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13/5 Midland Championship - Birmingham A good grid saw new drivers and travelling Scots. The new drivers came in the shape of Dale Fewings (Saxo) and Phil Ferreira (Corsa). Willie Hardie proved to be the best of the travellers in his ex-Bonnar Saxo by winning heat and final ahead of Dave Leech and Paul Wright. This being Hardie's fifth final in a row. Tyler Wilkin took the to the other heat.

10/5 Points: Hoosier Series R5
Damon Wellman 129, Alan Thorndyke 117, Sean O'Leary 111, Kevin Randell 100, Dan Smith 96

10/5 Eastbourne 9 cars raced but the return of Paul Newark failed to materialise. Damon Wellman took heat (inheriting the win from Mitch Souter) and final after securing pole position. Tyler Wilkin won the opening heat.

6/5 Lochgelly Heats: Willie Hardie, Kevin Stewart. Final: Colin Seath

6/5 Points: DMC - World Qualifying
Allen Cherry 292, Adam Best 235, Wayne Woolsey 210, Sean Dynes 189, Brian Cherry 180

1/5 Southern Championship - Eastbourne Heats: George Turiccki, Lewis Shelley. Final 1-2-3: George Turiccki, Tyler Wilkin, Dan Smith

1/5 Points: Lochgelly - Chart 5
Gordon Alexander 335, Gerry Hendry 195, Jock Campbell 185, Gill Anderson 150, Alex Wilson 141

1/5 Points: Spedeworth - Chart 10
George Turiccki 316, Dan Smith 314, Gavin Botfield 314, Paul Wright 166, Lewis Shelley 152

29/4 Tullyroan Heats: Sean Dynes, Ryan McClure. Final: Feargal McNally

29/4 Lochgelly Heats: Alex Wilson, Kevin Stewart. Final: Willie Hardie

16/4 Aldershot After a second and third in the heats Sean O'Leary took the final which was sponsored by Petrolhead Images. This elevates O'Leary to fifth in the Hoosier Series behind Kevin Randell (100), Damon Wellman (90), Alan Thorndyke (90) and Lewis Shelley (81) - 35 drivers have raced in the series after 4 rounds. Jason Busby won the heats.

15/4 Tullyroan Heats: Sean Dynes, Feargal McNally. Final: Brian Cherry

15/4 Lochgelly Heats: Alex Wilson, Willie Hardie. Final: Willie Hardie

8/4 Tullyroan Heats: Sean Dynes, Joel Richardson. Final: Adam Best

1/4 Ipswich A meeting marred by damage as many crashed out when Kevin Randell blew up. Paul Wright won the final in his new Saxo; Damon Wellman and Alan Thorndyke won the heats. Superstox convert Glen Woodbridge made his debut in the ex-Wilks Corsa.

18/3 Lochgelly Heats: Ryan Mackie, Gill Anderson. Final: Willie Hardie

11/3 Northampton A successful meeting for Kevin Randell saw him win heat and final, Rob Ashman winning the opening heat.

4/3 Ipswich Mitch Souter won the opening heat with Kevin Randell closing in. Sarah Cooper won the other heat. Souter couldn't turn pole into a lead as Tyler Wilkin made a better start with Paul Wright blasting into second and eventually first when Wilkin hesitated behind Botfield. George Turiccki crashed out first lap of the final with Dan Bennett and Cooper. Gavin Pike made his debut.

4/3 Lochgelly Heats: Willie Hardie *2. Final: Willie Hardie

19/1 London Championship - Wimbledon George Turiccki won the last ever Wimbledon final ahead of Paul Wright and Lewis Shelley. Shelley and Turiccki won the heats. There was new colour schemes for Scott Morgan, Sean O'Leary, Mitch Souter and Dan Smith who Corsa mounted until the new Saxo is complete. Stuart McLaird made a successful return in his rent-a-rod by taking fourth in a heat.

1/1 Winternational - Wimbledon The last New Year's meeting saw George Turiccki take a heat and final double ahead of Gavin Botfield. Chris Crane won the opening heat.


2016 Hoosier Series
Martin Codling 311, Dan Smith 285, Lewis Shelley 279, Gavin Botfield 262, Tyler Wilkin 258

4/12 Hoosier Series Final - Wimbledon Dan Smith won the Grand Final but he couldn't overhaul the score of Martin Codling who wrapped up the series with second place on the road. The following heats were won by Tyler Wilkin and recently returned Kevin Randell. Jason Busby returned to the class after a few years in Lightning Rods.

27/11 Tullyroan Heats: Feargal McNally *2. Final: Allen Cherry

13/11 Best in Britain - Wimbledon Paul Wright won his fourth Best title after fending off Chris Crane in the early laps, Crane was disqualified later for racing an un-logged tyre. That promoted George Turiccki and Gavin Botfield. The qualifying heats were won by Turiccki and Wright. There was returns for former World Champions Jason Wilks and Kevin Randell as well a debut for John Willis.
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Final: 43, 186, 303, 11, 565, 745, 110, 71, 310, 280

29/10 Tullyroan Heats: Aaron Beattie, Christopher Kincaid. Final: Feargal McNally

23/10 Irish Championship Final 1-2-3 Wayne Woolsey, Stephen Emerson, Adam Best. Revenge heat: Christopher Kincaid

22/10 Ipswich The penultimate Hoosier meeting had Richard Poulter win the final. The heats were won by Michael Mills and Sarah Cooper her first in the class.

15/10 National Championship - Birmingham Alex Crane won his first major title in the class at a greasy Birmingham track, the other top finishers being George Turiccki, Nick Ross and Luke Stonehouse. Chris Crane and Turiccki won the qualifying heats.
Final: 11, 186, 93, 280, 43, 71, 565, 2, 98, 66 Mylaps
Previous winners National Championship

28/8 Tullyroan The opening heat was won by Ryan McClure in the ex-Heatrick Saxo and then Adam Best the next one. Wayne Woolsey took his thid final in a row from a small grid where only 6 cars made the finish.

24/8 Eastbourne Lewis Shelley took the first heat of the evening followed by Martin Codling who went onto win the next heat and final.

21/8 Irish Grand Prix - Tullyroan Wayne Woolsey in dominant form takes a second, first and first again in the final ahead of Glenn Bell in the ex-Jowers/Edwards Saxo. The opening heat was won by Allen Cherry.

14/8 English Championship - Northampton Paul Wright wins the title for the third time from pole position, followed home by George Turiccki and Luke Stonehouse.
Final: 43, 186, 280, 75, 303, 11, 565, 745, 133, 93 Mylaps
Previous winners English Championship

13/8 King of Aghadowey Wayne Woolsey won the title from pole position after finishing first and second in the heats, Adam Best had the same finish in the heats but fell back to third place in the final with Stephen Emerson moving up. Brian Cherry made his debut and there was returns for Neil Davison and Derek McMillan.

7/8 Great Yarmouth Martin Codling takes both heats to score pole position in the Hoosier qualifying round, Lewis Shelley makes a better start and wins the final.

31/7 Northampton Heats are taken by Mark Turiccki and Marc Gould, Luke Stonehouse wins the final.

23/7 European Championship - Aghadowey After multiple Lightning Rod titles Steve Emerson wins a big one in the 2L Hot Rods ahead of Dan Smith and Alex Crane, the big story though was the disqualification of Joel Richardson for taking out Wayne Woolsey. Gordon Alexander wins the Irish Masters the following day of the Speedweekend.
Final: 923, 565, 11, 280, 75, 959, 993, 17, 961, 133 Mylaps
Previous winners European Championship

21/7 Grid Positions With immediate effect the finals of all meetings at Spedeworth and Incarace will lined up by points scored in the heats.

16/7 Tullyroan Blue grader Allen Cherry takes a heat and final double with Jack Boal moving by Dean McFarlane to win the opening heat.

13/7 Eastbourne Niall Wood wins the opening heat before engine problems ends his night, Scott Morgan wins the second and Sean O'Leary bumps his way past Brett Collison to take the final.

10/7 Hednesford The heats saw a Lee Carlin-Rob Ashman 1-2 before Marc Gould won the final. Newly crowned World Champion Dan Smith raced and Sarah Cooper debutted in a Saxo.

2/7 World Championship - Ipswich
Heat 1: 70, 43, 959, 914, 35, 330, 351, 30, 745, 976
Heat 2: 565, 186, 71, 976, 950, 2, 146, 75, 280, 993
Grid: 976, 43, 950, 565, 186, 71, 745, 928, 75
Final: 565, 976, 71, 950, 75, 745, 330, 928, 2, 8
Joan Purdie Memorial: 26, 11, 303, 17, 8, 959

22/6 Eastbourne Damon Wellman takes a heat and final double in the 8th Hoosier qualifying round. Niall Wood wins the opening heat.

11/6 Lochgelly - British Championship In wet conditions Kenny Purdie took the title ahead of Chris Crane, Crane had secured pole with a heat win and fourth but lost out at the start. Purdie won the other heat and George Turiccki finished behind Crane in third.

6/4 Tipperary - Southern Irish Open Tom Casey wins the first running of the title ahead of Mervyn Emerson, Stephen Emerson and Aidan Hallahan.

1/5 Great Yarmouth Mitchell Souter won the meeting final after in second in one heat and retirement from the other one.

24/4 Aldershot Duane Peacock came close to a hat-trick with wins in the opening heat and final, but had to settle for second in the other heat behind Brett Collison.

9/4 Ipswich A wet track saw Damon Wellman and Tyler Wilkin win the heats before Scott Morgan takes his second final in a row.

28/3 Northampton Mitchell Souter continued his good form by winning the heats. Martin Codling won the final.

26/3 Tullyroan After two second places in the heats Mervyn Emerson wins the final. Colin McFarland returned to the class with a Corsa.

19/3 Ipswich Scott Morgan wins the final after finishing second in both heats, Duane Peacock wins both of these and takes a second in the final, Dan Guidotti takes the final podium place.

19/3 Tullyroan - Practice Session Wayne Woolsey topped the timesheets with a lap of 14.055s, many from Southern Ireland joined the test day.

5/3 Birmingham Starting from the whites for the first time Mitchell Souter takes the final. Marc Crome wins the opening heat by 0.004s and Lewis Shelley wins the other. Top 3 finishes by Rob Gamble in every races gives him an early lead in the Hoosier Series. Jon Arnold and Matthew Mills both debut.

5/3 Lochgelly After a fifth and third in the heats Darren McAlpine takes the final. Billy Bonnar wins both heats.

28/2 Hednesford - Practice Session Dave Leech tops the times with 15.405s.

27/2 Ipswich - Practice Session Only 2 cars present with Dalton Scarlett setting the pace.

21/2 Wimbledon - London Championship Scot Gordon Alexander takes the title after qualifying on pole position. The heats are won by Rob Gamble and Dan Smith.

20/2 Birmingham - Practice Session Dave Leech tops the times with 15.192s.

6/2 Lochgelly Cars assemble from Classic, National and 2L to race in aid of Joan Purdie. Dave Leech takes an outright win in the first heat.

10/1 Wimbledon - Winternationals George Turiccki takes the title ahead of Gavin Botfield and Scottish traveller Gordon Alexander. The heats were won by Sean O'Leary and Rick Pannell.


2015 Hoosier Series
Dan Bennett 404, Damon Wellman 379, Tyler Wilkin 336, George Turiccki 317, Dan Smith 308

26/12 Wimbledon - Hoosier Series Final Dan Bennett takes title after winning the double points final, Dan Smith was docked after finishing first on the road.

5/12 Ipswich Richard Poulter returns to the class in the Mark Turiccki Corsa as 36, ex-Stock Car driver Paul Woolf debuts. Very dusty track but dry. Heats won by Rick Pannell and Lewis Shelley. Tyler Wilkins takes his second Ipswich final in a row.
Final: 330, 565, 275, 310, 133, 393, 745, 43, 36, 42

8/11 Wimbledon - Best in Britain Paul Wright wins after a race long battle for the lead, the podium was filled by Damon Wellman and George Turiccki. The heats were won by Rob Gamble and Lewis Shelley that gave Dan Bennett pole position.
Final: 43, 8, 186, 565, 75, 745, 71, 303, 39, 30 Mylaps
Previous winners Best in Britain

5/11 Points - Hoosier Series Damon Wellman cuts Dan Bennett's lead by 3 points with one qualifying round left before the Grand Final.
745-381, 8-361, 330-307, 186-302, 565-280. Full list @ Spedeworth

31/10 Birmingham Sam Gray takes all 3 races, followed home in the final by Ryan Morgen for a Vauxhall Corsa C 1-2.
Final: 446, 2, 823, 5, 280, 75, 11, 93, 35 Mylaps

31/10 Tullyroan Wayne Woolsey moves by Dean McFarland to take the Boal Airport Parking sponsored Final. Woolsey wins the opening heat and Allen Cherry takes the other heat.
Final: 950, 342, 914, 921, 60, 924, 983, 990 Mylaps

24/10 Ipswich Tyler Wilkin takes the wet final ahead of Brian Twinn. Dan Smith and Twinn win heats. Mitchell Souter and Dan Guidotti debut, Dalton Scarlett races a new Saxo.
Final: 330, 381, 566, 118, 745, 186, 310, 303, 8, 146 Mylaps

11/10 Hednesford Recent returnee to racing Mark Turiccki wins a heat and finishes second in the final behind Sean O'Leary. Brisca F2 convert Lee Carlin wins the other heat.
Final: 310, 368, 928, 81, 75, 93, 133, 11, 280, 5 Mylaps

10/10 Tullyroan - Irish Championship Steve Emerson adds the 2L version to the five he won in Lightning Rods winning ahead of Shane Murray, Stuart Cochrane and Wayne Woolsey. Jason Devlin wins the revenge heat.
Final: 923, 70, 979, 342, 950, 993, 924, 943, 990 Mylaps
Previous winners Irish Championship

3/10 Ter Apel - National Championship Gavin Botfield wins ahead of Charlie Jowers and Dan Smith. This is the first championship taken by a Zetec engine in the class.
Final: 303, 31, 565, 71, 75, 368, 351, 22, 11, 280
Previous winners National Championship

19/9 Lochgelly - Scottish Championship Kerr Paterson takes the title after two second places in the reverse grid qualifying heats that were won by Kenny Purdie and Robbie Burgoyne
Final: 67, 900, 71, 58, 147, 999, 875, 61, 614 Mylaps

16/9 Eastbourne - Southern Championship Damon Wellman takes title followed home by Gavin Botfield who started on pole. The qualifying heats were won by Wellman and Dan Bennett.
Final: 303, 31, 565, 71, 75, 368, 351, 22, 11, 280 Mylaps

12/9 Ipswich After 2 cancelled domestic meetings in a row at Spedeworth, the Ipswich fixture goes ahead but with just 13 cars. First over the line George Turiccki is docked two places in the final.
Final: 745, 565, 186, 30, 275, 446, 69 Mylaps

31/8 Northampton - English Championship For the second time the English title was held at Northampton. George Turiccki took the title, his first since moving from Brisca F2. Turiccki had qualified on pole position after taking a second and third in the heats. Dan Smith and Mark Paffey won the heats and filled the other podium places ahead of reigning champ Paul Wright.
Final: 186, 565, 60, 43, 928, 280, 39, 8, 745, 330 Mylaps
Previous winners English Championship

16/8 Lochgelly - Scottish Open Restoring some home pride Kenny Purdie took the final. Gavin Botfield and Robbie Burgoyne won the heats.
Final: 17, 186, 565, 745, 31, 26, 58, 8, 999, 935 Mylaps

15/8 Lochgelly - World Championship The World headed to Scotland for the first time and a gallant effort from Robbie Burgoyne saw him runner-up but he couldn't stop Adam Hylands taking gold in the Davy Philp Commercials sponsored meeting. The other podium finisher was early leader Chris Crane. Hylands won the opening heat and George Turiccki won the other. Only 3 Spedeworth drivers finished in the top 10 shows how the class is so strong in all regions now.
Final: 54, 900, 75, 70, 8, 745, 923, 565, 67, 11 Mylaps
Previous winners World Championship

25/7 Aghadowey - British Championship A weekend of racing began at Aghadowey on the Saturday for the European Final and it was Adam Hylands who won a heat, qualified on pole and took the title for another year. Mark Madill had scored the same points as Hylands through qualifying but lost the toss and the drag off turn 4 at the rolling start. The following day at Tullyroan the rain came and wet weather specialist Dan Smith won the opening heat before Shane Murray went onto win heat and final (Irish Open).
Final: 54, 931, 976, 959, 993, 75, 342, 70, 935, 303 Mylaps
Previous winners British Championship

28/6 Ipswich - European Championship The wet final at the Spedeweekend throw up an unexpected result as Kenny Purdie moved by Adam Hylands to win, a title he had won when racing a Saloon Stock Car back in 2005. Hylands stayed second while Dan Smith moved up to third as Kerr Paterson was docked for contact; Smith had moved his way through from 24th on the grid. The qualifying heats were won by Paul Wright (who crashed out) and Gavin Botfield (who bounced off the wall whilst battling for second). Final: 17, 54, 565, 67, 70, 303, 71, 26, 976, 931 Mylaps
Previous winners European Championship

What are they

2 Litre Hot Rods are seen a second level of Hot Rods underneath National Hot Rods, the construction of the spaceframe is similar yet they race with a less powerful engines either Ford Pinto or Ford Zetec. The shell is a mixture of steel from the original road car and kevlar/glass-fibre. The rules are applied in more countries than any other Hot Rod formula.

The greats of the class include Davy McCall, Mark Paffey, Kevin Randell, Shane Murray, Wayne Woolsey and Dave Longhurst - all multiple championship winners in the class that have left and then came back to the class. The competition between England and Northern Ireland is incredibly fierce and having the class as the main event on the Saturday night of the Spedeweekend has given it a real impetus.

The original formula was called 1600 Hot Rod and introduced in 1986 by Spedeworth to bridge the gap between National Hot Rods and Stock Rods. The engine used was the Ford Crossflow 1600cc and it was often nicknamed 'Polley Rods' as George Polley was instrumental in its development. Stepping down from Nationals at the time was Alan Dent and he won a lot of early races including their first World Championship. Northern Ireland followed suit with the formula, Scotland tried and would allow cars to race in other classes it never took off. Mainland Europe and South Africa also ran their own versions of the class. The class was relatively successful up until the mid-90's when numbers dramatically reduced.

To bring drivers into the class, reduce costs and move away from the ageing Toyota Starlet the rules were changed in 1997, allowing front to rear wheel conversion and use the Ford Pinto engine that was already being used in Lightning Rods and Superstox. Once everyone was racing with a Ford Pinto engine the class was renamed 2 Litre Hot Rods. During the mid 90's Ringwood also ran the class and were represented at major championships up until the rule changes. The racing has a good rivalry between Northern Ireland and England. The World Championship is held in Northern Ireland every third year and in England the other two.

The formula is now present at more tracks than ever, there had been a few away trips to Incarace tracks the 2009 World Final at Hednesford being the most significant. Incarace then started licensing their own drivers, that was followed by HRP (Lochgelly), NNO (Ter Apel) in Holland where the cars race in the UK clockwise direction and most recently Tipperary. It is good that the exact rules are used across the various promotions and drivers can race at other tracks.

Domestic meetings (Spedeworth/ Incarace) take place in normal graded order, in mid 2016 the finals were lined up from points scored in the earlier heats. To keep interest in these domestic meetings small series like the Ludlow series take place. Other titles have been sponsored by BP and sent the winners to Daytona or South Africa. Qualifying for major championships is usually based upon points position or grade obtained.

South Africa has always had a strong connection to the class and even back in 1990 they were represented in the 1600 Hot Rods, in 2012 the World Final moved away from the UK for the first time yet many argue its validity as it was held to a different specification albeit a class that used the same name.

Other 2 Litre classes have previously existed and ran to a different specification and often cause confusion. At Cowdenbeath before the re-introduction of National Hot Rods their class would use a similar engine but on a National Hot Rod style body and running gear; this was adopted by PRI in 1997 before it evolved into Outlaw Hot Rods.

Barford too ran a 2 Litre class but far more standard cars more akin to a Stock Rods, the rules changed over time and now they run Stock Rods. Swaffham have a 2 Litre class, that again is more basic in preparation yet the use of wider tyres is permitted. Outlaw style racing at Ringwood and Arena Essex (Rolling Thunder) do offer an opportunity for cars built to Spedeworth-style 2 Litre specification and generally used as a stepping stone. Some former cars has also ended up racing at Standlake in their Hot Rod class.

The cars are typically hatchback style cars with a Corsa or Saxo being the favoured models. Over time there has been plenty of odd-ball machinery like a Nissan Almera or Suzuki Baleno. The cars use a control Hoosier tyre with flared arches, the bodies are placed over a spaceframe complete with specialist racing suspension, exhaust, etc - though limitations on useable parts make them cheaper to a National Hot Rod. Most recently the formula has allowed the Ford Zetec engine and like so many oval classes the uptake has been slower than anticipated.

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