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    Whistlin' Jack Smith >> Features >> 205 history

    Originally wrote as part of the blog, the piece has proved successful and snowballed into a larger piece. Part One was first wrote during 2007 and part two was added a few weeks later. This is an ever-evolving article that looks back into the most iconic hot rod of the 1990's.

    Frank Love's RetroStox

    Part One

    As time progresses we get newer cars and the older ones disappear. But where do they go? How many are sitting in a garage untouched for years or have they gone onto the great scrap yard in the clouds. For me the Sonny Howard built Peugeot 205 was a changing point in hot rodding history, where have they gone?

    To answer where every hot rod is would be an everlasting task. Being a hot rod historian/ archaeologist would be an interesting job, not sure the pay would be good but this might be the start of it. For me I started watching racing in the late 80ís, going into the early 90ís still a kid I was fascinated by hot rods and the Toyota Starlet was a non-exist road car with no appeal. The Peugeot 205 though was a different story, the cars looked light years ahead of the dated Starlet. Eventually the Nationals were all becoming Peugeot 205ís, space frames were the way forward and SHP were building them.

    SHP built at least 50 of these cars. Not all made it onto the ovals, some went to the circuits or hill climbing. But 12/15 years on from the boom of the cars where are they now?

    Starting with the first successful 205, Norman Woolseyís World championship winning 205 of 1989. That was one of the best looking hot rods ever, that car stayed in the family and Wayne used it for the 2 litre hot rods when they replaced the 1600ís back in 1998.

    Norman Woolsey's world winning 205 is now in storage still sporting the 2lt shell as raced by Wayne. Though this was a home built car, he did own one SHP 205. This was campaigned as a 2lt hotrod by Davy Clarke in the shape of a vauxhall corsa during 2008.

    Mark Madill

    In 1994 Ricky Hunn won in a Peugeot 205, that car was originally thought to be the one that Colin Smith who raced it for a few years, off it went to Barry Bowyer then Tony Goodsir and recently used by Jason Villa in the Outlaws.

    The world winning 205 was sold to donut then Gavin Seager had it, bought it back and wrote it off at Wimbo down back straight car, Alan White bought the car fixed it sort of repanelled as a Saxo but i believe its been cut up. This 205 was built in 1992.

    Ricky's 2nd 205 which was labelled evo 1 and half; was sold to Colin Smith. There were only three of these: Ricky had one, Phil White and Skitty.

    The third 205 was sold to donut which was just beaten in 1996 w/f, Ricky never raced this one.

    Hunn Motorsport -nationalhotrod.com forum

    The next year Ian McKellar won the world final, that car is still about with Alvin Doak occasionally racing it in Northern Ireland.

    The gist of it is that Ian was told by Sonny Howard that he was too young to go Eurocar racing, and whilst at Wimbledon one night the McKellar team met Bert Taylor and decided to go into National Hot Rods. They phoned Phil White to enquire as to buying his new 205, to be told "you ain't got enough money for it".

    The only other car available immediately was Cliff Butler's, now in Paul Sheard's hands (Bert was Paul's mechanic then). They bought it in the January along with a brand new MASS engine. Literally as McKellar snr was towing the car home, Bert had a call from Phil White saying he would sell the car after all, and they collected that too and were testing at Northampton the following week.
    Just before the '95 world they also purchased a brand new Evo 205 from SHP, but without the time available to prepare it, the White car was used for the victory.

    So there were three McKellar 205's....Perry Clack went on to race that new SHP evo 205, before McKellar's sold it to Steve Dudman.

    That's just how it all happend so the '96 World winning car is was the ex-63 car and now in the hands of Alvin. The car 951 Dennis Kinnane used was also an ex-McKeller car, and before Ian had it, it was the 77 car of Cliff Butler. The 3rd car was a new SHP car that we never used, but Perry went on to use it before we sold it to Steve Dudman, we also had a 4th car which was raced by Perry it was also a SHP 205 which was sold to Mike Holtby.

    Someone mentioned about McKellar having three 205's I only know of two, the winning one definatly went to Doak, they also had a brand new one built for the World final which was put together with best money could buy, but wasn't used as Ian preferred the old car, I bought the spare one some years later from Steve Dudman, I used for a time as a 205 then repanelled it to the more modern 206 shape, it eventually got sold on to Keith Lynam.

    Dick Hillard -nationalhotrod.com forum

    New to Nationals this year (when wrote in 2007) Warren Farazmand has been racing a 205 (ex-Perry Clack), he had a newer 206 at his disposal but raced the 205. The 205 was the car Clack used initially in Outlaws and then squeezed into the 2003 World Final qualifying 20th in the points after Skitmore, Paffey, Burgoyne, Willis and Neal Smith all stopped racing mid season. Perry Clack raced in the mid-90's using two different 205's.

    The Perry Clack car was a left hand drive car from Baarlo, it was sold to Perry from my dad, brought from Decker racing. It was then sold on to Warren Farazmand.

    Dale Fewings -nationalhotrod.com forum

    Russell Wilcox although has a Fiesta (now a 206), he has an SHP 205 as a back up. This was the first evo 2 built for Gordon Bland that Jason Fitch also raced.

    I purchased the ex Bland 205 off Jason Fitch, and raced it at Peterborough for some years, sold the engine to an autograss man, and the rolling shell went to ex Superrod man Andy Tidmarsh, who now uses it at Grimley Raceway.

    Terry Wilcox

    At Arena Essex in the Outlaw scene thereís still a few knocking about. Roy Rawlins, Rick Fray and the afore mentioned Villa still have SHP 205ís. Frayís car is the ex-Mick Phillips car, Rawlins is ex-Paul Simmons but itís life before that is unknown. Richard Simmons has started in the Outlaws this year in a 205 and won a few races in his 205. Patsy Enright raced a 205 last year but that ex-Dave Fry car is an Autocross chassis. Trevor Bibby also had a 205 that Nick Brewer built and started life on the dirt track of Braintree. Gary Deal had a bit off success in the ex-Skitmore 205 that Ian Cross used for a new at Peterborough before its closure.

    Heading north in Buxton Ivan Grayson successfully campaigns a 205, while Ian Davidson and Adrian Hall also race 205ís. The fading south-west scene has Brian Loram, Mike Norton, Tony Collings and Larry Langmead with 205ís. Loramís is self-built the other while Langmead is ex-National from Dick Hillard. The car then went west with Tyronne Snell, hit the sprints before getting back on the ovals.

    Moving to the middle is where the inspiration came from. Standlake produces excellent banger racing as well as having a decent hot rod scene as well. Being an independent track the cars can be several years old and had a tough racing life.

    Old National Hot Rods (providing they are not wrote off) go through a progression. From Nationals, to Outlaws, to independent tracks. Sometimes they get morphed into something else while other times stripped of parts to suit a newer model. At Standlake Lee Jaycock races a 205, which Shane Newman raced last year at the same track and also at Mendips. Also Mike Freeman raced a 205 which is a SHP, starting life with John Engledow, then Keith Woods, Lee Fisher and Freeman.

    I was in my first year of 2litres I was 16 or 17 and Deane Wood had just taken over Spedeworth and I was juggling Standlake and Spedeworth, we was told we couldnt race my Spedeworth car at Standlake the same day as a 2litre hotrod Spedworth meeting, so we brought the car from Lee Fisher and I raced it for 1 meeting winning all 3 races, we then sold it onto Dave Fry, Fry didnt use it and couldnt sell it so we brought it back and sold it to Mike Freeman who had it for a few years, unfortantly Mike got cancer and asked us to take on the task of selling off all his racing gear to give the money to his mother, (rip Mike)

    We then sold the mass pug1.9 engine to Lawrence Connors and Mikey Godfrey brought the chassis as a spare for him, he then sold that car to Lawrence!!

    At the time of writing there was 18 cars still active, at least 8 of them SHPís. What has happened to the rest of them, this is only 16% cars surviving. Why is this such a small ratio?

    There's at least a dozen 205's in the Republic of Ireland, some active in the local 1600 Hot Rod class at Tipperary, some in sheds, at least one at the Pike raceway at Waterford, and several others in sheds or written-off (the ex-Clein/Kinane one for example). There are two active ones still at National-spec - Eddie Foott Jr's example, and of course the very well known Mike Oliver ex-Blackman machine. And several have become Corsas.

    Neil Rowe

    Part Two

    Following on from the first part the history lesson will continue. The 205 might look very dated now to the modern cars but the shape was perfect for a hot rod. Something that I like is the fact the wheels look the right size, not swamped in an oversized arch in the Focus or Colt.

    Starting off with the cars that have been destroyed. The first ever SHP 205 was written off at Aldershot with Mark Jones behind the wheel, Ricky's last 205 (ex-Seager) went as did the Clein/Kinane car in Ireland. Adam Scottís first 205 become a Corsa which met its match at Wimbledon. So the quest continues where are the others. Adam Scottís replacement car was another 205, he upgraded to a 206 later in the year.

    I owned the 205 of Adam Scott for a little while, it was pretty much stripped but rolling with the body work detatched. I sold the car to Gary Thomas who I know passed it on to Tick Steward who I believe still has it sat in a lorry container!

    Chris Goldsmith

    Heading across the water (unlike part one) starting in Northern Ireland Stevie Williams has the ex-Skitmore Corsa (originally a 205). Alvin Doak has a 205, and son Stewart recently destroyed his Corsa which started as a 205. Roger Peckís British Championship winning 205 went to Alan Wilson but was barely raced. The fastest 205 ever though was John Stewardís car, that became a Corsa and now is one of the spare cars for the Woolseys.

    Moving south Joey Butler first raced in the Nationals with the ex-Andy Steward 205 which became a Corsa, likewise with Pat Canavan who still races his. Welshman Mike Oliver races the ex-Blackman car that Des Stainer first raced, Mike did race another 205 when he first joined the class. Eddie Foott jnr possibly races an ex-Paul Sheard machine. The Tipperary class has some SHP 205ís, but this writer doesnít know how many.

    A 205 that made itís way to Ireland and then back to England started with Ricky Hunn (his fourth and final 205) in the late 90ís. Terry Grant used it to qualify for the World in 1998, before Gordon Brown and Robin Pickett raced it. This was an awesome car, Pickett surprised a lot of people with itís pace. That became a Saxo and now youngster Mikey Godfrey has a chance to show what he can do in the Nationals.

    There was an ex-Cliff Butler left hooker converted, Ricky used this then sold to Ian Butler who sold it to Carl Boardley.
    Ricky's final 205 which was an evo 2 was sold to Terry Grant then to Robin Pickett and is now a Saxo driven by Mikey Godfrey think that was all of them from memory might have missed one.

    Hunn Motorsport -nationalhotrod.com forum

    The third 205 for Hunn once sold to Butler was raced in the first year of PRI Hot Rods, which preceeded Outlaws and ran to the same specification as GMP with 2 Litre Pinto engines. Butler stepped up to Nationals after a few months and Boardley made his National Hot Rod debut with this car in 1999. The third driver to enter National Hot Rods with the car was Neil Stimson, it was repanelled as a 206. This article originally quoted the car being sold to Alan Milford, but this wasn't true. Milford possibly raced the first 206 that SHP built, now in the hands of Iain Grayson.

    The one I raced I sold it to a guy called Chris Selleck and now have it back.

    Neil Stimson

    Anthony Hawkins came through the Outlaw system in the ex-Clack/Holtby 205 this became a 206 but vanished after Hawkins moved to the Pick-ups on the circuits. Some of the 205ís did start on the long circuits but came back to the ovals, Mark Skiltonís and Dave Fry's did as did the car Nigel Pike campaigned up to 2003. Former Ringwood racer Chris Brockhurst repanelled his 205 as a 206 and now races with the Silhouette series.

    That car was built by Robin Pickett's mechanic, he built the car as a copy to Robin's and made a good job of it too, we then bought this car and sold it to Chris originally it come with the ex 175 panel kit and Robin's 205 kit, but I cant remember if Chris had it or not, I remember Keith Lynam coming down to our workshop to clear out aload of old 205 panels when he was racing.

    One of the last 205 Nationals was that of Keith Lynam, that resurfaced at Buxton. Patsy Enrightís version is an Autocross version.

    Going back to another favourite car of mine,
    Mick Collard's 205. The car almost won the world out the box (thatís another story). The white colour scheme copied the Peugeot rally colours and looked very good. That was an Autocross car and changed to green and white the next year.

    I'm pretty sure Duffy's car was bought by Cyril Wilcox, complete with Peugeot engine that had suffered from years of being sat outside. It was used by Terry I think as well. Maybe it was the same one used around by Russell and a few others?

    Tim Moody

    Duffy Collard's 205 was last race in anger by myself at Alwalton Raceway (Peterborough) in 2001. The car is now sat in my workshop at home.

    Rus Wilcox

    This may have given insight into a few more cars, but are some like the ex-Peck car sitting in a garage idle, how many are gathering dust in the back of a workshops? Were more written-off of were they cannibalised for a newer machine? Anyoneís views are greatly appreciated on this subject which I have written to the best of my knowledge.

    Part Three

    This touch-up piece has been in the making for several months, thanks to those that have already commented. Recently for sale on this site was a Peugeot 205 that had been racing at Buxton with the Central Hot Rods, although a former National Hot Rod, it wasn't one from the SHP workshop.

    My dad Ken Marriott bought this car off Iain Grayson No 19 it was used by him at Buxton for a season, he bought it off Paul Green who also used it at Buxton as well, it's an Ex Keith Lynam national hot rod and as I was told it's a lightweight (t45) space frame built by Neville Stanley as a copy to the Ludlow one he had made but was only used a few times for championship meetings with it been lighter chassis.

    Ste Dunston

    Between Stanley and Lynam the car was also raced by Karl Price who represented Scotland using the car in the 1998 World Final, it was possibly raced by Ian McGuigan as well. Over the past few years the 205 has almost completely disappeared from the National Hot Rod scene, 57 Mike Oliver made sporadical appearances in his 205 during 2009 and it is now back with the Blackman family. Although not in it's 205 disguise Mikey Godfrey does race a car that oncelooked like a 205 (now a Saxo). Heading down the ranks of hot rod classes at the end of 2009 what 205's are still being raced?

    Outlaw hot rod have suffered this year with a lack of numbers even though there are plently of drivers and cars it's just a case of getting them onto the track at the same time (easier said than done!). At the start of the year 74 Lawrence Connors raced a 205 with the Outlaws during the Expo meeting, that day also gave the SEGTO drivers had a chance to race on tarmac and 178 Alan Relf was also sporting a 205.

    My 205 went to Lawrence Connors but was not the car he used at Expo last year, that was a tin car with nat kit fitted.

    Jason Villa

    At PRI 5 Roy Rawlins still races a 205 while 12 Mark Cook stepped up from many years in Group A Hot Rods with the ex-Phillips/Fray 205. 113 Richard Simmons's 205 served him well up to this year and could have became the basis to the British Championship and World Cup winning Mini.

    As you mentioned I had one (originally Mick Phillips) which I bought down from Scotland owned by Steve Jeffrey's who rebuilt it after Mick Phillips had dumped it on top of a scrap heap. I believe Dave Fry bought from Mick and sold it on to Steve. I had the car for 10 years racing it mainly at Arena Essex. It was the best car I have ever raced. It started with a 2Ltr. pinto but then had to put a Vauxhall 2Ltr 16v to compete. Yes I did sell this onto Mark Cook who was going to carry on at Arena.

    Rick Fray

    The pug 205 run by Richard Simmons 07-08 is now the basis for the Bmw Mini (and is now up for sale). The car started life being built by Dave Longhurst and Phil (Mr Cheese) Young as a tin car racing at Angmering, then being bought by Patsy Enright who changed it to a plastic car, being bought by myself in 2006 and racing in outlaw at Arena in 07-08 then turned into mini for 09 season. The ex-Dave Fry car bought by Patsy Enright is now a 206.

    Richard Simmons

    The above mentioned ex-Lynam 205 stayed at Buxton with 7 Simon Hutt, the track also sees Ivan Grayson and Richard Stilleto stay faithful to the 205's. GMP still has one 205 knocking about with 172 Derek Connor behind the wheel that car. This was believed to have gone through the hands of Mark Jones, John Carding, Steve Mannett, Owen Will, Graeme Gordon and Ian Donaldson.

    Sorry to say but the 205 Ian crashed is dead, the extent of the damage on it was huge. Probably some of the worst I have seen on a hot rod. Ian bought another 205 rolling from down south and transferred all his stuff on to it from the old car. However the old damaged 205 that is still sitting on top of a container at Ian's place looking a wee bit worse for wear. Im not sure if its being kept for sentamental reasons or if it could be sorted, I very much doubt it though.

    John Sibbald -nationalhotrod.com forum

    Hot Rods aren't dead yet in the South-West and drivers are still keen to race Mendips; Langmead (although in possession of Focus as well), Loram and Norton have been using their 205's more many years. Although more likely to be racing at Grimley 22 Andy Tidmarsh races a 205 (ex-Bland/ Fitch/ Wilcox) in bright pink the same colour he used on his Porsche Super Rod and BMW. Grimley are now running Outlaw hot rod racing, although not an official title anything that caters for National spec car is Outlaws. 171 Dan Lewis leads the way their in a 205. Ringwood's hot rods are pretty similar to Grimley and do have a wide range of cars: 22 Steve Woods raced there in a 205. Tipperary's 1600 Hot Rods definately has a few being raced. The Spedeworth Slick Car events (any car with Slick Tyres, mainly Super Rods) hasn't attracted any 205's yet.

    This part may be alot shorter than the previous editions but information is drying up and the cars are disappearing. The price of scrap metal was high last year and perhaps some drivers cash in. A car that definately bit the dust was 115 David Haird's at Hednesford it melted! Over the last few years some 205's have been used omitted from this list as their where-abouts was unknown, so what about these? Your knowledge is appreciated.

    3 Ian Davidson
    10 Chas Bain
    10 Stephen Harris
    17 Shane Newman
    19 Keith Lynam
    repanelled as 206
    37 Kev Fulton
    100 Phil Mitchell
    103 Alan White
    106 Alan Finnie
    167 Rob Lowe
    171 Adrian Hall
    174 Tony Collings
    208 Phil Mansell
    repanelled as 206
    250 Ian Cross
    built by Wiils
    263 Gary Deal
    283 Allen Goddard
    299 Nick Bass
    306 Keith Lambert
    311 Chick Laing

    350 Patsy Enright
    built by Autocross
    473 Nigel Pike
    637 Warren Farazmand
    717 Trevor Bibby
    906 Eddie Foott
    935 Davy Gurney

    Those names are just the drivers that were last known to have raced a 205 or car that began life as a 205. The recent installation provided a plethora of information, but it now seems that people are not just after information of what the cars are currently being used as but also the history of them. Some are more well documented than others, the movements of the Hunn and McKellar cars for example.

    I purchased Phil Mitchell's 205 (raced at Buxton 2008) recently, I am going to repanel it as 206 and run a redtop engine in it for 2010 season. I'm quite interested in who else has owned the car and raced it before Phil, as I don't know any history of the car and it would be nice to know. So if anyone has any info please let me know.

    Graham Jackson

    There are at the moment three 205 National Hot Rods are racing on mainland Europe:

    44 Dieter Baader most times race in Venray or Lelystad when NHR are on as he does not like the Posterholt track where the most races from NHR take part. He also did a public drag racing with the car and is very often on various events to show the car.

    120 Toon de Kleijn was only racing 1-2 times this year.. think due financial problems.

    99 Johann Baer is the most often seen guy from these 3 on the tracks. He raced most times at Posterholt.

    Sascha Paar

    My step father Steve Burgess 286 had two, the one raced by 283 Allen Goddard came from Leon Facey? Originally Steve never raced it and Allen sold it to Derek Luke 103 about a couple of years ago who raced it in a outlaw series, the other 205 Steve had I think was a SHP but he couldn't get on with it so sold it to Paul Sheard and kept his trusty starlet. Come to think of it Derek Luke 103 a SHP 205 and so did Neil Facey.

    Culligan Ward

    208 Phil Mansell repanelled as 206:

    This car was brought by John Wood 486 and raced at Arena as an outlaw, then sold to Mick Pagden 197, this car is now being raced by Lee Pepper 155

    Kim Pepper

    174 Tony Collings - This car was originally that of 784 Mike Serjeant, which we built using the roll cage from his ex Paul Grimer Sonny Howard Fiesta. After Tony blew the engine, the car was dismantled and I last saw the space frame hanging on a garage wall in Cornwall!

    Rob Sherrell

    Part Four

    Part 4 was always going to be wrote but a starting point was always hard as material was becoming even more difficult to source. Then it all fell into place at the Spedeweekend when Ricky Hunn displayed his recreated Peugeot 205, this car later went onto race at the National Championship. The site carried out a survey in part 2 polling readers on their favourite car, the Hunn machine done well and in terms of success Ricky Hunn in a SHP built 205 was the most successful. With that in mind it was the most suitable car to be assembled and it was sweeter the fact that Ricky is back behind the wheel. The car has only been used in anger once, more for 2012 please. The car was last used by Warren Farazmand and the last 205 (in original form) to be used in anger for National Hot Rods in England.

    Slick Cars seem to have taken over where the Outlaw hot rods were heading as drivers attend as when they like. From the two meetings over the summer at Aldershot and Ipswich, no single driver attended both meetings. The Ipswich meeting was cunningly positioned for the approaching world final as a test session for National Hot Rod drivers. The Aldershot meeting had no Nationals and drivers from the Outlaw scene. The two that raced 205ís were 420 Jason Hooker and 258 Jason Griggs. History unknown, Griggs raced the car at Ringwood and Mendips this year.

    At Ringwood Donna Spratt raced her ex-Dicker 205 once and this has now been bought by a former National Hot Rod pilot. The car however is not a SHP machine.

    The Donna Spratt, ex Phil Dicker, car originally, had a space frame built for Phil, by Mike Loosemore and Lee Rogers at Motorside. The spaceframe was built as a replica of Mike's own, self-built 205, currently owned, and raced at Mendips, by Mike Norton, The space frame was altered slightly to meet Phil's requirements and the car was painted and assembled by him. This was some time ago, therefore it may have been changed since then!

    Rob Sherrell

    Barring the Hunn machine it seems the cars have gone from the National scene and away from the mainstream tracks. The few examples can be seen at Ringwood, Buxton, Aldermaston (Fleet Motor Club), Worthing and Grimley.

    Racing in 2011
    7 Simon Hutt Buxton
    12 Mark Cook RTS
    25 Aaron Cresswell Buxton
    28 Richard Stilleto Buxton
    34 John Prince Worthing
    85 Unknown Worthing
    129 Martin Stallard FMC/Standlake
    154 Tom Burgess Buxton
    205 Mike Norton Mendips
    258 James Griggs Mendips
    420 Jason Hooker FMC
    935 Davy Gurney NI Slick Cars

    I ended up repanelling the car (ex-Mitchell) as a 205 tin car with a pinto to do 2 litre hot rods and is now parked up. but then I bought the ex-Gordon Bland 205 off of Kevin Shuddall the one Cyril Wilcox had as well and completely revamped it and recently sold it on Short Circuit to a guy from Birmingham who will be running it next year and I myself have just purchased Andy Harris's Nova 2 litre hot rod the ex-Scott Bourne superstar car and will be racing Ringwood with it in 2012.

    Graham Jackson

    My friend recently purchased his "new" National Hot Rod from Mikey Godfrey #27. A Citroen Saxo shell on a SHP 205 chassis that was built for Ricky Hunn. The car is currently in west sussex, being run as an Outlaw.


    258 James Griggs has been racing Spedeworth superstoxs and Brisca F2, he fancied a change so we brought the 205 hot rod from Max Lewis at Grimley. We believe that the 205 is a SHP ex-Steve Skitmore car. James will still be racing the car this year at Mendips and Ringwood and a few outlaw meetings.

    Phil Griggs

    In the previous pieces the articles had stuck to the UK but in Europe there are plenty of machines, thanks to Sascha of Hot Rod History for his huge input and his words "the SHP 205 Machine is still alive on mainland Europe".

    Roland Sudniks bought the car 1990 from SHP.

    The car was last year raced by Eric Roeffen car as seen in picture from 2009 as he did not race it in 2010 and have not placed a pic in 2011 yet.He recently sold the car and I hope to add the new driver with pic when season starts. It's so far I know the oldest spaceframe that actually is raced on mainland Europe.

    Other cars that have started live SHP 205 Machine that is still alive on mainland Europe. Ramon Roeffen now 206CC. History here back to 1996. Don`t know yet earlier infos about that car but it maybe older.

    First Info about that car I have is from 2001 but car maybe older. Now it is raced with an Opel Corsa Body.

    Here I can name the drivers from 1998 onwards but know the car was raced from Hansi Wambach before. Hansi Wambach was a driver that did participate at the World Final in 1995 with a 205 but don`t know if this is the same car.

    The car was unraced in 2010 and did only make on outcome in 2011. The driver Johann Baer has it for sale as he stopped racing. In 2011 it was raced ones by Helmut Laumen.

    The following car is only used as decoration standing on a big seacargoshelter.

    The following car was tried to sell at ebay in 2011 but so far I know did not get sold.

    This car was a self built 205 in 2000 and was heavily damaged in 2010. Car was sold to Ramon Roeffen but don`t know if he repaired it or sold it in bits.

    Another car build in 1996 and nowadays racing as a superb looking Mini

    The following 205 with startnumber 19 was raced until 2010 or 2011 as Camso Hot Rod (bit like a mix of Outlaws and 2ltr Hot Rods).

    It made its first outcome in 2001 raced by Karel Nelemann who sold it in 2007.

    A long time low budget racer that most times does not race the complete season but makes his outcomes nearly every year is Dieter Bader.

    Unsure how old that car is but it was sold to him in 2011.

    Owner before was Toon de Kleijn who raced 205s since 1995.

    So far I know this car is also still for sale.

    Sascha Paar

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