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Continuous list of drivers that have appeared in a Hot Rod during a 50 year span. Across all types of formulas, some drivers may appear several times in this list as they have changed formulas and raced under different numbers. National Hot Rods before 1986 are named as Hot Rods (pre NHRPA), as Hot Rods have become a generic type. Those listed under Hot Rods fall into a mass that raced at Barford, Bovingdon, Buxton, Highwood, Peterborough, Ringwood, Rolling Thunder, SEGTO and Worthing.

The Spedeworth 2L Hot Rods developed from the 1600 Hot Rod class and both rules ran in tandem during 1997, any 2L Hot Rods without an affix (eg PRI, GMP) will be those that raced to the Spedeworth specification.

00 Martin Morris Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
00 Spence Morgan Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
00 Martin Morris Super Rods
007 Ian Bruce Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
007 Kerry Moore Rookie Rods
01 Boella Betha 2L Hot Rods
01 Jamie Pfeifer Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
01 P Glover Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
01 David Oates National Hot Rods
01 Mark Fry Stock Rods
02 Nick Wells Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
02 David Bill Super Rods
03 L Field Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
03 Mannie Bindles Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
04 Ken Hughes Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
04 Norman Humphreys Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
04 Wilson Hamilton Super Rods
05 Dave Bateman Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
05 Carlos Perez National Hot Rods
05 Ray Gibbs Stock Rods
06 A Reader Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
06 Mick Phillips Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
06 Mick Reece Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
07 J Rickaby Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
07 Mark Jones Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
07 Ian Bruce National Hot Rods
07 Mark Jones National Hot Rods
07 Martyn Ginger Super Rods
07 Richard Chilton Super Rods
08 J Langston Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
08 Chris Griggs National Hot Rods
08 Mick Phillips Super Rods
09 A C Law Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
09 Danny Brosnan National Hot Rods
1 Johan Krynauw 2L Hot Rods
1 Johnny Van Rensburg 2L Hot Rods
1 Gary Lee Group A Hot Rods
1 Jim Hazelgrove Hot Rods
1 Leyland Marson Hot Rods
1 Micky Thomas Hot Rods
1 Carl Erik Kristensen Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
1 Koos Ke Kemoer Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
1 Peter Freestone Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
1 Steen Mikkelsen Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
1 Wolfgang Vohs Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
1 Darren Ahern Lightning Rods
1 Leyland Marson Lightning Rods
1 George Polley National Hot Rods
1 Paul Thomas National Hot Rods
1 Roy Eaton National Hot Rods
1 Rudi Myburgh National Hot Rods
1 Stewart Morton National Hot Rods
1 Wolfgang Vohs National Hot Rods
1 Rhys Francis Prod A
1 Gavin Ray Rookie Rods
1 John Henebery Stock Rods
1 Mark Loveland Super Rods
1 Paul Thomas Super Rods
1 Steven Dance Super Rods
2 Deane Wood 1600 Hot Rods
2 Tom Hirst 1600 Hot Rods
2 David Oates 2L Hot Rods
2 Deane Wood 2L Hot Rods
2 Frans Joubert 2L Hot Rods
2 Jim Paterson 2L Hot Rods (GMP)
2 John Huckle Anglia Hot Rods
2 Andy Collins Classic Hot Rods
2 Paul Darrington Formula 1400
2 Darren Read Group A Hot Rods
2 Les Clare Group A Hot Rods
2 Michael Nicholls Group A Hot Rods
2 Alan Blundon Hot Rods
2 Arnold Larsen Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
2 H Remie Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
2 Martin Pretourious Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
2 Palle Christiansen Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
2 Paul Heymans Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
2 Mick Brassey Lightning Rods
2 Derek Warwick National Hot Rods
2 Hoss Parry National Hot Rods
2 Ken Marriot National Hot Rods
2 Lee Paterson National Hot Rods
2 Nick Wells National Hot Rods
2 Peter White National Hot Rods
2 Malcolm Harding Outlaws
2 Fred Drayner RDC Hot Rods
2 Paul Shelton Rookie Rods
2 Shaun Hunt Rookie Rods
2 Andrew Fleckner Standard Rods
2 David Baker Stock Rods
2 John Damen Stock Rods
2 Keith Rolph Stock Rods
2 Paul Darrington Stock Rods
2 Paul Shelton Stock Rods
2 Steven Lavender Stock Rods
2 David Bill Super Rods
2 George Polley Super Rods
2 Kevin Hunt Super Rods
3 Micky Codling 1600 Hot Rods
3 Ron Harris jnr 1600 Hot Rods
3 Andre Larsson 2L Hot Rods
3 Micky Codling 2L Hot Rods
3 Rob Singleton 2L Hot Rods
3 Vic Hope 2L Hot Rods
3 Dave Hitchen 2L Hot Rods (PRI)
3 Bryan Hinckley Anglia Hot Rods
3 Graham Luscomebe Auto Rods
3 Garry Whitcombe Classic Hot Rods
3 Tex Browning Economy Rods
3 Keith Perren Group A Hot Rods
3 Ray Smith Group A Hot Rods
3 Terry Skeef Group A Hot Rods
3 Alan Tyler Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
3 Carl Erik Kristensen Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
3 Derek Jackson Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
3 Happy Steenkamp Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
3 Lauft Wittrup Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
3 Leon Smith Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
3 Mannie Bindles Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
3 Dean Smith Lightning Rods
3 Karl Bowker Lightning Rods
3 Mike Adams Mini Rods
3 Jeff Simpson National Hot Rods
3 Johan Cronje National Hot Rods
3 Jos Kupyers National Hot Rods
3 Paul Conde National Hot Rods
3 Richard Spavins National Hot Rods
3 Steve Dudman National Hot Rods
3 Dave Hitchen Outlaws
3 Nick Goff Rookie Rods
3 Pietro Lanni Rookie Rods
3 Shaun Thouless Rookie Rods
3 Craig Middlemiss Stock Rods
3 Danny Van Looy Stock Rods
3 John Megicks Stock Rods
3 Mark Hall Stock Rods
3 Micky McFall Stock Rods
3 Ron Harris Jnr Stock Rods
3 Tristan Jackson Stock Rods
3 David Hill Super Rods
3 Paul Conde Super Rods
4 Bill Smith 1600 Hot Rods
4 Steve Routh 1600 Hot Rods
4 Paul Brown 2L Hot Rods
4 Tony Woodroffe 2L Hot Rods (PRI)
4 Barry Brudenell Economy Rods
4 David Hopper Group A Hot Rods
4 Dom Tomlinson Group A Hot Rods
4 Paul Smith Group A Hot Rods
4 Simon Kitchen Group A Hot Rods
4 Steve Morgan Group A Hot Rods
4 Arno Groffen Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
4 G Metchley Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
4 Graham Ritchie Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
4 Johan Coetzee Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
4 Les Kay Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
4 Neil Facey Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
4 Peter Ruse Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
4 Poul Petersen Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
4 Steen Gudmandsen Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
4 Kevin Clarke Lightning Rods
4 Paul Barry Lightning Rods
4 Kevin Clarke National Hot Rods
4 Kevin Shudall National Hot Rods
4 Neil Facey National Hot Rods
4 Stan Franken National Hot Rods
4 Kevin Shudall Outlaws
4 Richard Smith Outlaws
4 Jon Rainer Rookie Rods
4 Nigel Pears Standard Rods
4 Andy Price Stock Rods
4 Leon Bekkers Stock Rods
4 Matt Ovenden Stock Rods
4 Robert Loke Stock Rods
4 Brian Conde Super Rods
4 David Oates Super Rods
4 Karl Jones Super Rods
4 Pete Carter Super Rods
5 Jason Dell 1600 Hot Rods
5 Tony Chambers 1600 Hot Rods
5 Gee Warner 2L Hot Rods
5 John McCabe 2L Hot Rods
5 Steve Hilton 2L Hot Rods
5 Roy Rawlins 2L Hot Rods (PRI)
5 Ryan Tharby Economy Rods
5 Jim Richards Group A Hot Rods
5 Carl Erik Kristensen Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
5 Erling Larsen Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
5 J Aschmann Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
5 Leslie Dallas Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
5 Soren Meder Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
5 Keith Handsaker Lightning Rods
5 Adrian Mills National Hot Rods
5 John Close National Hot Rods
5 Paul Harris National Hot Rods
5 Rob Glenister National Hot Rods
5 Roy Rawlins Outlaws
5 Barry Boakes RDC Hot Rods
5 Malcolm Burton Rookie Rods
5 Mark Hunt Rookie Rods
5 Terry Sewell Standard Rods
5 Chris Anderson Stock Rods
5 Graham Booty Stock Rods
5 Keith Piper Stock Rods
5 Terry Wheeler Stock Rods
5 Andy Tidmarsh Super Rods
5 Bill Marsh Super Rods
5 Larry Dewsberry Super Rods
5 Mark Vanner Super Rods
5 Steve Nicholson Super Rods
6 Chris Ludlow 1600 Hot Rods
6 David Clark 1600 Hot Rods
6 Alan Blunden 2L Hot Rods
6 Geoff Snelgrove 2L Hot Rods
6 Graham Fulker 2L Hot Rods
6 Tony Allard 2L Hot Rods (PRI)
6 Steve Stansfield Economy Rods
6 Dean White Group A Hot Rods
6 John Megicks Group A Hot Rods
6 Mark West Group A Hot Rods
6 Arnold Larson Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
6 Derek Green Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
6 Graham Holmes Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
6 Poul Martin Iversen Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
6 V Medardo Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
6 John Grady Lightning Rods
6 John Bunce Mini Rods
6 Graham Holmes National Hot Rods
6 John Holtby National Hot Rods
6 John Van De Bosch National Hot Rods
6 Mick Phillips National Hot Rods
6 Steve Dance National Hot Rods
6 Tony Allard National Hot Rods
6 Steve Stansfield Outlaws
6 Tony Allard Outlaws
6 Henry Goodchild Rookie Rods
6 Paul Hoey Rookie Rods
6 Sean Raffaelli Standard Rods
6 Geoff Snelgrove Stock Rods
6 Ian Hodge Stock Rods
6 Jeremy Brown Stock Rods
6 Sophie Bunoz Stock Rods
6 Mark Hollis Super Rods
6 Mark Hollox Super Rods
6 Nick Farrer Super Rods
6 Rod Smith Super Rods
7 Ber Wilems 1600 Hot Rods
7 Bruce Wilcox 1600 Hot Rods
7 John Smith 1600 Hot Rods
7 Steve Czerenyecz 1600 Hot Rods
7 Collin Moss 2L Hot Rods
7 Steve Noble 2L Hot Rods
7 Ian McGuigan 2L Hot Rods (GMP)
7 Jim Lazarus 2L Hot Rods (PRI)
7 Doug Tarr Auto Rods
7 Monty Montgomery Economy Rods
7 Trevor Stimson Formula 1400
7 Glenn Salmon Group A Hot Rods
7 Mick Gola Group A Hot Rods
7 Terry Lucas Group A Hot Rods
7 Lee Clark Hot Fords
7 Ian Yule Hot Rods
7 Lee Fowler Hot Rods
7 Mick Latham Hot Rods
7 Bart Van Ostaden Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
7 Brian McGinley Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
7 Brian Vawer Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
7 John Carding Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
7 Jon Brookes Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
7 Micky Rademan Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
7 Dave Jacques Lightning Rods
7 Greg Wood National Hot Rods
7 John Carding National Hot Rods
7 Julian Scott National Hot Rods
7 Paul Crawford National Hot Rods
7 Terry Pullen National Hot Rods
7 Glen Rossiter Outlaws
7 Julian Scott Outlaws
7 Chris Reeve RDC Super Rods
7 Jamie King Rookie Rods
7 Mark Hunt Rookie Rods
7 Dave Gubbins Saloon Rods FWD
7 Richard Kisbee Standard Rods
7 Andy Grant Stock Rods
7 David Burton Stock Rods
7 Gerad Donders Stock Rods
7 John Smith Stock Rods
7 Kelvin Copsey Stock Rods
7 Mark Leary Stock Rods
7 Mervyn Morrow Stock Rods
7 Nigel Clark Stock Rods
7 Peter Cooper Stock Rods
7 Vince Rose Stock Rods
7 Dean Davies Super Rods
7 Gordon Lauder Super Rods
7 Paul Bullard Super Rods
7 Paul Rankin Super Rods
7 Ralph Stratton Super Rods
8 Stephen Marden 1600 Hot Rods
8 Steve Tandy 1600 Hot Rods
8 Stuart Watson 1600 Hot Rods
8 Tony Arnold 1600 Hot Rods
8 Andy Hopper 2L Hot Rods
8 Damon Wellman 2L Hot Rods
8 Mark Scarlett 2L Hot Rods
8 Tony Arnold 2L Hot Rods
8 Sean Parkinson 2L Hot Rods (Barford)
8 Stu Hammond 2L Hot Rods (PRI)
8 Martyn Broome Anglia Hot Rods
8 Darren Owen Classic Hot Rods
8 Brian Spooner Economy Rods
8 Dave Nail Group A Hot Rods
8 Gary Barlow Group A Hot Rods
8 Lee Fishwick Group A Hot Rods
8 Rob West Group A Hot Rods
8 Terry Skeef Group A Hot Rods
8 Matthew Moor Hot Fords
8 Alan Tinsley Hot Rods
8 Martin Hammond Hot Rods
8 B Laursen Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
8 James McGaughey Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
8 Paul Grimer Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
8 Roger Tanner Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
8 Darren Owen Lightning Rods
8 Brian Ayres Mini Rods
8 Martin Hammond National Hot Rods
8 Mick Phillips National Hot Rods
8 Paul Grimer National Hot Rods
8 Stu Hammond National Hot Rods
8 Tam Rutherford National Hot Rods
8 Stu Hammond Outlaws
8 Griff Sarjeant RDC Hot Rods
8 Terry Gray Rookie Rods
8 Henry Urban Standard Rods
8 Damon Wellman Stock Rods
8 Eric Morrison Stock Rods
8 Frederick Van De Linden Stock Rods
8 John O'Donovan Stock Rods
8 Stuart Bibby Stock Rods
8 Anton Rogers Super Rods
8 Barry Goddard Super Rods
8 Keith Saunders Super Rods
8 Mark Wilkinson Super Rods
9 Paul Mandry 1600 Hot Rods
9 Richard Russell 1600 Hot Rods
9 Ron Harris 1600 Hot Rods
9 Robert Raymond 2L Hot Rods
9 Gary Lyons 2L Hot Rods (PRI)
9 Graham Sillifant Auto Rods
9 Danny Brosnan Classic Hot Rods
9 Wayne Leedell Formula 1400
9 Ian Sturt Group A Hot Rods
9 Paul Petty Group A Hot Rods
9 Vic Hope Group A Hot Rods
9 Wayne Ward Hot Rods
9 Brian Leckie Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
9 Brian Pedley Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
9 H Hill Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
9 Dave Evans Lightning Rods
9 Ian Atkinson Lightning Rods
9 Glenn Bell National Hot Rods
9 John Morris National Hot Rods
9 Roger Marsh National Hot Rods
9 Willie Olivier National Hot Rods
9 Wim Peeters National Hot Rods
9 Fred Jaycocks Outlaws
9 Gary Lyons Outlaws
9 Darren Wolf Rookie Rods
9 Paul Woolaston Rookie Rods
9 Gary Fitch Stock Rods
9 Glenn Bell Stock Rods
9 Neil Gillatt Stock Rods
9 Wayne Pettigrew Stock Rods
9 Guy Hazell Super Rods
9 Pete Winstone Super Rods
9 Wayne Ward Super Rods
10 Bill Pennycook 1600 Hot Rods
10 Keith McCelland 1600 Hot Rods
10 Sam Holland 2L Hot Rods
10 Shaun Proudlock 2L Hot Rods
10 Simon Smith 2L Hot Rods (PRI)
10 Bob Barnard Anglia Hot Rods
10 John Dave Auto Rods
10 Paul Bowring Classic Hot Rods
10 Colin Drummond Economy Rods
10 Chris Whiteman Group A Hot Rods
10 Nicky Parris Group A Hot Rods
10 Richard Rigby Hot Rods
10 Alfred Wolfe Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
10 Anton Alberts Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
10 Arnold Larsen Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
10 Paul Van Den Broek Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
10 R Francey Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
10 Tony Morris Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
10 Dean Simpkins Lightning Rods
10 Dave Criag Mini Rods
10 Fabio Luffarelli National Hot Rods
10 Helmut Laumen National Hot Rods
10 Simon Smith National Hot Rods
10 Simon Smith Outlaws
10 Paul Bunting RDC Super Rods
10 Philip Moore Rookie Rods
10 Simon Piggin Rookie Rods
10 Andrew Ellis Stock Rods
10 Dave Templeman Stock Rods
10 Kevin Brand Stock Rods
10 Kevin Plane Stock Rods
10 Norman Hills Stock Rods
10 Terry Kirk Stock Rods
10 Todd Bunoz Stock Rods
10 Dave Holmes Super Rods
10 Len Harvey Super Rods
10 Terry Kirk Super Rods
11 Mark Wood 1600 FWD Hot Rods
11 Eugene Farrell 1600 Hot Rods
11 Paul Bowring 1600 Hot Rods
11 Graham Webster 2L Hot Rods
11 Michael Freeman 2L Hot Rods
11 Guy Chopping Group A Hot Rods
11 Paul Smith Group A Hot Rods
11 Wayne Greenwood Hot Fords
11 Adam Rigby Hot Rods
11 Graham Rainsbury Hot Rods
11 Mick Fairbrother Hot Rods
11 Pete Bateman Hot Rods
11 Shaun Jacklin Hot Rods
11 Adrian Whittaker Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
11 Ben Bosveld Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
11 Carl Erik Kristensen Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
11 R Sanders Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
11 Darron Lewis Lightning Rods
11 Philip Howe Lightning Rods
11 Rob Choules Mini Rods
11 Adrian Whittaker National Hot Rods
11 Clayton King National Hot Rods
11 Ronnie McKenzie National Hot Rods
11 Sam Topley RDC Hot Rods
11 Danny Barnard Rookie Rods
11 Dave Mansfield Rookie Rods
11 Mark Birkbeck Rookie Rods
11 Nathan Freeman Rookie Rods
11 Shaun Jackline Rookie Rods
11 Andy Ross Standard Rods
11 Barry White Stock Rods
11 Kevin Welch Stock Rods
11 Stuart Warby Stock Rods
11 Anthony Walker Super Rods
11 Antonio Mezullo Super Rods
11 Rudy Graaumans Super Rods
11 Shaun Jacklin Super Rods
12 Alan Lane 1600 Hot Rods
12 Chas Farrer 1600 Hot Rods
12 Colin Cardwell 1600 Hot Rods
12 Frank Sol 1600 Hot Rods
12 Larry Arnold 2L Hot Rods
12 Ray Blake Anglia Hot Rods
12 Mark Johns Auto Rods
12 Guy Chopping Economy Rods
12 Garry Sparkes F1 V8 Hot Rods
12 Mark Cook Group A Hot Rods
12 Neil Reeve Group A Hot Rods
12 Neil Reeve Hot Rods
12 0 Hot Rods
12 Butch Murton Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
12 Graham Hill Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
12 Larry Whetton Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
12 Lauft Wittrup Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
12 Ray Sellars Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
12 Richard Lingard Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
12 Ian Froggatt Lightning Rods
12 John Gater Lightning Rods
12 Rich Lingard National Hot Rods
12 Tony Gayle National Hot Rods
12 Mark Cook Outlaws
12 Neil Reeve Outlaws
12 Simon Warner RDC Hot Rods
12 Kev Hickey RDC Super Rods
12 Daniel Kennedy Rookie Rods
12 Paul Church Rookie Rods
12 Ben Dawson Stock Rods
12 David Simmons Stock Rods
12 Jim Bamford Stock Rods
12 Neil Bonnet Stock Rods
12 Robert Purdue Stock Rods
12 Stewart Place Stock Rods
12 Dave Sparkes Super Rods
12 Garry Sparkes Super Rods
12 Rob Tinto Super Rods
12 Ses Gootzes Super Rods
13 Graham White 1600 Hot Rods
13 Kevin Pitts 1600 Hot Rods
13 Glen McDowell 2L Hot Rods
13 Jason Winning 2L Hot Rods
13 Tony Allard 2L Hot Rods
13 Matthew Becker Formula 1400
13 Ben Cooper Group A Hot Rods
13 Dougie Knight Group A Hot Rods
13 Steve Wright Group A Hot Rods
13 Peter Bache Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
13 Trevor Titchmarsh Lightning Rods
13 Graham White National Hot Rods
13 Danny Barnard Rookie Rods
13 Elaine Mansfield Rookie Rods
13 George Martin Rookie Rods
13 Benji Hall Stock Rods
13 David Hawkes Stock Rods
13 David Hawkes Stock Rods
13 Graham White Stock Rods
13 Matthew Becker Stock Rods
13 Michael Wilkins Super Rods
14 Ian Barwick 1600 Hot Rods
14 Phil Baynes 1600 Hot Rods
14 Phil Spinks 1600 Hot Rods
14 Phil Spinks 2L Hot Rods
14 Tony Anderson 2L Hot Rods
14 Chris Goldsmith Group A Hot Rods
14 Darren Read Group A Hot Rods
14 Lee Rogers Group A Hot Rods
14 Mick Gola Group A Hot Rods
14 Colin Facey Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
14 Jeff Craythorn Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
14 Mick Fairweather Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
14 Ian Gibbins Lightning Rods
14 Nick Farrer Lightning Rods
14 James Nash Mini Rods
14 Andy Carlin National Hot Rods
14 Mike Stratton National Hot Rods
14 Neil Hamilton National Hot Rods
14 Phil Spinks National Hot Rods
14 Dave Madge Prod B
14 Frank Gough RDC Super Rods
14 Martin Flecknell Rookie Rods
14 Tony Taylor Rookie Rods
14 Ian Thomson Special Rods
14 Mark Crook Standard Rods
14 Andre Knaeps Stock Rods
14 Carl Boardley Stock Rods
14 Daniel Rea Stock Rods
14 Garry Lusher Stock Rods
14 Ian Gibbins Stock Rods
14 Phil Sandy Stock Rods
14 Stephen Kerry Stock Rods
14 Terry Neill Stock Rods
14 Mark Tiller Super Rods
14 Martyn Ginger Super Rods
14 Richard Harley Super Rods
15 Alan Burksfield 1600 Hot Rods
15 Ian Sutton 2L Hot Rods
15 Andrew Armiger 2L Hot Rods (PRI)
15 Pete Palmer Anglia Hot Rods
15 Mick Walker Formula 1400
15 Andrew Armiger Group A Hot Rods
15 Joe Simmons Group A Hot Rods
15 Russ Read Group A Hot Rods
15 Vince Wheeler Group A Hot Rods
15 Dave McMahon Hot Rods
15 Neil Hayward Hot Rods
15 Dave Keay Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
15 Geoff Cowley Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
15 Daniel McGing Lightning Rods
15 Tony Corcoran Lightning Rods
15 Paul Humphreys Mini Rods
15 Andrew Armiger National Hot Rods
15 Dave Keay National Hot Rods
15 Mick Cave Outlaws
15 Tom Hall Prod A
15 Carl Alexander RDC Hot Rods
15 Neil Dodson Rookie Rods
15 Tony Clements Special Rods
15 Mick Walker Standard Rods
15 Edward Russell jnr Stock Rods
15 Vince Sharp Stock Rods
15 Adrian Reason Super Rods
15 Alan Tarn Super Rods
16 Perry Clack 1600 Hot Rods
16 Rob Newbon 1600 Hot Rods
16 Rob Newbon 2L Hot Rods
16 John Murphy Auto Rods
16 Mark Nichols Group A Hot Rods
16 Paul Gola Group A Hot Rods
16 Ray Layton Group A Hot Rods
16 Nickolas Ross Hot Fords
16 Dick Armiger Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
16 Karli Heuhsen Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
16 Nick Bethal Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
16 Pierre Lourens Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
16 Steven Dance Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
16 Steve Whitehouse Lightning Rods
16 Brian McGrath National Hot Rods
16 Cop Cuppers National Hot Rods
16 Gary Black National Hot Rods
16 Paul Uden National Hot Rods
16 Daniel Baldock Rookie Rods
16 Gary Everett Rookie Rods
16 Dean White Stock Rods
16 Jack Timmermans Stock Rods
16 Marc Crome Stock Rods
16 Paul Woodbridge Stock Rods
16 Bill Smith Super Rods
16 Martin Grinnell Super Rods
16 Steve Dance Super Rods
17 Roy Eaton 1600 Hot Rods
17 Tony Smith 1600 Hot Rods
17 Tim Moody 2L Hot Rods
17 Phil Barlow 2L Hot Rods (PRI)
17 Andrew Pearce Auto Rods
17 Peter Robinson Economy Rods
17 Roy Eaton F1 V8 Hot Rods
17 Dom Tomlinson Group A Hot Rods
17 Joe Weal Group A Hot Rods
17 Rob Tomlinson Group A Hot Rods
17 Bob West Hot Rods
17 B Mears Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
17 Paul Bailey Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
17 Alan Evans Lightning Rods
17 Nigel Steward National Hot Rods
17 Rob Kerkhoven National Hot Rods
17 Tim Moody National Hot Rods
17 Toon Klein National Hot Rods
17 Willie Walker National Hot Rods
17 Jimmy Bryan Outlaws
17 Bob West Prod B
17 John Lingham RDC Super Rods
17 David Burton Rookie Rods
17 Luke Parfitt Rookie Rods
17 Luke Parker Rookie Rods
17 Michael Benstead Standard Rods
17 Caroline Grace Stock Rods
17 Colin Goldsmith Stock Rods
17 Glenn Webster Stock Rods
17 Paul Donders Stock Rods
17 Rob McDonald Stock Rods
17 Stephen McCready Stock Rods
17 Tim Moody Stock Rods
17 Michael Benstead Stock Rods (Formula 1400)
17 Mark Walter Super Rods
17 Michael Dance Super Rods
17 Stuart Gilbert Super Rods
18 Anton Van Der Linde 1600 Hot Rods
18 Paul Burksfield 1600 Hot Rods
18 Malcolm Payne 2L Hot Rods
18 Dave Nail 2L Hot Rods (PRI)
18 Ivor Allen Auto Rods
18 Chris Selleck Classic Hot Rods
18 Barry Hughes Group A Hot Rods
18 Brian Rayner Group A Hot Rods
18 Chris Smith Group A Hot Rods
18 Micky Thompson Group A Hot Rods
18 Don Humphrey Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
18 Fred Van De Linde Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
18 Jim Mensley Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
18 Jon Leavy Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
18 Krijn Van Beek Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
18 Paul Sheard Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
18 W Kay Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
18 0 Lightning Rods
18 Albert George Mini Rods
18 Mark Fennell National Hot Rods
18 Paul Sheard National Hot Rods
18 Tommy Field Outlaws
18 Andy Grieveson Rookie Rods
18 Malcolm Burton Rookie Rods
18 Matthew Crook Standard Rods
18 Philip Mace Standard Rods
18 Corne Van De Staak Stock Rods
18 Eric Morrison Stock Rods
18 Jon Leavy Stock Rods
18 Peter Gibbs Stock Rods
18 Simon Dilloway Stock Rods
18 Terry Meenehan Stock Rods
18 Les Marcham Super Rods
18 Mark Franklin Super Rods
19 Kevin Nevard 1600 Hot Rods
19 Mick Collard 2L Hot Rods
19 Jethro Harding Anglia Hot Rods
19 Glenn Hall Group A Hot Rods
19 Chris Bowes Hot Fords
19 Cor Timmermans Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
19 Mick Collard Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
19 Keith Lynam Lightning Rods
19 Richard Armiger Mini Rods
19 Keith Lynam National Hot Rods
19 Mick Collard National Hot Rods
19 Adrian Buckland Prod C
19 Chris Aldridge Rookie Rods
19 Shaun Wegg Rookie Rods
19 Tony Barnes Rookie Rods
19 Alan Matthews Stock Rods
19 Chris Robben Stock Rods
19 Colin Newson Stock Rods
19 Darren Saunders Stock Rods
19 Jody Leedell Stock Rods
19 Mark Shinn Jnr Stock Rods
19 Mick Collard Stock Rods
19 Adrian Bennett Super Rods
20 Derek Hyland 1600 Hot Rods
20 John Smith 1600 Hot Rods
20 Terry Spooner 1600 Hot Rods
20 Dave Fry 2L Hot Rods (PRI)
20 Brian Lester Anglia Hot Rods
20 Joe Greensmith Auto Rods
20 Dave Fry Classic Hot Rods
20 Ben Marjoram Economy Rods
20 Chris Stone Group A Hot Rods
20 Geoff Phillips Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
20 Martin Tomlin Lightning Rods
20 Dave Fry National Hot Rods
20 Phil Naighton National Hot Rods
20 Stuart Banks National Hot Rods
20 Dave Fry Outlaws
20 Micky Dunn RDC Hot Rods
20 Jake Jackson Rookie Rods
20 Gareth Miles Saloon Rods FWD
20 Colin Kinch Stock Rods
20 Graham Jones Stock Rods
20 Ken Walsh Stock Rods
20 Lee Brown Stock Rods
20 Sean Osbourne Stock Rods
20 Chris Marlow Super Rods
20 Darren Jeynes Super Rods
20 Mike Davis Super Rods

21 - 50

2 Ken Marriot 3 Micky McFall
4 Nigel McCauley 4 Gage Ford
4 Martin Dalzell 5 Eric Walker
6 Graham Fulker 6 Graham Fulker
7 Paul Rankin 7 Glen Rossiter
07 Martyn Ginger 7 Collin Moss
7 Collin Moss 7 Tony Bates
8 Stu Hammond 8 Daz Owen
8 Daz Owen 8 Daz Owen
8 Damon Wellman 9 Glenn Bell
9 Glenn Bell 9 Glenn Bell
9 Wayne Ward 9 Jason Norris
9 Danny Brosnan 10 Simon Smith
10 Fabio Luffarelli 11 Shaun Jacklin
12 Rob Tinto 12 Frank Sol
12 Mark Cook 12 Mark Cook
12 Trevor Harris 13 Rich Ayling
13 Glen McDowell 13
14 Frank Gough 14 Phil Spinks
15 Andrew Armiger 16 Gary Black
17 Holger Daum 17 Kenny Purdie
18 Mark Fennell 18 Paul Sheard
18 Ben Taylor 19 Mick Collard
19 Mick Collard 19 Adrian Bennett
19 Adrian Bennett 20 Dave Fry
20 Dave Fry

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