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Continuous list of drivers that have appeared in a Hot Rod during a 50 year span. Across all types of formulas, some drivers may appear several times in this list as they have changed formulas and raced under different numbers. National Hot Rods before 1986 are named as Hot Rods (pre NHRPA), as Hot Rods have become a generic type. Those listed under Hot Rods fall into a mass that raced at Barford, Bovingdon, Buxton, Highwood, Peterborough, Ringwood, Rolling Thunder, SEGTO and Worthing.

The Spedeworth 2L Hot Rods developed from the 1600 Hot Rod class and both rules ran in tandem during 1997, any 2L Hot Rods without an affix (eg PRI, GMP) will be those that raced to the Spedeworth specification.

501 Lloyd Welham Lightning Rods
501 Matthew Baldwin Stock Rods
501 Paul Feeney Stock Rods
501 Simon Hassan Stock Rods
501 Lloyd Welham Super Rods
502 Mo Penfold Saloon Rods FWD
502 Steven Drayton Special Rods
502 Keith Hassan Stock Rods
503 Chris Harvey 2L Hot Rods
503 Ben Murray Lightning Rods
503 Chris Harvey National Hot Rods
503 Chris Harvey Stock Rods
504 T Selby Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
504 Mark Lawrence Stock Rods
504 Robert Turner Stock Rods
504 Simon Hassan Stock Rods
505 Billy Wood Lightning Rods
505 Stephen Spink Lightning Rods
505 John Engledow National Hot Rods
505 Paul Mulcock Special Rods
505 Aidan Richardson Stock Rods
505 Dave Edwards Stock Rods
506 Gary Clarke Rookie Rods
506 Lee Woolgar Rookie Rods
506 Chris Dumbrill Stock Rods
507 Andy Marlow Stock Rods
508 Vince Wolf Stock Rods
511 Keith Miller Lightning Rods
511 Matt Goldswain Prod A
512 Tony Leveridge Economy Rods
512 Gavin Ray Rookie Rods
513 Dave Rice Economy Rods
513 Ian Dowrick Hot Rods
513 Gavin Ray Rookie Rods
514 Gary Martin Formula 1400
514 Jamie Blackman Rookie Rods
514 Gavin Pike Stock Rods
515 Chris Rice Formula 1400
515 Darren Ahern Lightning Rods
515 Sam Anderson Rookie Rods
515 Daphne Faulkner Stock Rods
516 Simon Cooper Classic Hot Rods
516 Barry Goodman Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
516 Tony Bates Lightning Rods
518 Jim Harper Lightning Rods
519 Colin Teager Lightning Rods
519 Luke Armiger National Hot Rods
519 Luke Armiger Outlaws
519 Ian Kelly Stock Rods
520 Derek Caton Lightning Rods
520 Neil Wilde Prod C
520 Mark Van De Kerhoven Stock Rods
522 Mark Lisowski Hot Rods
522 Nobby King Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
522 Mark Lisowski National Hot Rods
523 Kenny Cooke Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
523 Kenny Cooke National Hot Rods
524 Mel Cooke National Hot Rods
524 Mel Cooke Stock Rods
525 Roger Homer Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
525 Nigel Trench Lightning Rods
526 Dave Olding Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
526 Ryan Cannell Rookie Rods
527 John Martin Stock Rods
527 Stan Parish Stock Rods
529 Ivan Davey Stock Rods
529 Keith Conlon Stock Rods
530 Biffo Sweeney Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
530 Bob Wilmer Lightning Rods
531 Mark Poole Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
531 Stephen Hall Lightning Rods
534 Tom Stoodley Hot Rods
534 Keith Tibbs Stock Rods
535 Matthew Cooke Rookie Rods
536 Ray Codling Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
537 Shane Schofield Lightning Rods
537 Billy Clarke Rookie Rods
538 Mick Burrage Stock Rods
539 Kevin Swann Lightning Rods
539 Rick Pannell Lightning Rods
539 Kevin Swann Stock Rods
541 Barry Wade Lightning Rods
541 Harry Skoyles Lightning Rods
541 Darren Le Grice Rookie Rods
542 David Clark Lightning Rods
543 Lindsay Steege 1600 FWD Hot Rods
543 Tommy Miller 2L Hot Rods
543 Shaun Copland Lightning Rods
544 Brian Hawes 1600 Hot Rods
544 Brian Hawes 2L Hot Rods
544 Dave Richardson Lightning Rods
545 Kevin Rogers Lightning Rods
546 Mark Butler Stock Rods
547 Ted Handford Stock Rods
548 Adrian Matthews Lightning Rods
549 Des Newell 1600 Hot Rods
549 Desmond Newell Stock Rods
549 Terry Newell Stock Rods
550 Robert Hannant Stock Rods
551 Steve Crew Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
552 John Sole Stock Rods
553 Colin Keyton Lightning Rods
553 David Ford Stock Rods
555 John Close Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
555 Roger Tuckwell Lightning Rods
555 Gavin Taber National Hot Rods
555 John Close National Hot Rods
555 Roy Rawlins National Hot Rods
555 David La Rivier Special Rods
555 Lee Close Stock Rods
555 Martin Cornell Stock Rods
556 Kevin Swann Formula 1400
556 Max Cawthorn Stock Rods
557 Brett Tillow Lightning Rods
557 Dave Wickens Stock Rods
557 Raymond Harper Stock Rods
558 Brian Morrell Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
558 Ray Brammar Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
558 Nigel Faux Stock Rods
560 Frank West National Hot Rods
560 Peter Coupland Standard Rods
560 Nigel Walker Stock Rods
561 Kevin Alexander National Hot Rods
561 Keith Wickens Rookie Rods
561 Kevin Alexander Stock Rods
562 Terry Sewell Lightning Rods
563 Micky Hall Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
563 Mark Sewell Lightning Rods
565 Daniel Smith 2L Hot Rods
565 Malcolm Foskitt Economy Rods
565 Daniel Smith Lightning Rods
565 Brian Smith Stock Rods
566 Marc Crome 2L Hot Rods
566 Micky Codling Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
566 Mike Barrett Stock Rods
567 Stuart Masters Special Rods
568 Jamie Crooks Rookie Rods
568 Mark Whiting Stock Rods
570 Graham Noyes 2L Hot Rods
570 Kim Carter Stock Rods
571 Johnny Friend Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
575 Ant Figer Saloon Rods FWD
575 Tony Anderson Stock Rods
576 Barry Kelleher Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
576 Pete Richardson Saloon Rods FWD
577 Craig Miller Stock Rods
578 Ben Wilkins Lightning Rods
578 John Bowles Stock Rods
578 Richard Lee Stock Rods
579 Daniel Harris Stock Rods
580 David Webb Stock Rods
580 Van Kaiser Stock Rods
581 Glyn Lambert Lightning Rods
582 Denny Green Stock Rods
584 Frederick Miller Hot Fords
586 Dave Braggins Stock Rods
586 Kevin Whitling Stock Rods
588 Brian Halliday Stock Rods
590 Robert Raymond Stock Rods
591 Lee Warren Lightning Rods
591 Paul Lofthouse National Hot Rods
591 Ian Hall Stock Rods
592 Chris Standen Stock Rods
594 Martin Page Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
594 Steve Jarvis Lightning Rods
594 Steve Jarvis Stock Rods
594 Martin Page Super Rods
598 Michael Kent Lightning Rods
598 Bob Tiller Stock Rods
599 John Hendy Jnr Classic Hot Rods
599 Keith Newman Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
599 Keith Newman National Hot Rods
599 John Hendy Jnr Rookie Rods
600 Robert Sore 2L Hot Rods
600 John Russell National Hot Rods
600 Phil Willmott Stock Rods
600 Robert Sore Stock Rods
600 Roy Sheridan Super Rods
601 David Newall National Hot Rods
601 David Newell Stock Rods
602 Fred Smith National Hot Rods
603 Alan Tyler Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
603 Jason Fowler National Hot Rods
604 Tony Allard National Hot Rods
605 Colin Reed National Hot Rods
605 Simon Smith National Hot Rods
606 Bryan Wright National Hot Rods
608 Ricky Wareham Rookie Rods
608 Ivan Barker Stock Rods
609 Ian Sorrell National Hot Rods
609 Keith Wareham Rookie Rods
610 Andrew Grout National Hot Rods
610 Alan Bettley Stock Rods
611 John Hill Prod A
612 Garry Sparkes 2L Hot Rods
612 Alan Stow National Hot Rods
613 Gary Broomfield National Hot Rods
613 Tim Barnes Stock Rods
614 Terri Forward Stock Rods
615 Chris Lehec 2L Hot Rods
615 Chris Lehec Hot Rods
615 Tony Smith National Hot Rods
615 Jim Lamont Stock Rods
617 James Gawley Rookie Rods
617 John Sandford Special Rods
618 Bob Ludlam National Hot Rods
619 unknown Hot Rods
619 Fred Kinsella Snr Lightning Rods
619 Alan Thorndyke National Hot Rods
619 Peter Strudwick Saloon Rods FWD
620 Ken Dorling Lightning Rods
620 Chris Stanford Saloon Rods RWD
621 Steve May National Hot Rods
623 Dan Smith Saloon Rods FWD
623 Pete Shacklady Stock Rods
624 Colin Morgan National Hot Rods
625 Andy Giles Stock Rods
625 Paul Martin Stock Rods
626 Paul Freeman 2L Hot Rods
626 Paul Freeman Rookie Rods
627 Terry Coke 1600 Hot Rods
627 Terry Coke Stock Rods
628 Colin Mills Rookie Rods
629 Howard Panell Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
629 Howard Panell National Hot Rods
629 John Sibbald National Hot Rods
630 Steve Cogger National Hot Rods
631 Ben Cooper National Hot Rods
631 Ronald Ferguson Stock Rods
632 John Harrison National Hot Rods
633 Robert Gamble Lightning Rods
633 Colin Brooks National Hot Rods
636 Gary Reeve Hot Rods
636 Lee Skoyles Lightning Rods
636 Glen Chandlet Rookie Rods
637 Warren Farazmand Lightning Rods
637 Jon Farazmand National Hot Rods
637 Warren Farazmand National Hot Rods
637 Warren Farazmand Outlaws
637 Malcolm Nancarrow Stock Rods
638 Thomas McCara Stock Rods
639 Ricky Hunn 1600 Hot Rods
639 Ricky Hunn National Hot Rods
639 Ricky Hunn Outlaws
639 Neil Gordon Stock Rods
640 Paul Cannon National Hot Rods
640 Steve May National Hot Rods
641 Willie Skoyles Jnr Lightning Rods
642 Tony Perry National Hot Rods
643 Chris Culley Stock Rods
643 Chris Culley Stock Rods
643 Peter Williams Stock Rods
643 Rob Frame Stock Rods
644 Rod Birley Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
644 0 Stock Rods
647 Alan Thorndyke National Hot Rods
647 Jonathon Lattka Stock Rods
648 Keith Dann Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
648 Keith Dann National Hot Rods
650 George Fitkin Rookie Rods
650 George Fitkin Stock Rods
650 Tracy Morrison Stock Rods
651 Del Rose National Hot Rods
652 Alan Fisher National Hot Rods
653 David Frame Stock Rods
655 Chris Whiteman National Hot Rods
657 Tony Paxman Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
657 Neal Smith National Hot Rods
657 Tony Paxman National Hot Rods
657 Paul Mainwaring Rookie Rods
657 Peter Langrish Stock Rods
657 Tony Lattka Stock Rods
658 Chris Lattka Stock Rods
662 Keith Chesher 2L Hot Rods (GMP)
662 Keith Chesher National Hot Rods
663 Gary Deal National Hot Rods
664 Stephen Smith Stock Rods
665 Dave Willis 1600 Hot Rods
665 Richard Clubley GT Hot Rods
665 Peter Marsh National Hot Rods
665 Lee Fisher Outlaws
666 Graham Fulker 2L Hot Rods
666 Andy Buttfield National Hot Rods
666 Craig Moore National Hot Rods
666 Keith Gibb National Hot Rods
666 Wayne Turner Prod A
666 Paul Rice Rookie Rods
666 Paul Rice Stock Rods
667 Billy Batten Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
667 Mark Burton National Hot Rods
667 Barry Cousins Stock Rods
668 Richard Colenutt Special Rods
668 Vic Davies Stock Rods
669 Eddie Trofer Stock Rods
669 Simon Collins Stock Rods
670 Richard Flockton 2L Hot Rods
671 Andy Brown Stock Rods
672 Paul Staines Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
672 Paul Staines National Hot Rods
673 John Moat Stock Rods
675 John Steward National Hot Rods
676 Phil Young 1600 FWD Hot Rods
676 Terry Norris Lightning Rods
676 Phil young Prod C
677 Robert Bridger National Hot Rods
678 Kevin Avery Stock Rods
680 Colin Wheldon National Hot Rods
683 Phil May National Hot Rods
684 Tony Bigwood National Hot Rods
684 Fred Hanchett Stock Rods
685 Mike Beeston National Hot Rods
686 Ernest Green 1600 Hot Rods
686 Tommy Miller Lightning Rods
686 Bernie Diment National Hot Rods
686 Ernest Green Stock Rods
687 Tommy Field National Hot Rods
687 Dean Miller Rookie Rods
688 John Freeman Formula 1400
691 Steve Dudman National Hot Rods
692 Jason Hunn 1600 Hot Rods
692 Colin Watson Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
692 Julian Lynn Stock Rods
693 Jason Hunn National Hot Rods
693 Malcolm Foskett Stock Rods
694 Pete Illsley National Hot Rods
694 Tony Williams Stock Rods
695 Richard Smith National Hot Rods
696 Barry Radcliffe Lightning Rods
696 Nikki Lush Prod B
698 Dave Drewitt Stock Rods
699 John Greenwood National Hot Rods
699 Owen Will National Hot Rods
700 Spence Morgan Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
700 Ian Donaldson National Hot Rods
700 Richard Lee National Hot Rods
700 Bruce Wilcox Stock Rods
701 Phil Morgan Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
701 Phil Morgan National Hot Rods
703 Mick Cooper Stock Rods
704 Robin Cowles Stock Rods
705 Steven Turner Saloon Rods FWD
705 Paul Frost Stock Rods
706 Darren Terry Rookie Rods
707 Simon Knowlton Special Rods
707 Tim Houghton Standard Rods
711 Doris Werdekker 1600 Hot Rods
711 Jurgen Schmidt Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
712 Charlie Schembri Hot Rods
712 Elliot Wilkins Rookie Rods
714 Greg Wood National Hot Rods
714 John Wood National Hot Rods
715 Rob Nottingham Hot Rods
716 Andrew Meadows Lightning Rods
716 Matt Croft Stock Rods
717 Ross Rigger Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
717 Ross Rigger National Hot Rods
717 Trevor Bibby Outlaws
718 Colin White Hot Rods
718 Colin White Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
718 Colin White National Hot Rods
719 Lee Rogers Hot Rods
719 Lee Rogers National Hot Rods
721 Martin Veator National Hot Rods
721 Neil Bonsall Standard Rods
722 John Isaacs National Hot Rods
724 Les Palmer Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
724 Steven Wright Saloon Rods FWD
724 Steven Wright Saloon Rods RWD
726 Jamie Grant Formula 1400
726 Mark Pope Stock Rods
729 Lee Conlon Rookie Rods
730 Mike Daniels Lightning Rods
730 Andy Musgrove National Hot Rods
730 Steve Hall National Hot Rods
730 Alec Hunter Stock Rods
733 Tony Pearce Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
733 Ian Borchardt Stock Rods
734 Ralph Sanders Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
734 Ralph Sanders National Hot Rods
734 Carl Smith Stock Rods
736 Richard Sturgeon Stock Rods
737 Mervyn Edis Stock Rods
738 Richard Lennard Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
738 Brian Carnell Stock Rods
739 Kevin Swann Stock Rods
742 Graham Luscombe National Hot Rods
744 Mark Stevenson Standard Rods
745 Daniel Bennett Stock Rods
746 Robin Hansford Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
747 Chris Patridge Lightning Rods
747 Matt Farren Rookie Rods
747 Marcel 'Kosie' Weyers Stock Rods
748 Gerald Mansfield Formula 1400
748 John McGirr Stock Rods
749 Terry Wilcox Hot Rods
749 Terry Wilcox National Hot Rods
750 Dean Raggett Classic Hot Rods
750 Frank Farrington Formula 1400
753 Derek Palmer Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
753 Derek Palmer National Hot Rods
754 Pete Bradley National Hot Rods
755 Mark Barber Stock Rods
756 Dave Abbott Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
757 Gary Bedding Stock Rods
758 Derek Palmer National Hot Rods
761 Brendan O'Connell National Hot Rods
761 Matthew Smith Rookie Rods
761 Brendan O'Connell Stock Rods
765 Mike Jennings Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
766 Derek Cossey Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
768 Derek Hales Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
768 Del Featherstone National Hot Rods
769 Brian Church Hot Rods
769 Brian Church National Hot Rods
769 Brian Church Outlaws
770 Matthew Shirley Rookie Rods
771 Stephen Higgins Special Rods
772 Therese Hayward Special Rods
773 Russell Saunders Rookie Rods
774 Ken Salter Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
774 Ken Salter National Hot Rods
774 Tammy Buckberry Stock Rods (Formula 1400)
775 Colin Gilbert Formula 1400
775 Les Palmer National Hot Rods
776 Steven Buckberry Formula 1400
776 Steve Buckberry Stock Rods (Formula 1400)
777 Nobby King 1600 Hot Rods
777 Nobby King 2L Hot Rods
777 Rolf Arens Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
777 Barry Bowyer National Hot Rods
777 Les Compelli National Hot Rods
777 Martin Freestone National Hot Rods
777 Rolf Arens National Hot Rods
777 Barry Bowyer Stock Rods
778 Colin Higman Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
780 Simon Sparrow Formula 1400
780 Mike Loosemore Hot Rods
780 Chris Berry Lightning Rods
780 Mike Loosemore National Hot Rods
781 Scott Sparrow Formula 1400
781 Neil Wollington Lightning Rods
782 Steve Hunt National Hot Rods
783 Dave Brown Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
784 Mike Sarjeant National Hot Rods
785 Gary Stoner Saloon Rods FWD
787 Matt Nurton Stock Rods
788 Derek Mardles Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
793 Richard Norman Stock Rods
795 Rob Higgs Hot Rods
795 Rob Higgs National Hot Rods
796 Paul Ling Stock Rods
798 Derek Mardles Hot Rods
798 Derek Mardles National Hot Rods
798 Austin Underwood Stock Rods
798 Kevin King Stock Rods
799 Peter Gibbs Stock Rods
800 Martin Dean Hot Rods
800 Jock Burgoyne National Hot Rods
800 Martin Dean National Hot Rods
800 Graham Rodemark Stock Rods
800 Jock Burgoyne Stock Rods
800 Martin Dean Stock Rods

301 - 500
801 - 999

501 Ben Murray 526 Paul Strawson
536 Jeff Johnson 536 Jeff Johnson
537 Billy Clarke 537 Billy Clarke
541 Harry Skoyles 543 Tommy Miller
555 Gavin Taber 565 Dan Smith
591 Reid Murray 591 Reid Murray
615 Chris Lehec 615 Chris Lehec
629 John Sibbald 636 Lee Skoyles
637 Warren Farazmand 639 Ricky Hunn
639 Ricky Hunn 639 Ricky Hunn
657 Neal Smith 659 Barry Parker
666 Graham Jackson 671 Alan Leonard
688 Carl Offord 700 Ian Donaldson
711 Owen Gibbs 711 Danny Ellis
718 Colin White 718 Colin White
718 Colin White 718 Colin White
718 Colin White 734 Ralph Sanders
745 Dan Bennett 750 Dean Raggett
755 Mark Barber 755 Mark Barber
777 Les Compelli 777 Rolf Arens
788 Mark Shelper 800 Jock Burgoyne

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