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  • ORCi split
  • Stock Rod report: Northampton 09.03.14

  • Renegade formula
    22nd March 2014

    Worst preview of the year is now complete..... read here

    Spedeworth and Incarace made the decision to remove their Stock Rod formula away from the ORCi version, meaning there is no history connected to the formula they promote, stop going on about former champion winners because that is a different class, Spedeworth et al. you all lost your rights when you decided to split.

    There may be the a bigger, better and more committed set of drivers racing in this renegade formula that have won the titles in the past but the key word there is past. You can’t have both best of both World’s – Gunner is not your World Champion because you have never ran a World Championship. This weekend will be the first ever running of the English Championship, hence the preview being poor as it talks about titles from a different formula. Now some of you may see no issues with this but I think for the occasional fan there may be some confusion.

    I was originally planning on writing something about the style of present programmes/ previews for oval racing and this does fit into the scope of that but I felt this inaccuracy needed to be highlighted immediately before I am embarked on that one.

    Additional comment: The first meeting for Lightning Rods at Arena Essex in 2014 also contained the words "the Lightning Rods being nationally based so it isn't that unusual to see visiting drivers here" Really? Are you sure sure you know what formula you are actually promoting now?

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