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Following my last blog, my life wasn't in the best place but hey the show must go on and in the grand scheme of things there are plenty of people in a worse state than me. I've had to take a system reboot but I'm looking forward and there's definitely a bright future.

For me I had three demons to get rid of. The first being getting into dad's shed now this is a wonderful place where he lived his dreams, its difficult to move about because of the tools and broken parts that might be useful one day. I see the pinto head on the bench, a memory of what we started on together, a reason to get arse into gear. The overflowing workshop expands into the garden and sadly an unfinished Triumph Spitfire sits there that will have to be sold. Message me if interested.

Number two was getting into my garage and seeing my racecar that we worked on during our last summer. Now this was easier than I expected but not having my go-to man to hand will eventually take it toll on me. At least I won't get told off for using tools wrong.

The final one is going racing without him. Last Saturday (4th March) my wife and I watched the classic combo of Hot Rods, Stock Cars and Bangers at Foxhall. The slightly larger queue meant we missed the opening laps but stepping through the turnstiles and looking down on the track at Ipswich is one of my favourite views in motorsport, probably in life. Those few minutes late didn't seem to matter, I was over my hurdle, or so I thought. When race 5 started it was heat 2 for the Historic Stock Cars and 'Swinging Safari' played which we had missed out earlier, a song we had chosen to remember dad at his funeral. I've never cried while watching racing but at that moment I wanted him there next to me to enjoy the spectacle, my dusty face now started to clear with two trickles on each cheek. Perhaps it was fitting that a Triumph was victorious in the class, a car he owned several of.

Now I believe the hardest challenges are in the past and the plans we made last year are back on track. The truck is being MOT'd and I shall top up the oil in the Sierra and go testing shortly. The website is if you hadn't noticed is being brought up to date, no change in format but I've started liking racing again and want to share what I think is important in Hot Rods. The Drivers pages are shaping up nicely, the current drivers have their top 10 finishes listed and the mega list of every driver is now closing in on 5000 with pictures. Even before updating I got up to 4200 files.

What I really enjoyed from Saturday was the programme and full marks to Spedeworth in assembling several well written articles to cover the weekends action. My favourite being the one about families in Saloon Stock Cars. I love the fact the sport consistently attracts children, who aspire to be like their father. Our short oval World is one big family and those that heard my news gave me encouraging messages, I felt that as one family lost a lynchpin, there's another family around to support.

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