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Almost 4,000 words have been written on every hot rod race that took place at the 2012 Spedeweekend including the qualifying laps for the National Hot Rods.

  • National Hot Rods World Championship report
  • 2L Hot Rods British Championship report
  • Lightning Rods British Championship report
  • Stock Rods Euro Challenge Cup report
  • National Hot Rods hot laps
  • National Hot Rods Best in Britain report

    National Hot Rods - World Championship

    In the 40 year history of the race there had been three completely wet races before the 2012 event. The last being the 1990 event where Davy McCall surprised everyone by winning from 27th on the grid. Skip forward two years earlier and the Phil White v George Polley meeting is classed as one of the greatest world finals. This year Glenn Bell won in a downpour that subdued the atmosphere but the race itself has become the most controversial of all time.


    Before racing got underway Dick Hillard was rushed into hospital when he collapsed in the pits, although he did return to the track that day it enabled Samantha Holland to step up to the race. Lee Pepper was also promoted by one group.

    Perfect conditions for the qualifying hot laps were opened up by Ronnie McKenzie in a new Tigra. The lap times got interesting with the fifth driver Shane Murphy set two identical laps of 14.25 seconds. Coming close to that time was Gary Woolsey with 14.27 but he would eventually be bumped back to group 2 when John Christie also set a time of 14.25, his second best time of 14.31 meant he would start behind Murphy.

    On the English side their times were not looking good until Malcolm Blackman set a time of 14.26 which put him to the front of group 2 and behind Matt Simpson who only set a time of 14.47. The man that took pole was Chris Haird with a lap time of 14.20 which was the same time as last years’ pole position from Simpson.

    Glenn Bell’s lap time was the 10th quickest and due to the group systems started the race 14th all his lap times were within 0.09 seconds of each other making him the second most consistent driver on the grid, Christie the best for this criterion. For those reading that like stats Gavin Taber was the only driver who set his best lap on his opening lap.

    After the weight issues of last year this year the problem this time was tyres when Carl Waller-Barrett and Willie Hardie had registered the wrong tyres, the pair were given a pardon by fellow drivers. Some may think problem solved but the consequences of this event is the resignation of Dave and Carole Longhurst from the NHRPA after the Spedeweekend.

    Lap times
    187 Ronnie McKenzie 14.97 14.88 14.98
    100 Dick Burtenshaw NA 14.69 14.57
    209 Kym Weaver 14.98 14.69 14.62
    95 Gavin Murray 14.62 14.56 14.66
    970 Shane Murphy 14.47 14.25 14.25
    961 Tom Casey 15.07 14.86 14.64
    39 Terry Hunn 14.69 14.58 14.55
    72 Willie Hardie 14.57 14.39 14.57
    162 Carl Waller-Barrett 14.73 14.64 14.61
    780 Mike Loosemore 15.24 14.83 14.72
    152 Shaun Taylor 14.97 14.82 14.79
    9 Glenn Bell 14.54 14.45 14.50
    940 Gary Woolsey 14.50 14.27 14.31
    339 Danny Hunn 14.95 14.78 14.79
    10 Samantha Holland 14.97 14.85 NA
    155 Lee Pepper 14.82 14.63 14.63
    66 John V.D Bosch 14.89 14.77 14.69
    871 Graeme Callender 14.99 14.73 14.58
    303 Matt Simpson 14.79 14.47 14.62
    11 Neville Loosemore 14.73 14.50 14.47
    174 Jason Kew 14.85 14.74 14.55
    996 Stewart Doak 14.65 14.47 14.51
    116 Steve Burrows 14.87 14.57 14.51
    911 Malcolm Blackman 14.68 14.36 14.26
    467 Winnie Holtmanns 14.83 14.64 14.49
    115 Chris Haird 14.32 14.20 14.27
    555 Gavin Taber 14.69 14.71 15.04
    962 John Christie 14.31 14.25 14.33
    60 Mark Paffey 14.74 14.51 14.42
    994 Keith Martin 14.68 14.48 14.48
    92 Jack Blood 14.56 14.98 14.40
    844 Billy Bonnar 14.70 14.49 14.42
    99 Wayne Lee 15.53 15.22 15.34
    278 Colin Gomm 14.90 14.47 14.40
    261 David Casey 14.79 14.61 14.54

    Grid - 115 962 303 911 844 116 209 11 115 92 994 100 278 261 961 339 10 99
    970 72 95 940 60 162 9 174 780 996 39 555 467 871 66 152 187

    The Race

    Those that feel it is tradition to carry on camping during the weekend had seen the weather change overnight from sunshine (hot enough to burn the skin on Saturday) to a downpour in the early hours. Once the gates were opened it was clear to see the volume of water than fallen, half the speedway track underneath water. The sweepers tried to suck away the water but it continued to fall until mid-afternoon.

    The formalities of the grid interviews were carried out with the continual bias best presented team went to a continental driver; Jason Kew may feel aggrieved having been the only team with matching umbrellas. As the grid cleared of mechanics and family members Holland was struggling to get going, however the cars started to circulate on the shake-down laps Holland fired up and was into the race.

    Noticeable comments from the drivers during the interviews were those that had yet to race in full wet conditions at Ipswich in their present car or even in National Hot Rods. Pole-sitter Haird was one of the drivers not feeling too confident in the wet but still lead away the race, Christie moved pass into the lead but took back that lead. Christie came back inside as Haird failed to keep a tight line.

    The first caution of the race was needed for Casey who had spun out and clear debris that laid on the track. The yellows gave everyone the chance to catch their breath and take stock of what had happened. In the laps leading up to the yellow Blackman had moved inside Murphy and then Haird for second place; the back-marking Taylor who also lined up after Blackman. Simpson was expected to do well in these conditions but had clashed with Hardie. That dropped Simpson back to seventh place while Hardie had slowed on the outside of turn 4 which blocked Woolsey, the pair lost a lap here and pulled off. Hardie deliberate clash with Simpson meant he was loaded up at the end of the race, although this was not made public to the paying audience.

    Once back to green Blackman took up the lead, like before Christie came back for another stint of leading but Blackman moved into first and pulled clear. Murray moved into second place as Blackman moved clear, Christie fell back as other Northern Irish drivers came through the pack.

    Murray’s second place disappeared when Simpson turfed him aside, Murray got himself back into the race but lost a lot of time, Simpson was shown a black cross at this point. Up front Blackman had created a lead of a quarter of a lap but was being reeled in by Simpson. Not far behind him was Murphy (who was getting to grips with the conditions) and Bell. Christie and Haird were falling away from the leaders.

    In traffic Blackman was forced to take the outside line and the chasing trio started to make up a lot of ground. Simpson though got wrong footed and fell back to fourth as Murphy and Bell moved inside. It stayed like that for several laps until Murphy was bumped out of the race by Simpson, the spun car on turn 3 forced cars to race on either side of the car, trying the outside was Doak who clipped the Murphy car. Doak had quietly moved up to fifth position (probably the quickest on track and passed more cars than Bell at this point) but was now out of the race along with Murphy.

    The race restart was at the halfway stage of the race and the order on track was Blackman, McKenzie (back-marker), Burtenshaw (back-marker), Bell , Loosemore (back-marker), Simpson, Murray, Kew and Weaver.

    Haird had been falling back down the order and after the restart he struggled to get around the outside of Loosemore, the pair collided and bounced into the wall on turn 2. Haird continued for a few laps but with a puncture he was losing too many places so retired.

    Blackman had opened up a lead but Bell closed in once he had navigated the traffic. For more than 10 laps Blackman held Bell at bay but there was still another 10 to go. Bell had tried the outside a few times and even had a great chance to duck inside entering turn 3 but backed out each time. Waiting for a chance Blackman did eventually get off line going through turns 3 and 4, Bell got himself into the gap as the cars powered onto the straight. The gap itself was probably too small as the cars rubbed before Bell took the number position on track with 6 laps to run.

    As those two cars had been challenging for the lead Simpson had clawed back a quarter of a lap deficit, he was on Blackman’s back bumper by the time Bell passed him. Simpson attempted the same three laps later but instead he knocked the back of Blackman causing him to half spin before t-boned his door. Simpson bull-dozed past Blackman but that had enabled Murray to go past the pair into second place. Simpson took third on the road, with Blackman now fourth.

    Just before the chequers Kew’s sixth place disappeared as he crashed out, handing that place to Burrows who as stated in the programme ‘comes under the radar’ to take sixth place on the road behind rookie Weaver.

    Bell was able to coast to the chequered flag for the biggest prize in hot rods that set up hundreds of rockets from the centre green. The track became very smoky at this point and Bell’s celebration donuts were unsighted. It also appears that Blackman extracted revenge on Simpson during this period. That contact became a load-up which twinned with his suspension period (activated from round 15 for the contact on Simpson) and Blackman’s refusal to take fourth place on road has left the former champion banned for a whole year. This ban has taken the shine off the success of Bell as well as causing unnecessary debate regarding Blackman’s position. Everyone within the crowd was left un-notified about Blackman who it seemed was disqualified, third on road Simpson escaped with no punishment and felt the wrath of the crowd that turned on him.

    With the title returning to Northern Ireland Glenn Bell becomes the first driver to win both Stock Rod and National Hot Rods World titles.

    Res: 9, 95, 303, 209, 116, 962, 844, 278, 100, 261, 339, 555, 66, 187, 155, 11, 152

    National Hot Rods – support races

    27 Mikey Godfrey
    41 Carl Boardley
    44 Dave Garrett
    67 David Brooks
    74 James O'Shea
    76 Adam Maxwell
    117 Rob McDonald
    130 Andy Lane
    160 Frank West
    271 Neil Stimson
    316 Paul Frost
    369 Tommy Maxwell
    444 Sam Shuddall
    491 Colin Smith
    615 Chris Lehec
    639 Ricky Hunn
    662 Keith Chesher
    777 Les Compelli
    874 Steven O'Shea
    960 Mark Heatrick
    963 Terry Maxwell
    979 Andy Cochrane
    Heat 1

    A strong support field included the return of four times World Champion Carl Boardley in a quality field that included 12 drivers who had previously qualified for the World Final.

    Like the previous Thunder 500 meeting there was an early end to Ricky Hunn’s meeting when he clashed with David Brooks on turn 1, Brooks was able to continue though he was a lap down. Mikey Godfrey had converted his pole into a lead over Boardley.

    A yellow was needed when Andy Cochrane crashed on the entry to the home straight and was clipped by Sammy Shuddall; although the yellows had been aired that didn’t stop Andy Lane being flung onto the speedway track.

    From the restart Godfrey had the benefit of Brooks shielding him from Boardley but the lapscorers had failed to realise he was a lap down, the 67 car was shown for the majority of the race on the scoreboard and no blue flags were being aired. Brooks did eventually fall away but it was not Boardley who caught the rear of Godfey but Colin Smith and Mark Heatrick closing on his tail during the final few laps.

    Res: 27, 41, 491, 960, 615, 74, 316, 271, 117, 369

    Heat 2

    Adam Maxwell turned pole into a lead while Keith Chesher held second place with Rob McDonald and Neil Stimson in tow. Making up the most ground from mid-pack was Smith who had every move tracked by Heatrick. Turn 3 become the trouble spot for the pack when first Dave Garrett spun and then David Brooks a few laps later. The Brooks spin was more significant as his car lay into the middle of the track, Stimson dived to the inside to take 2 places, while Heatrick chose the inside line to snatch a place from Smith.

    Once the Brooks car was cleared the race restarted Stimson lost his second place as he had to retire with a puncture. Chesher was back in second place and had drivers queuing up behind him (McDonald, Heatrick and Smith). McDonald moved to the outside and with two laps left he moved beyond him but these four had Tommy Maxwell, Boardley, Cochrane and Chris Lehec close in, another 5 laps and this race could have been very interesting.

    Res: 76, 117, 662, 960, 491, 369, 41, 979, 615, 74

    Support Final (Saturday)

    491 41 76 615 369 316 874 979 963 67 444
    960 117 27 662 74 130 160 271 44 777

    The two fastest from the heats Smith and Heatrick pulled clear of the field and quickly caught the slower back-marking cars. The pair dived inside Les Compelli and then outside Shuddall (who had missed the second heat repairing the 206). After those two Smith seemed to run too deep into turns 1 and 2 that enabled Heatrick to charge for the inside line but there wasn’t enough space and Smith was tipped into a spin. The field stayed pretty stagnant for the remaining laps though there was a brief caution for Tommy Maxwell who blew up and caught fire – this was soon extinguished.

    Res: 960, 41, 76, 117, 74, 27, 130, 271, 979, 662

    World Revenge

    With a drying track the remaining World Finalist had a chance to show some outside passes. McKenzie and John V.D Bosch took the front two places as everyone else queued up behind Callender. V.D. Bosch made a fine move around the outside of McKenzie for the lead and his first win in England. Callender lost out in the final few laps when Kew burst through but all 3 Scottish drivers finished in the top 10.

    Res: 66, 187, 174, 278, 339, 209 (x-2), 100, 844 (x-2), 9, 871

    Best in Britain

    The race was made up of World finalists and 10 support drivers, the quickest three from the Saturday night (Boardley, Smith and Heatrick not present for Sunday racing). Godfrey pulled out his second pole position of the weekend but couldn’t hold off row 2 starter Murray who moved into lead and pulled clear. Although some drivers made up a lot of places in the race it was a quiet end to the Spedeweekend.

    Res: 95, 871, 27, 844, 209, 962, 130, 74, 100, 271

    2 Litre Hot Rods – British Championship

    2 Andy Collins
    7 Collin Moss
    8 Damon Wellman
    11 Alex Crane
    22 Dan Payne
    29 Duane Peacock
    30 Martin Codling
    31 Charlie Jowers
    39 Rick Pannell
    43 Paul Wright
    50 Wayne Woolsey
    54 Adam Hylands
    65 Mark Willis
    70 Shane Murphy
    72 Gary Goodswen
    75 Chris Crane
    88 Dale Atkins
    96 Kevin Randell
    99 Barry Limer
    118 Lewis Shelley
    303 Gavin Botfield
    306 Will Reed
    310 Sean O'Leary
    342 Adam Heatrick
    537 Billy Clarke
    543 Tommy Miller
    565 Daniel Smith
    745 Daniel Bennett
    918 David McMenemy
    920 Derek Martin
    926 Petie Donnelly
    931 Mark Madill
    935 Philip Beattie
    997 Andrew Murray
    The highlight for the Saturday night race had a quality line up with drivers from England and Northern Ireland, for the first time Incarace was represented with Barry Limer. Top of the points in England Danny Fiske was not racing, his Nova now sold and in Northern Ireland.

    Heat 1

    Once the Incarace draw was made Pannell started on pole position. The 34 car grid was in trouble when Limer was knocked sideways on the back straight. That caused cars to scatter as they entered turn 3. Wellman slammed into the wall while Shelley was beached on the inner kerb.

    The restart didn’t even get to the green flag as third placed Andrew Murray lost a wheel on the exit of turn 4. With wheel collected Wright and Shane Murray pulled away from Pannell. The bigger names were moving forward but Woolsey lost a lot of time when he tagged the back of Clarke and the pair ran out wide.

    The battle for third placed compressed as Pannell had to fight off quicker drivers, for the second half of the race an exciting ten car battle emerged with Woolsey closing in who looked very quick when in open air. Moss spun out from this pack as the line of cars got longer, Woolsey was even able to latch onto the tail of it. On the final few laps Smith took third place while Reed charged on the outside and looked like to take fourth place but slowed on the final corner and lost out a top ten finish, Beatty also went spinning out on the final corner.

    Res: 43, 70, 565, 39, 30, 29, 75, 537, 54 (x-2), 920

    Heat 2

    The reverse grid put Adam Heatrick on pole but he lost out to fellow front row driver Gary Goodswen from the drop of the green. Heatrick moved into the lead early before a yellow was needed for Andy Collins and Wellman. Wellman had done well to fix his car his car after two breakdown trucks were needed to remove the car from the previous heat but this crash was enough to end his weekend.

    Once the race restarted Adam Hylands moved inside Goodswen with Derek Martin in tow. Hylands caught Heatrick but spun him out halfway down the back straight to take up the lead position. Hylands took the flag but was disqualified once the stewards reviewed video footage to give the win to Martin. Martin had spun out Petie Donnelly but he escaped with no penalties.

    Res: 920, 72, 543, 31, 306, 303, 50, 65, 918, 88

    British Championship

    920 70 303 50 65 30 39 31 88 54 935 997 745 2 118 99
    306 43 565 75 543 72 29 918 537 7 22 310 342 11

    The highlight of the Saturday night was yet again void of the build-up it deserves due to time constraints (bangers take too long to clear up). Once the green flag dropped Will Reed tried the outside line to take the lead but after a few tours he fell back but much more dramatically than being off line and was the first retirement.

    Once the race settled into its stride Martin led Shane Murray, Wright, Woolsey, Willis and Gavin Botfield. These six edged clear of the rest in a line. Murray put himself onto the outside of Martin and was able to get his nose ahead but that wasn’t enough he fell back to third place, Wright the beneficiary here. Murray had two choices: keep on the outside or fall back in line to sixth place. Martin didn’t give up and moved back alongside Martin; Martin’s driving became more erratic as he didn’t have the speed to hold back the competition. When Murray was again nosing ahead on the outside he couldn’t keep a tight line on the bends that enabled Wright almost inside the pair. Wright didn’t make that move stick and now had Woolsey trying the outside line of him.

    Murray’s charge on the outside lasted for the majority of the race his desire to win paid off when he broke clear and into the lead position. Woolsey was in a similar position to Murray earlier and had to stick with the outside line and he passed Wright and Martin quite quickly. Woolsey did look quicker but there was not enough laps to challenge Murray. Wright moved inside Martin for third place behind the Irish 1-2. The National Hot Rod World final may have grabbed all the headlines from this years’ Spedeweekend but this race was a proper hot rod race, the boisterous applause from the crowd showed their admiration for the winner and placemen.

    Res: 70, 50, 43, 920, 65, 565, 303, 75, 543, 30

    Revenge race

    An early caution was needed to remove the spun car of Crane. When the race restarted the Irish trio of Madill, Hylands and Andrew Murray pulled clear. Atkins spun his battled scarred car from fourth place handing that to Moss. From the back Martin was up to fifth place but wasn’t going to catch the leaders. In traffic Hylands was able to attack Madill and on the final lap hauled himself alongside but lost out narrowly on the finishing line.

    Res: 931, 54, 997, 7, 920, 745, 565, 935, 926, 65

    Lightning Rods – British Championship

    2 Lee Rudge
    9 Ian Atkinson
    22 Mark Cooper jnr
    45 Craig Boyd
    51 Andy King
    78 Paul Blackman
    81 David Glencross
    84 Alan Conroy
    227 Roger Dormer
    240 Lee Morrow
    267 Gary Greenland
    314 Wayne Farrer
    331 Michael Gabriel
    339 Ben Furness
    342 Ben Kerry
    346 Andy Brown
    355 Mick Walker
    368 Steve Santry
    386 Marcus Gridley
    416 Diggy Smith
    452 Adam Eyles
    503 Ben Murray
    526 Paul Strawson
    629 John Sibbald
    633 Robert Gamble
    636 Lee Skoyles
    730 Mike Daniels
    781 Neil Wollington
    904 Brendan McConnell
    918 Richard Stewart
    924 Mervyn Emerson
    926 Davy Hearst
    974 Gary Beggs
    987 Francis Rafferty
    Heat 1

    Neil Wollington led away the pack that included 4 Scottish drivers. Davy Hearst and Ben Kerry moved by before the yellows were out for Lee Rudge and Andy King who had crashed on the back straight. When the green dropped for the restart Adam Eyles spun out his new car, Eyles returned to the race as a back-marker. When Eyles was being lapped leader Hearst clipped him, this caused damage to the wheel of Eyles; Hearst survived and maintained his lead over Kerry.

    The track become very slippery when Paul Blackman blew up but there were no significant accidents, reigning British Champion Brendan McConnell drove the last few laps very carefully to maintain his fifth place on track though several drivers lined up behind him.

    Res: 926, 781, 924, 342 (x-2), 904, 346, 9, 974, 730, 416

    Heat 2

    David Glencross led the majority of the opening lap before being tapped into a spin on turn 4 by Richard Stewart. The following pack done their best to avoid the car but Glencross was hit by heat one winner Hearst; Wayne Farrer and Kerry also crashed out. Once restarted Stewart had Lee Morrow on his rear bumper but Stewart pulled clear, Morrow then spent the second half of the race with Ben Murray, Steve Santry and Gary Greenland applying pressure. As usual with Lightning Rods there was more carnage; 3 laps left Morrow was turfed onto the speedway on the home straight with Murray who bounced over the yellow marker tyres that ripped off a wheel.

    Stewart was given the flag and no penalties were issued.

    Res: 918, 368, 267, 416, 227, 45, 339, 730, 904, 629


    416 368 918 346 781 926 267 629 339 84 386 51 240 314 78 355 452
    904 924 730 45 227 974 342 9 633 22 636 987 331 526 81 503

    Diggy Smith converted pole into the lead while champion McConnell tried the outside line. That allowed Santry to move inside him for second place but he lost out quickly to Wollington with Dormer, Stewart and Daniels also moving past the pair.

    The first caution was needed when Strawson and Gabriel clashed on the home straight. When these cars were cleared Smith was passed by Wollington for the lead, Smith regained this lead quickly. When lapping Glencross, Smith was outfoxed by Wollington at the scoreboard end and retook the lap and opening up a decent lead. Glencross caused more chaos when being lapped by the other placemen. McConnell had moved his way back the places but was spun out by Santry. Dormer was struggling to get by Glencross then allowed Stewart inside who spun aside the back-marker, he was hit head-on by Glencross scattering the cars across the track. Both Dormer and Stewart were disqualified from the race for their roles of this crash.

    Wollington’s lead was now diminished but did have the advantage of one back marker between him and Diggy Smith. Once the race restarted Smith passed the back-marking Gamble quickly to close onto the tail of Wollington. Smith moved back into the lead soon after and took the chequers.

    With all the contact in the race it was inevitable the penalties would be dished out but surprisingly Wollington lost his second place for jumping the start which promoted Mark Cooper Jnr and Brown.

    Res: 416, 22, 346, 781 (x-2), 45 (x-2), 339, 267, 730 (x-2), 503, 924

    Stock Rods – Euro Challenge Cup

    7 Andy Grant
    15 Lee Johnston
    25 Siobhan Martin
    28 Alan Thorndyke
    57 Raymond Harper
    59 Carl Mann
    61 Derek McMillan
    74 Tyler Collison
    83 Michael Bethune
    91 Wayne Leedell
    97 Ben McCully
    116 Michael Madden
    128 David Gale
    151 Luke Oliver
    168 Andy Sturt
    171 Dean O'Dell
    184 Pete Thomson
    227 Alisdair Roger
    251 Lee Ribbans
    257 Ashley Brown
    288 Harry Palmer
    300 Tristan Jackson
    394 Mike De Paiva
    447 Stuart Smyth
    577 Craig Miller
    647 Jonathan Lattka
    658 Chris Lattka
    730 Alex Hunter
    745 Daniel Bennett
    755 Mark Barber
    823 Paul Williams
    829 Stuart Fox
    858 Ryan Peat
    876 Lewis Clark
    900 Dave Patterson
    924 Stuart Wright
    Heat 1

    Michael Madden led the opening heat briefly until Ashley Brown passed him; he was punted aside by Raymond Harper who was not given any punishment. Harper lost his lead in a legitimate manoeuvre. A messy race included plenty of crashes Stuart Wright hit the spun car of Peter Thomson, Lee Johnston blew-up when third, Dean O’Dell slammed into the fence on turn 4 and Ryan Peat bounced off the home straight wall to be collected by Carl Mann.

    While that was going on Chris Lattka had closed in on the leader Stuart Fox who in turn was gaining on World Champion Stuart Smyth who was almost lapped.

    Res: 829, 658, 57, 168, 394, 25 (x-2), 116, 647, 288 (x-2), 251

    Heat 2

    With the grid reversed Smyth shot off from the front following by Wayne Leedell. Tyler Collison challenged for second place but he lost out to Derek McMillan and Andy Sturt. Sturt even moved up to third place before mechanical woes that slowed him, he did make it to the end which gave him a handful of points to assist in a good grid position.

    Res: 447, 91, 61, 28, 745, 74, 300, 755, 876, 900


    Sturt made a better start than Chris Lattka and raced into the lead, Lattka had Smyth for company which allowed Sturt to pull clear. There was a stoppage when Thomson needed to be recovered when he stopped on the home straight. The majority of the field had seen the yellows but McMillan didn’t slow like he should of. Diving through cars he forced Paterson to the centre and across the marker tyres. McMillan was disqualified from the race.

    When the race restarted Lattka dropped Smyth who was passed Barber who started mid-grid. Lattka closed onto Sturt but wasn’t close enough to try and pass.

    Res: 168, 658, 755, 447, 25, 74, 394, 647, 28, 251

    Production team Text: Paul Ballard 2012
    Layout: Paul Ballard

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