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Do you need me to tell you how good Iíve been or do you check up on people these days with social media, anyway he is my oval based wish list

Flatten more oval tracks

I donít mean like what is planned for Wimbledon or Coventry but could you flatten the centre of some tracks. Northampton, Birmingham and Hednesford for example all have raised centres that offer no benefit, infact they just prove a major hindrance for viewing and another place for drivers to pick up damage. Northampton never used to have the inner banks and the facility would really benefit from making the banking less steep on turns 1 and 2. Seen many people take a tumble there, someone will sue one day.

Bonus ball lotteries

Can you make this illegal or outlaw in some way, seems like nobody wants to try and sell a car these days. The bubble will burst as those that continue to lose will not want to play anymore. Really does my head in.

Duffy Collard Memorial

As one of the true greats in Hot Rodding I think he should be celebrated through an award. This doesnít have to be a race winner, it could be an award given out annually as a driver of the year. Thereís so many sports that have a major title with a named trophy significant to the development of that sport, Webb Ellis, Jules Rimet, Heisman, etc. Plenty of scope for the organisers and thereís a significant anniversary approaching it could tie in with.

More promoter collaboration

I know big ask, but hey all-mighty man in red Iím thinking if you don't ask you don't get. How about some form of team racing as a starter: Ringwood v Arena v Mendips Outlaws and Incarace v Spedeworth Lightning Rods, get the Bangers to do the same on the bill. This last one could list a lot of options but Iím realistic; I know it is ludicrous to think 300 Stock Rod drivers could all play together, to think that a driver who owns the car can race it where he/she likes or thereís just one Stock Rod World Champion.

For those that do not believe in the magic of Christmas, heís a few gifts Iíve been eyeing up online: Big 3 poster, NHR British Championship DVD, Banger racing playing cards and NHR World Champions Poster

I would really like some ratchet spanners, hopefully someone will get them as Iíve dropped enough hints, but they are to the same family members that never got me a Count Duckula jumper or a pool table. They better not think I need a Lynx Africa box set.

Merry Christmas race fans, thanks for your support during the year, especially to those have put this website on their car - it is appreciated. Well done to all the promoters for keeping the show on the road, the drivers/sponsors for splashing their cash to provide entertainment and also the background staff like paramedics and marshalls who are also vital in making Hot Rod racing what it is. I didnít see as much racing as I would have liked in 2016 so roll on 2017.

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