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Over the winter the front of this site had a link to a survey that several people found the time to fill, its purpose to make the site even better.

I have a rough plan of what I want to do with the site, what I think people want to read about and how to cover that. However in any long-winded task it is easy to get side-tracked and veer away from your end goal; hence me needing a little input from the readers to make sure I’m on the right path. Your feedback was quite good though I do understand that the respondents was small and may not be true reflection of everyone’s thoughts, but those that didn’t voice an opinion have lost out. The opening question was name so let’s jump onto the next one.

Q2 How would you describe race reports and features on WJS?

82% Interesting / 11% Critical yet honest / 5% Slightly interesting / 2% Factually incorrect

I wanted the winner to be interesting and I know that people wouldn’t come back to the site if they didn’t think that but I threw in the word ‘critical’ to two responses to see if this was an over-riding factor. Nobody thought my criticism was unnecessary as that option was never selected.

Q3 Race reports often mention 'contact' in Hot Rod racing, should this be?

87% Kept in because its factual / 9% No opinion / 4% Shouldn't be written about as it gives Hot Rod racing a bad image

This question follows nicely from the previous question as my opinions on racing will revolve around how I see the racing. I know that drivers do not always intentionally hit another car but I do believe these disputed incidents are part of the Hot Rod racing package and shouldn’t be dismissed. I won’t omit incidents or step-side to try and seem impartial. The replies to those questions really cement the fact I’m on the right course.

Q4 If there was less National Hot Rod content on this site, would that make it better?

57% No / 32% Depends if other formulas are covered in more depth / 11% Yes

This question came about because I thought should I sack off National Hot Rod racing completely as this class does receive a lot of attention elsewhere. Even though the top answer didn’t win by such a dominant margin I’ll bow down to the people’s choice and keep National Hot Rods on board. To cut back would have given the site a weird outlook and it was something I briefly contemplated.

Q5 If you knew something interesting regarding Hot Rod racing that wasn't online, would you?

65% Share that information with WJS / 24% No opinion / 9% Not share with any websites / 2% Share with another site

I thought of this question to gauge the appetite of those willing to help out WJS. I do a lot of this site myself, supplied photographs are becoming more common yet I’m the one that endeavours to string a sentence together. I’ve made several attempts at contacting promoters and you wouldn’t believe their failures, one even commented “we do not run Hot Rods” when I know they have several classes of Hot Rods. With that lack of desire from the promoters to provide content (which may be fuelled by my attitude to writing as noted in questions 2 and 3) I have to look down other avenues. I hope that some fans do step up to the plate and help out – any snippets of information are appreciated.

Q6 How often do you visit the WJS?

4.4 times per month, this equates to once a week. I do have stats produced for the site but they are broken down into new and returning visitors so it’s difficult to measure this – I’m reasonably pleasured with that score.

Q7 What is your favourite type of meeting?

44% All Hot Rod formulas / 40% Hot Rods and Stock Cars on the same fixture / 9% Bangers, Stock Cars and Hot Rods on the same fixture / 5% Hot Rods and Bangers on the same fixture / 2% No opinion

This question was really to get a flavour for the thought behaviour of Hot Rods fans, nobody responded with ‘no Hot Rod formulas’ that I suspect would have been ticked several times if more banger fans had filled in this survey.

It is obvious this survey is bias in terms of the audience that participated towards Hot Rod racing but those people don’t seem to have much time for Bangers, a formula that over the last few years has been criticised for being ‘roddy’. Considering how quick fans disperse after a Banger race I would confidentially say Banger fans don’t like Hot Rods. If I can work that out why can’t the promoters?

Let’s look at the National Hot Rod fixtures in England, there are 16 meetings. Of those, eight of them contain Bangers, three of them have the Classic Hot Rods alongside yet there’s just one meeting with 2L Hot Rods and National Hot Rods – that being the Spedeweekend. The 2L Hot Rods are the ‘stepping stone’ to National Hot Rods and make perfect sense to race at the same meeting.

The final section was for any other comment and one person echoed my thoughts on Bangers and Hot Rods at the same fixture. “National Hot Rods should never be racing alongside Bangers especially at Spedeweekend. The amount of debris that can cause damage to the rods is atrocious”.

There’s was plenty of upbeat messages in this section and it be would slightly monotonous to list them all but the stand-out ones for me were “sites like WJS are the back-bone of motorsport” or “great site, use it more than any other”. I thank all those that filled in the survey for the supportive words and guidance in keeping this site on the straight and narrow.

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