • 28 car entry included Dirk Albrecht from Holland
  • George Turiccki won both heats so was upgraded to blue for the final
  • Tyler Wilkin won the final, he was first over the line in the second heat but was docked for contact on Dalton Scarlett

    Stock Rods - Cowdenbeath
  • On his debut Cameron Doak wins the Jane Burt Memorial race
  • The heats were won by Craig Millar and Derek Conner. 16 cars raced.

    1st March
    Cowdenbeath test day
  • Michael Bethune heads the time-sheets in his Stock Rod
  • Craig Tosh is out in the first Scottish based Citroen C2 Stock Rod, watch out for the car at Barford and Ringwood over the next few weeks

    28th February
    Ipswich test day
  • Jason Cooper tops the timesheets for National Hot Rods, 5 other driver hit the track
  • Gary Goodswen and Steve Stallwood make their first appearances in the Classic Hot Rods
  • The re-liveried Classic Hot Rod of Andy Steward is now similar to his 1996 National Hot Rod colours
  • Scott Aldridge was fastest in 2 of the 4 sessions for the Lightning Rods, beating 13 counterparts in the class

  • Kev Bagnall takes the Lightning Rod final. Jacob Roff and Ian Atkinson win the heats
  • 16 cars race including former Junior Rod racer Kara Boyd and Spedeworth convert Sam Pettitt
  • Lea Morris takes all three races in the Stock Rods

  • Adam Hylands won both heats in the 2L Hot Rods before Robbie Burgoyne took the final, Hylands was fourth
  • Paul Barron and Siobhan Martin won the Stock Rod heats, Doug McLean won the final

    22nd February
    St Day - Open test day
  • German Frank Nohring makes a surprise appearance in his 2L Hot Rod

    Rookie Rods - Wimbledon
  • Mitchell Hawkins takes the final. Heats were won by Jack White and Ray Edmonds

    21st February
    Lochgelly test day 2
  • Same drivers topping the lap times. Gordon Alexander fastest in the 2 Litre's ahead of John Campbell and Gil Anderson
  • Silver top Siobhan Martin tops Stock Rod times ahead of Stephen McIntyre

    15th February
    2L Hot Rods - Wimbledon - London Championship
  • Re-scheduled meeting sees Paul Wright win ahead of Charlie Jowers and Dan Bennett. Only 9 cars finish final
  • Heats were won by Gavin Botfield and Wright
  • Former Superstockers Shaun Brooker and James Forrest debut

    14th February
    Lochgelly test day
  • Gordon Alexander topped the 2L times
  • Kenny Purdie debutted a new Saxo and Gill Anderson was out in the Corsa C as seen at the Autosport Show
  • Siobhan Martin was the quickest of the Stock Rods

    8th February
    Stock Rods - St Day - Winter Supreme Championship
  • Heats won by Mike Belcher and Dave Ham (his first in the class)
  • Final won by Simon Jones ahead of Justin Washer and Dave Ham

    1st February
    Lightning Rods - Wimbledon - London Championship
  • Lee Skoyles takes title ahead of Mike Daniels and Adam Eyles
  • Heats won by Andy King and Daniels
  • Former Saloon Stock Car racer Mo Crowson debuts

    Stock Rods - Wimbledon
  • Keith Conlon wins heat and final
  • Chris Woods takes the other heat

    27th January
    The cancelled 2L Hot Rods London Championship has been rescheduled for 15th February which is also Round 1 for the Hoosier Series.

    18th January
    Wimbledon has been cancelled due to low numbers in all formulas.

    11th January
    Stuart Smyth wins the Stock Rod London Championship at Wimbledon from Jack Grandon and Ashley Brown

    1st January 2015
    Winternationals - Wimbledon
  • Mark Paffey wins 2L title from Chris Crane. These both win heats
  • Jason Busby takes Lightning Rod where multiple black crosses are handed out but no penalties given.

    Winternationals - Ballymena
  • Jaimie McCurdy takes all three races, his ninth straight win on home soil.
  • John Christie races his Fiesta.
  • Gary Wilson debuts in class with a Vauxhall Tigra, Ian McReynolds also changes to a Mercedes SLK.

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