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The little ticker at the bottom of the screen recently moved beyond the magic milestone of one million views, another achievement completed for me.

The journey to reaching a million has been up and down, Iíve made friends in the oval racing World, helped people out wherever I could, annoyed others and got myself stressed out. I started from scratch with no idea how to produce a site or if anyone would ever read it, all I knew was that the sport of Hot Rodding as a whole (not just one class) deserved more coverage and although there was a rich heritage nobody had collated this information to share with the World. Iím very proud that this website is the definitive home for Hot Rodding data.

I canít however take all the glory, there are several people who have contributed to this site and I thank you all, I wonít list them all as you know who you are, some contributions may seem small but this added value is appreciated. My actions are a secondary motion of the show in general, without the drivers, cars, tracks, sponsors and officials the sport wouldnít exist. The sport is constantly evolving and faces so many challenges, I tip my hat to those that created the sport and the helping hands that have taken it to its current place.

In my time as a webmaster Iíve seen other sites evolve, some have dropped off the radar and the majority of information is now on Facebook. People have become more demanding and want instant answers, so Iíve had to tailor my concept to suit people wherever possible. Iíve streamlined my activities and feel that the way you can navigate through the site is better than ever.

Although I am very analytical I would never want to look into how many of spare hours Iíve put into the site; probably could have completed a lot more things in life but who really cares if the grass gets too long in the front garden?

The target of 1 million was something I thought I would achieve a little earlier but that doesnít matter, the issue now is what am I targeting now? I donít see that going for another million is a worthwhile target, goals however are still something thatíll drive my creative edge. At present Iím thinking that I need to do something no-one has ever done, that might take a while to do, but one day something will click and I will unleash that Eureka moment. For the short term the concept of live streaming of on-board footage would be a break-through for Hot Rods, the Shady Lady comes to the rescue with me as the willing guinea pig.

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