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The Oxford dictionary describes music as: vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion. In this all too brief description it would mean the sound of an engine isnít classed as music, yet to many petrolheads itís music to their ears.

Once you start combining non-instrumental sounds with music and adding in the emotions attached with sport the resulting factor can magical. Itís happens again and again in many sports and works incredibly well to pump up the crowd as the event changes gear from the warm-up to the actual start. Those famous words Ďgentlemen start your engineí also get people excited and the goose-bumps start to tingle. A senses overload as sound stimulation is used to get you motivated for a visual event.

The Spedeweekend is an event that is no different to the above and the build-up has morphed over the years into a truly spectacular event, I however get frustrated that when the main event of the weekend is at the point of hitting that euphoric beginning suddenly Whistliní Jack Smith is dropped (that what the kids say!). I find it crazy that this song is played at such a crucial moment when heading towards the epi-centre.

Yes it might sound ironic coming from the webmaster of a site named after the song but I donít see how this song has a place for the start of the National Hot Rod World Championship as rolling lap music. Times have changed.

The cars are completely different in appearance and build, roof grades have disappeared, cars donít race for fun anymore and the grid isnít out of a hat. Itís easy to track the evolution of the sport but Hot Rod racing is very different to one Spedeworth popularised in the 1970ís. Play the song as the cars move out onto the track for the first time, itís still a song that signifies National Hot Rod racing. Itís a dated song though that disturbs the ever growing excitement as the start of the biggest race of the year nears, it should have stopped many years ago.

What do you think:

Should 'whistling jack smith' be used as rolling lap music for the NHR World Final?
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Can anything else replace it? Below are a list of songs that I think would work well for the build-up of the event as shown on YouTube but may need skipping through the introductions

Brainbug Ė Nightmare (Sinister strings)
AC DC - Thunderstruck
Motley Krue - Kickstart my heart
Kasabian - Switchblade smile
William Orbit - Barbers adagio for strings (Ferry Corsten remix)
Andre Rieu - O Fortuna
Jock Jams - Lets get ready to rumble
Eminem - Lose yourself
Chris Lake & Kris Menace Ė Discopolis
Mylo - Muscle car
Tomoyasu Hotei Ė Battle without honor or humanity

Iím expecting youíve all heard Sandstorm and Just drive.

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