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    4th April 2014

    The time is now to stand as one, all forms of oval racing whether it is Hot Rod, Stock Cars or Bangers we all need to unite as one and then stand alongside other forms of motorsport to stop noise complaints about venues that have been standing for decades.

    Motorsport plays a big part within the UK as it is a World leader in terms of manufacturing and development yet the government is keen to remove the tracks based upon noise complaints from people that have recently moved into certain areas.

    Noise was never something that I paid that much attention to as a kid and neither was the law and it took me to until about the age of 17 to realise what people’s motives were. This was an argument with a work colleague, whose family lived near Foxhall. I heard all the fictional horror stories of racing every Friday, Saturday and Sunday that run to 2 in the morning and how they had complained several times to the council regarding the events, then I asked the casual but all important question of ‘how many years have they lived there?’ which was replied by ‘a few years’. That moment I began thinking I’ve been watching racing at Ipswich just as long, I wonder how when motor-racing started there, the answer is 1936. This then created anger as someone fresh to an area feels they can shut anything down based upon noise, there’s plenty of things I don’t like in my neighbour but I’m a sensible person who understood what was around when I bought my house.

    I grew up in the Hot Rod hotbed of Hainault where the 1970’s stars of Lee, Winstone and Stone could be found; commentator Rob Porter and former Hot Rod journalist Ann Neal also hailed from their area I think it was in my blood to follow the ovals. My oval adventures also took me to the local Romford Greyhounds and I became confused why there was not another form of sport there, I had been to Great Yarmouth, Mildenhall, Wimbledon and Swaffham and they were all multi-sport venues why would Romford be so different. The history of Romford Speedway is quite simple – they had a team that raced until one person (yes just one person) complained and got the wheels in the action to stop Speedway. For those that have never been to Romford Greyhounds the venue is quite interesting, yes it nestled in the middle of houses but also sits directly against a railway line. This is no ordinary line is it the line that covers every major town in East Anglia to the East of London. There is a constant stream of trains which includes noise, perhaps the noise is not the issue and it is the fact that some people do not like others enjoying themselves.

    Now fast forward to the present day and many oval tracks are battling noise issues – Coventry and Mildenhall are threatened with closure, those tracks have rarely seen Hot Rod racing yet I still see the importance of them as race tracks. The Mildenhall story has been covered by many people in the last few weeks and I don’t need to repeat but if you haven’t signed you should as motor sport fan to secure the safety of the sport. #ovalracingunited

    Please sign the
    petition and show your support

    Could not agree more. I have never understood how this works. I go all the way back to Cross in Hand although I would have to admit that this was not the case there although the reason for the closure was the amount of traffic generated which could not have come as much of a surprise to someone living on an A road!!

    I have signed the petition and will be watching out to see if there is anything else that I can do. KEITH DUKE

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