Classic Hot Rod Drivers

Driver Series Driver Series
2 Colin Chambers England 166 David Stevens England
4 Karl Jones England 175 Andy O'Donnell Ireland
5 Dave Polley England 195 Adrian Boyle Ireland
8 Darren Owen England 198 Andy Steward England
10 Podge McQuiad Ireland 210 Hughie Weaver England
12 Trevor Harris England 222 Trevor Forrester England
19 Anthony Morgan Ireland 222 Shane Taylor England
20 Dave Fry England 232 Brett Sneddon England
21 Scott Chambers England 236 Ryan Polley England
24 Roger Wright England 247 Graham McCabe England
25 Trevor Cusack Ireland 257 Andrew Willis England
31 Stephen Gooding England 265 Ray Harding England
43 Damien Corrigan Ireland 271 Jamie Johnson England
44 Kara Boyd England 333 Lee Wood England
45 Craig Boyd England 362 Austin Fitzgerald Ireland
58 Steve Lumley England 419 Dave Murphy England
72 Gary Goodswen England 445 Graham Boyd England
84 John McFarlane England 671 Alan Leonard Ireland
88 David Owen England 721 Steve Kite England
91 Tick Steward England 777 Jackie Harris Ireland
100 Kevin Feeney Ireland 911 Harry Steward England
101 John Bowring England 924 Stuart Wright England
121 Charlie Schembri England 925 Gary O'Neill Ireland
144 Tim Foxlow England 937 Kenny Wilson Ireland
156 Gerry Rothwell Ireland 966 Thomas Dilly Ireland
159 Mick Caton England 976 Clive Richardson Ireland
162 Keith Chesher England 981 Jeff Richardson Ireland
164 Simon Wood England

This list is based upon the Classic Hot Rod drivers who have competed in 2016 and the country they raced in.

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