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Looking forward to help bring some stability to the Stock Rod class at Swaffham, Mark Shinn is now in a position to promote the formula.

"Pete of Racequip Swaffham has asked me to to help promote the Stock Rods @ Swaffham which is going to be a challenge but one I am willing to undertake as this is a formula close to my heart as most of you may know I have raced in for many years for various promoters. When Swaffham reopened a few years ago I was able to introduce the formula as Formula 1400 which ran quite successfully then with a name change to Stock Rods the formula went on to attract a regular field of cars of 15 -20 per meeting, unfortunately the formula hasnít seen those sort of grids for a while but one that can happen again with your help and support"

"Having spoken to Pete and with his approval we have pegged the rules back a little to help to encourage those who have cars stood idle and also to help keep the costs down so that they can be raced with little or no work to bring upto spec I will attach a copy of the rules or you can email me at mark@shinnracing.co.uk or go to swaffhamraceway.co.uk and download from there, please take a look but remember that this is the minimum spec that will be accepted for Swaffham Stock Rods. Pete has also agreed to give all registered drivers a bonus of 10 points per meeting for attending which will also be back dated to when your full licence was taken out, our next meeting is on the 7th August."

Swaffham Raceway is situated off to the East of Swaffham on the A1122 towards Downham Market. The track is a 360 yard tarmac oval and has a steel cable fence above an armco covered concrete wall. Racing usually takes place on Sunday afternoons.

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