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Mark Madill's new Spedeworth Fabrications Citroen Saxo
Photo - Jason Collins

Current 2L English Champion Charlie Jowers's new Edwards Motorsport Saxo
Photo - Jason Collins

Dan Bennett's Tim Barnes fabricated Saxo
Photo - Jason Collins

Brisca F2 star George Turiccki's return to Hot Rod racing will be with a Spedeworth built Saxo
Photo - Jason Collins

Northern Ireland's Mark Madill changes from Corsa to Saxo for 2014
Photo - Valerie Madill

The National Hot Rods did make several appearances in the live action arena but there was none on display in the show which asks the question is this show right for the premier Hot Rod class or does the NHRPA/ Spedeworth not care about promoting this class? The Spedeworth signage that was used has National Hot Rod as their first formula and the images generated from the World Final is continuously used throughout the year to promote the short oval world but this all stopped at the World’s biggest motorsport show. The closest the class got to the show was a bare spaceframe.

The classes that compete against National Hot Rods (in terms of where drivers will be racing or where the fans go) had a much better presence at the show. The Inter-saloon Quaife rip-off Hot Rod formula had 2 cars present, there was 6 Legends, 14 Brisca F2’s and 6 Brisca F1’s of various ages – all excluding those that were racing in the shows. Brisca F1 has already started their 60 year anniversary celebrations, something Hot Rod racing missed out going back 12 months. On top of that there were no Lightning Rods or Classic Hot Rods.

People questioned why I wouldn’t attend; double the cost of your normal meeting, micky-mouse racing and lack of Hot Rods on display are an easy starter.

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