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As I run through the feedback on the survey it was noted that the blog was enjoyable and could do with more entries, right then first entry of 2015 and what is currently in my mind.

Iíll start with what Iím aiming to do with my race car. The car was bought to race at the Rolling Thunder Show with the Pick-Ups however within days of getting the car the class was dropped, although thereís the possibility of racing there at the end of April as a guest formula Iím not too sure that fixture will stay in place. My sisterís wedding the next day is a major factor, but I can race under the proviso of ďdonít hurt yourselfĒ.

Option 2 was then race the car with the Lightning Rods at PRI but maintain the Pick-Up shape. However PRI have had 3 months to choose whether they want the Pick-Up variation and that time it seems is not enough. I know I could put a roof back on it to make it a saloon but I feel that is a waste of time and money for a starter car, nor is it something that will dramatically change its speed. I just want to race the car and get my head around the mechanical elements of racing.

Option 3 was then where can I race the car with minimal changes to it, in steps Stansted Raceway which is my closest track. Knowing what rules Iím working to and when I can race helps me focus on a date to get everything ready. The car has had a few tweaks but nothing dramatic so far, it still needs to be bought back to Hertfordshire but there isnít a problem where it currently resides. Donít be expecting the usual sign-writing you see on a Hot Rod when my car graces the track.

Iím really looking forward to this year Iíve got a super holiday planned for June hitting multiple US destinations that will mean I miss the Thunder 500 meeting and final NHR qualifier but I will get the opportunity to see a NASCAR division instead. What an awesome wife I have that wants to join me to watch racing.

With my own racing, work, household chores and enjoying life as a newlywed do I still have time for this site, I hope so. I always have plenty of ideas bouncing around my head when Iím exercising or eating up the roads for work. When I look at other sports I still think that Hot Rod skims the surface in terms giving the fan a better online experience Ė that experience could be more data, more interviews, an insight to what goes on behind the scenes, maintaining the history of the sport and making more out of the heroes that have come and gone. That probably gives you an insight into what Iím planning on creating this year for the site. The site may be my fifth priority in life but having a creative side is something I need as a release, so donít fret this boy wonít be disappearing.

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