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Continuous list of drivers that have appeared in a Hot Rod during a 50 year span. Across all types of formulas, some drivers may appear several times in this list as they have changed formulas and raced under different numbers. National Hot Rods before 1986 are named as Hot Rods (pre NHRPA), as Hot Rods have become a generic type. Those listed under Hot Rods fall into a mass that raced at Barford, Bovingdon, Buxton, Highwood, Peterborough, Ringwood, Rolling Thunder, SEGTO and Worthing.

The Spedeworth 2L Hot Rods developed from the 1600 Hot Rod class and both rules ran in tandem during 1997, any 2L Hot Rods without an affix (eg PRI, GMP) will be those that raced to the Spedeworth specification.

51 George Boult 2L Hot Rods
51 Paul Simmons 2L Hot Rods (PRI)
51 Paul Simmons Classic Hot Rods
51 Kevin Milligan Group A Hot Rods
51 Lee Job Group A Hot Rods
51 Geoff Keets Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
51 John Williamson Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
51 Michael Ward Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
51 Steve Crew Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
51 Andy King Lightning Rods
51 Steven Rushton Lightning Rods
51 Paul Simmons National Hot Rods
51 Paul Simmons Outlaws
51 Louise Hodges Rookie Rods
51 Steve Coles Saloon Rods RWD
51 Darren Beaney Stock Rods
51 Julian Lay Stock Rods
51 Stuart Kerr Stock Rods
51 Bill Hughes Super Rods
51 Gary Pusey Super Rods
51 Graham Humphrey Super Rods
52 Steve Brooks 1600 Hot Rods
52 John Ridyard 2L Hot Rods
52 Terry Powers Anglia Hot Rods
52 Andy Gallop Group A Hot Rods
52 Andy Webb Hot Fords
52 Alex Nicholl Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
52 Mick Robertson National Hot Rods
52 Sandy Elliot National Hot Rods
52 Mark Wellington Outlaws
52 Mick Robertson Outlaws
52 Stephen Hewitt Rookie Rods
52 Tyrone Poulter Saloon Rods RWD
52 Alan Cuthbert Stock Rods
52 Roger Kerridge Stock Rods
52 Stephen Pearce Stock Rods
52 Mick Robertson Super Rods
53 Ray Jones 1600 Hot Rods
53 Lyndon Lymberry 2L Hot Rods
53 Brian Murray Auto Rods
53 Steve Hillyer Group A Hot Rods
53 Robert Bunting Lightning Rods
53 Waine Souter National Hot Rods
53 Waine Souter Outlaws
53 Jimmy Allen Rookie Rods
53 Craig McDonald Stock Rods
53 Steve Hadfield Stock Rods
53 Adrian Mills Super Rods
53 Dave Wilkinson Super Rods
54 Kevin Hunt 1600 Hot Rods
54 Adam Hylands 2L Hot Rods
54 Steve Butler 2L Hot Rods
54 Pete Bradley Auto Rods
54 Hilary Kavanah Group A Hot Rods
54 Andy Hardy Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
54 Dave Hawkins Lightning Rods
54 Brian Quarman Mini Rods
54 Mark Sear National Hot Rods
54 Jason Blackford RDC Hot Rods
54 Colin Wright Rookie Rods
54 Carl Robinson Stock Rods
54 Mark Sack Stock Rods
54 Willie Bauld Stock Rods
54 Bill Elliot Super Rods
54 Len Harvey Super Rods
55 Marshall Selfe 1600 Hot Rods
55 Dennis Patten 2L Hot Rods
55 Mark Rogers 2L Hot Rods
55 Richard Easton Auto Rods
55 Karl Graves Group A Hot Rods
55 Peter Graves Group A Hot Rods
55 Trevor Dyer Group A Hot Rods
55 Barry Kibble Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
55 Leyland Marson Lightning Rods
55 Paul Fantom Lightning Rods
55 Bob Sail National Hot Rods
55 Chris Whiteman National Hot Rods
55 Frank Tart National Hot Rods
55 Matt Smith National Hot Rods
55 Tony Goodsir National Hot Rods
55 Kevin May RDC Hot Rods
55 Sarah Cooper Rookie Rods
55 Danny Cobbold Saloon Rods RWD
55 Terry Millard Special Rods
55 Michael Ray Standard Rods
55 Graham Booty Stock Rods
55 Karl Graves Stock Rods
55 Michael Bulldeath Stock Rods
55 Paul Hewitt Stock Rods
55 Stephen Osborn Stock Rods
55 Frank Tart Super Rods
55 Jeff Ditchman Super Rods
55 Steve Parsons Super Rods
56 Malcolm Jerome 1600 Hot Rods
56 Peter Osborn 1600 Hot Rods
56 Mark Freeman 2L Hot Rods
56 Geoff Rumsby Anglia Hot Rods
56 Glenn Cooper Group A Hot Rods
56 Lee Brett Group A Hot Rods
56 Pete Winstone Group A Hot Rods
56 Bob Larman Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
56 Dave Fielding Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
56 Peter Morris Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
56 Dave Drew Lightning Rods
56 Malcolm Jerome Lightning Rods
56 Keith Pepper Mini Rods
56 Dave Hunt National Hot Rods
56 Lee Griffiths Outlaws
56 Phil Hampton Rookie Rods
56 Keith Moyse Stock Rods
56 Mark Freeman Stock Rods
56 Martin Kingston Stock Rods
56 Dave Drew Super Rods
56 Kevin Alexander Super Rods
57 Alan Dent 1600 Hot Rods
57 Carl Cotton 2L Hot Rods
57 Jemma Dendy 2L Hot Rods
57 John Herbert Anglia Hot Rods
57 Mike Oliver Classic Hot Rods
57 Adam Smith Group A Hot Rods
57 Gary Hicks Group A Hot Rods
57 Gordon Hart Group A Hot Rods
57 Stan Parish Group A Hot Rods
57 Alan Dent Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
57 Barry Limer Lightning Rods
57 Michael Oliver Lightning Rods
57 Mike Oliver National Hot Rods
57 David Summerfield Rookie Rods
57 Jacqui Stone Rookie Rods
57 Danny Chapel Special Rods
57 Bas Van Empel Stock Rods
57 Keith Scott Stock Rods
57 Raymond Harper Stock Rods
57 Reg Cowshall Stock Rods
57 Simon Johnson Stock Rods
57 Stuart Paynter Stock Rods
57 Dave Willis Super Rods
57 Michael Mills Super Rods
58 Terry Grant 1600 Hot Rods
58 Keith Brock Anglia Hot Rods
58 Michael Croft Economy Rods
58 Bill Witherall Group A Hot Rods
58 David Mayer Group A Hot Rods
58 Dean Windsor Group A Hot Rods
58 Glenn Cooper Group A Hot Rods
58 Terry Grant Hot Rods
58 Don Gilham Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
58 Roy Brammar Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
58 Terry Grant National Hot Rods
58 Lee Punter RDC Hot Rods
58 Alistair Bolton Stock Rods
58 Chris Mitchell Stock Rods
58 Geoff Bridges Stock Rods
58 Guus Pronk Stock Rods
58 Paul Mingay Stock Rods
58 Peter Scherrers Stock Rods
58 Simon Crook Stock Rods
58 Wayne Brightmore Stock Rods
58 James West Super Rods
59 Mick Thomas 1600 Hot Rods
59 John Rudd Anglia Hot Rods
59 Dean White Group A Hot Rods
59 Roy Noakes Group A Hot Rods
59 Gary Dore Hot Rods
59 Nigel Beardsmore Lightning Rods
59 Simon Bentley National Hot Rods
59 Carl Mann Rookie Rods
59 Carl Mann Stock Rods
59 Justin Blackford Stock Rods
59 Kevin Racey Stock Rods
59 Mick Thomas Super Rods
60 Clive Milton 1600 Hot Rods
60 Dave Fry 1600 Hot Rods
60 Mark Paffey 2L Hot Rods
60 Ray Perkins Anglia Hot Rods
60 Neil Sillifant Auto Rods
60 Mick Trowles Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
60 Colin Reed National Hot Rods
60 Franc Kreggewinkel National Hot Rods
60 Mark Paffey National Hot Rods
60 Matthew Canham Rookie Rods
60 Brian Duncan Stock Rods
60 Daniel Rea Stock Rods
60 Mark Paffey Stock Rods
60 Paul Anderson Stock Rods
60 Paul Frost Stock Rods
60 Ricky Johnson Stock Rods
60 Roger Withers Stock Rods
60 Frank Gott Super Rods
60 Tony Ford Super Rods
61 Jeff Chester 1600 FWD Hot Rods
61 Gordon Barber 1600 Hot Rods
61 Peter Scott 1600 Hot Rods
61 Ron Brailey Anglia Hot Rods
61 Gary Lee Group A Hot Rods
61 Mark Nichols Group A Hot Rods
61 Ron MacKenzie Group A Hot Rods
61 C Woyzcak Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
61 Gordon Barber Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
61 Jonathan Hoggarth Lightning Rods
61 Lawrence 'Lol' Hearn Mini Rods
61 Andy Holtby National Hot Rods
61 Jeff Chester Prod B
61 Ken Hollamby RDC Hot Rods
61 Danny Coleman Rookie Rods
61 David Gobbett Standard Rods
61 Paul Burrows Stock Rods
61 Paul Mundy Stock Rods
61 Ronnie McMillan Stock Rods
61 Simon Rourke Stock Rods
62 Ken Selfe 1600 Hot Rods
62 Ken Selfe 2L Hot Rods
62 Pete MacLeod Anglia Hot Rods
62 Keith Simmons Group A Hot Rods
62 Phil Warner Group A Hot Rods
62 Simon Smith Group A Hot Rods
62 David Humphrey Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
62 John Woolston Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
62 Nick Barrett Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
62 Ormond Christie Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
62 Daryl Wright Lightning Rods
62 John Bunce Mini Rods
62 Stuart Smith Prod B
62 Gareth Parker Rookie Rods
62 Terry Scruton Rookie Rods
62 Andrew Boyce Stock Rods
62 Andrew Boyce Stock Rods
62 Andrew Duff Stock Rods
62 Carl Wade Stock Rods
62 Harry Rutjens Stock Rods
62 Paul Newman Stock Rods
62 Stuart Thorne Stock Rods
62 Del Lewin Super Rods
63 Sid Lait Anglia Hot Rods
63 Alex Causer Classic Hot Rods
63 Gary Rouse Group A Hot Rods
63 John Burrows Group A Hot Rods
63 Michael Outen Group A Hot Rods
63 Ricky Hunn jnr Group A Hot Rods
63 Gavin Evans Hot Fords
63 Geoff Ashton Hot Rods
63 Dickie Butler Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
63 Phil White Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
63 Reinhard Hackhausen Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
63 Paul Gola Mini Rods
63 Phil White National Hot Rods
63 Stuart Monk Rookie Rods
63 Alan Evans Stock Rods
63 Jason Pickett Stock Rods
63 Pete Hardy Super Rods
64 Gavin Martin 1600 Hot Rods
64 Paul McGee 1600 Hot Rods
64 Kevin Shudall 2L Hot Rods
64 Ricky Johnson 2L Hot Rods
64 Mick Sandilands Anglia Hot Rods
64 Dave Imber Group A Hot Rods
64 Ben Blackman Hot Rods
64 Brian Howard Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
64 Les Kay Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
64 Paul Smyth Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
64 John Rankin Lightning Rods
64 Kim Parker Mini Rods
64 Werner Schmidtz National Hot Rods
64 Ben Blackman Prod B
64 Kevin Elden Rookie Rods
64 Scott Locke Rookie Rods
64 Barry McDonald Stock Rods
64 David Smith Stock Rods
64 Roy McKane Stock Rods
64 Simon Coates Stock Rods
64 Steve Olden Stock Rods
64 Pete Methley Super Rods
65 Mark Willis 1600 Hot Rods
65 William Smith 1600 Hot Rods
65 Mark Willis 2L Hot Rods
65 Robin Benton Anglia Hot Rods
65 Gary Finch Group A Hot Rods
65 Keith Winterbourn Mini Rods
65 Dave Wallis National Hot Rods
65 David Brooks National Hot Rods
65 Mark Willis National Hot Rods
65 Justin Wade Rookie Rods
65 Graham Sladden Saloon Rods FWD
65 Graham Sladden Saloon Rods RWD
65 Mark Willis Stock Rods
65 Stephen McNeice Stock Rods
66 Dave Finch 1600 Hot Rods
66 Geoff Snelgrove 1600 Hot Rods
66 Geoff Snelgrove 2L Hot Rods
66 John Butler 2L Hot Rods
66 John Megicks 2L Hot Rods (PRI)
66 Ian Miller Anglia Hot Rods
66 John Allatt Auto Rods
66 Colin Hall Classic Hot Rods
66 Dave Finch Group A Hot Rods
66 Mark Nicholls Group A Hot Rods
66 Paul Haralambou Group A Hot Rods
66 Andrew Cooper Hot Rods
66 B Laursen Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
66 Kevin Videon Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
66 David Wright Mini Rods
66 Colin Hall National Hot Rods
66 Graham Holmes National Hot Rods
66 Ian Dickie National Hot Rods
66 John Van Den Bosch National Hot Rods
66 Andy Reeve RDC Super Rods
66 Malcolm Powles Rookie Rods
66 Andrew 'Rindy' Frost Stock Rods
66 Dave Dewey Stock Rods
66 Dave Finch Stock Rods
66 Geoff Snelgrove Stock Rods
66 Michael Pannell Stock Rods
66 Brian Harvey Super Rods
66 Ian Fewings Super Rods
67 David Hill 1600 Hot Rods
67 Derek Bundell 1600 Hot Rods
67 Don Naismith 1600 Hot Rods
67 Barry Pinder Group A Hot Rods
67 Mark Browne Group A Hot Rods
67 Steve Clark Hot Fords
67 Robert Taylor Hot Rods
67 Micky Dunne Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
67 Chas Farrer Lightning Rods
67 John Chappell Mini Rods
67 Andy Collins National Hot Rods
67 David Brooks National Hot Rods
67 Chris Martin Rookie Rods
67 Jeremy Harkett Stock Rods
67 Kerr Paterson Stock Rods
67 Paul Frost Stock Rods
67 Barry Bradford Super Rods
67 Chas Farrer Super Rods
67 Ian Ireland Super Rods
68 Mark Robinson 1600 Hot Rods
68 Steve Saunders 1600 Hot Rods
68 Mark Fuller 2L Hot Rods
68 Mark Robinson 2L Hot Rods
68 Paul Nice Anglia Hot Rods
68 Eric Boulton Economy Rods
68 Neil Wood Group A Hot Rods
68 Steve Searle Group A Hot Rods
68 Tim White Group A Hot Rods
68 Adrian Newton Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
68 Peter Bush Mini Rods
68 Mark Fuller National Hot Rods
68 Roland Wollington National Hot Rods
68 Chris Rabbitt Outlaws
68 Clive Day Rookie Rods
68 Clive Day Stock Rods
68 Ian Marshall Stock Rods
68 Mark Fuller Stock Rods
68 Mark Sandys Stock Rods
68 Mick Frost Stock Rods
68 Paul Jones Stock Rods
68 Steve Frost Stock Rods
68 Alan Miles Super Rods
69 David Reed 1600 Hot Rods
69 Ray Harris 2L Hot Rods
69 Doug Pearce Auto Rods
69 Darren Lord Formula 1400
69 Paul Haralambou Group A Hot Rods
69 Peter Harris Group A Hot Rods
69 Sy Collins Group A Hot Rods
69 Tony Faulkner Group A Hot Rods
69 Andy Smith Hot Rods
69 Barry Johnson Hot Rods
69 Graham Smith Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
69 W Carter Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
69 Guy Hazell Lightning Rods
69 unknown Lightning Rods
69 Fred Poulton Mini Rods
69 Barry Johnson National Hot Rods
69 Scott Devine National Hot Rods
69 Shaun Brooker National Hot Rods
69 Amy Mancini Rookie Rods
69 David Sayer Rookie Rods
69 Daniel Rea Standard Rods
69 Paul Russell Stock Rods
69 Paul Woolaston Stock Rods
69 Russ McDonald Stock Rods
69 Tick Steward Stock Rods
69 0 Stock Rods (Formula 1400)
70 John Dolling 1600 Hot Rods
70 John Dunlop 1600 Hot Rods
70 Rob Dance 2L Hot Rods
70 Shane Murray 2L Hot Rods
70 Pete Harris Anglia Hot Rods
70 Chris Selleck Group A Hot Rods
70 Rob Dance Hot Rods
70 Aubrey 'Foxy' Dance Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
70 Dave Taylor Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
70 Eddie Eagle Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
70 Chris Selleck Outlaws
70 Kevin Duce Outlaws
70 Garrie Martin RDC Hot Rods
70 Dave Griffiths Rookie Rods
70 Ivan Phillips Rookie Rods
70 Steven Shepherd Special Rods
70 Bill Wingrove Stock Rods
70 Darren Lock Stock Rods
70 Julian Webb Stock Rods
70 Shane Murray Stock Rods
70 Graham Gunning Super Rods
70 Mick Newman Super Rods
71 Kevin Pitts 1600 Hot Rods
71 Niki Wickham 1600 Hot Rods
71 Kevin Duce 2L Hot Rods
71 Andy Brown 2L Hot Rods (PRI)
71 David Evans Group A Hot Rods
71 David Wilde Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
71 Helmut Stroemer Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
71 Jason Bird Lightning Rods
71 Paul Creed National Hot Rods
71 Adrian Matthews Rookie Rods
71 Paul Whitmore Rookie Rods
71 John Bartlett Stock Rods
71 John Smith Stock Rods
71 Mark Fuller Stock Rods
71 Martin Lynn Stock Rods
71 Steven Lock Stock Rods
72 Geoff Letts 1600 Hot Rods
72 Neil Pitts 1600 Hot Rods
72 Gary Goodswen 2L Hot Rods
72 Bill Cooksley Group A Hot Rods
72 Richard Lapworth Group A Hot Rods
72 Robin Draper Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
72 Lee Page Lightning Rods
72 Simon Byrne Lightning Rods
72 Willie Hardie National Hot Rods
72 Richard Lambert Rookie Rods
72 David Lambert Standard Rods
72 Charles Hardie Stock Rods
72 Jimmy Galloway Stock Rods
72 Len Cooper Stock Rods
72 Paul Mitchell Stock Rods
72 Steve Kite Stock Rods
72 Wayne Watling Stock Rods
72 Willie Hardie Stock Rods
72 Neil Bonsall Stock Rods (Formula 1400)
72 Alan Hawkins Super Rods
73 Andy Musgrove 1600 Hot Rods
73 John Pitts 1600 Hot Rods
73 Graham Lewis Anglia Hot Rods
73 Adrian Tillman Group A Hot Rods
73 Doug Constable Group A Hot Rods
73 Scott Morgan Hot Rods
73 Barry Brown Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
73 Charlie Brown Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
73 John Knopp Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
73 W Jans Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
73 Leyton O'Reilly Lightning Rods
73 Wayne Pyman RDC Hot Rods
73 Bryan Smith Rookie Rods
73 Paul Dyble Rookie Rods
73 Oggy Ingram Saloon Rods RWD
73 Chris Colliver Stock Rods
73 Graham Owen Stock Rods
73 Chris Colliver Super Rods
74 Keith Rumary 1600 Hot Rods
74 Jason Kew 2L Hot Rods
74 Keith Rumary 2L Hot Rods
74 Dave Smith Group A Hot Rods
74 Eric Johnson Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
74 Tim O'Reilly Lightning Rods
74 Chris Kew National Hot Rods
74 James O'Shea National Hot Rods
74 Keith Rumary National Hot Rods
74 Chris Kew Outlaws
74 Nigel Symes RDC Hot Rods
74 Marty Miller Rookie Rods
74 Andrew McKenzie Saloon Rods FWD
74 Andrew Miller Special Rods
74 Julian Webb Stock Rods
74 Michael Chambers Stock Rods
74 Stephen Riches Stock Rods
74 Tyler Collison Stock Rods
74 Chris Colliver Super Rods
74 Graham Clay Super Rods
75 David Potter 1600 Hot Rods
75 Jamie Steward 1600 Hot Rods
75 William Hardy 1600 Hot Rods
75 Chris Crane 2L Hot Rods
75 Richard Poulter 2L Hot Rods
75 Steve Chaplin 2L Hot Rods (PRI)
75 Dennis Howes Group A Hot Rods
75 Glenn Butcher Group A Hot Rods
75 Jamie Steward Group A Hot Rods
75 Andy Swinfield Hot Fords
75 Gordon Harris Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
75 Jeff Cushing Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
75 Mick Mulcahy Lightning Rods
75 Les Palmer National Hot Rods
75 Nigel Steward National Hot Rods
75 Stuart Bond Prod B
75 Mark Glisson RDC Hot Rods
75 Andrew Gould Rookie Rods
75 Keith Ashley Rookie Rods
75 Steve Trent Saloon Rods RWD
75 Dave Miller Special Rods
75 David Townsend Stock Rods
75 Neil Anderson Stock Rods
75 Robin Draper Stock Rods
75 Steven Willis Stock Rods
75 David Poole Super Rods
76 Terry Jones 1600 Hot Rods
76 Robbie Joyce Group A Hot Rods
76 B White Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
76 Paul Ward Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
76 Dan McGing Lightning Rods
76 Phil Baynes Lightning Rods
76 Richard Bowyer Lightning Rods
76 Stuart Frost Mini Rods
76 Adam Maxwell National Hot Rods
76 Graham Swan Stock Rods
76 Murray Clacher Stock Rods
76 Terry Jones Stock Rods
76 Chris Shepherd Super Rods
76 Del Featherstone Super Rods
77 Vic Oliver 1600 Hot Rods
77 Andy Owen 2L Hot Rods
77 Julian Scott 2L Hot Rods (PRI)
77 Barry Miles Group A Hot Rods
77 Peter Lucas Group A Hot Rods
77 Terry Lucas Group A Hot Rods
77 Tyronne Snell Hot Rods
77 Vic Oliver Hot Rods
77 Ken Chelton Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
77 Noddy Boulden Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
77 John Carding Lightning Rods
77 Dennis Allen Mini Rods
77 Alan Connolly National Hot Rods
77 Andy Owen National Hot Rods
77 Cliff Butler National Hot Rods
77 Julian Scott Outlaws
77 Mark Shingleton RDC Super Rods
77 Mark Wood Rookie Rods
77 Scott Midmer Rookie Rods
77 Alan Connolly Stock Rods
77 Andy Owen Stock Rods
77 Tim Carder Stock Rods
77 Ricky Clements Super Rods
77 Tony Roots Super Rods
78 Colin Gomm 1600 Hot Rods
78 Dave Young Group A Hot Rods
78 John Teuma Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
78 Paul Blackman Lightning Rods
78 Laurens Van De Velde National Hot Rods
78 Karl Grosser Rookie Rods
78 Luke Gordon Rookie Rods
78 Douglas Hancox Standard Rods
78 Brenda Wellman Stock Rods
78 Damon Wellman Stock Rods
78 John Ware Stock Rods
78 Luke Gordon Stock Rods
78 Brian Rogers Super Rods
79 Paul Ling 1600 Hot Rods
79 Alan Billington Group A Hot Rods
79 Alan Davis Group A Hot Rods
79 Roy Gilfoy Hot Rods
79 P Fluers Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
79 Simon Barry Lightning Rods
79 Lester Stacey National Hot Rods
79 Trevor Pearman Rookie Rods
79 Brian Quinnell Stock Rods
79 Keith Furnell Stock Rods
79 Lester Stacey Super Rods
79 Micky Hall Super Rods
80 Lee Fishwick 1600 Hot Rods
80 Lee Fishwick 2L Hot Rods
80 Billy Hardy Group A Hot Rods
80 Daniel Collins Group A Hot Rods
80 Zac White Group A Hot Rods
80 Barry Evans Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
80 Pete Chambers Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
80 Pete Webb Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
80 Andy Minshull Lightning Rods
80 John Jackman Mini Rods
80 Wayne Potter National Hot Rods
80 Lester Jermy Rookie Rods
80 Mark Arthurton Rookie Rods
80 Alan Arthurson Stock Rods
80 Eddie Eagle Super Rods
81 Barry Whittle 1600 Hot Rods
81 Barry Whittle 2L Hot Rods
81 Chris Weston Group A Hot Rods
81 Glenn Butcher Group A Hot Rods
81 Steve Rickard Group A Hot Rods
81 Gerry Harris Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
81 Heinz Gobbels Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
81 Krijn Van Beek Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
81 Paul Martin Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
81 Lee Parsons Lightning Rods
81 Colin Game Mini Rods
81 Kev Neale RDC Hot Rods
81 Gary Saville Rookie Rods
81 Gavin Shepherd Saloon Rods FWD
81 Gavin Shepherd Saloon Rods RWD
81 Terry Fountain Standard Rods
81 Gary Dyer Stock Rods
81 Mick Peel Stock Rods
81 Simon Lovett Stock Rods
81 Will Vickery Stock Rods
81 Peter Holton Super Rods
82 Gary Wilson 1600 Hot Rods
82 Martin Knibbs 1600 Hot Rods
82 Paul Jones 2L Hot Rods
82 Dave Lamb Group A Hot Rods
82 Glyn Daniels Group A Hot Rods
82 Jurgen Wegman Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
82 Ruud Wegman Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
82 Terry Briggs Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
82 Lee Dawson Lightning Rods
82 Barry Carr Mini Rods
82 Ruud Wegman National Hot Rods
82 Bob Ballard Jnr Rookie Rods
82 Martin Plummer Rookie Rods
82 Trevor Tucker Saloon Rods FWD
82 Mike Maggs Saloon Rods RWD
82 Bob Ballard Stock Rods
82 John Berry Stock Rods
82 David Coupland Super Rods
83 Kevin Bell Anglia Hot Rods
83 Gary Christie Group A Hot Rods
83 Paul Staples Group A Hot Rods
83 Tatty' Hutton Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
83 Andy Beaven National Hot Rods
83 Lloyd Mullins Rookie Rods
83 Steven Wright Rookie Rods
83 Kalvin Maggs Saloon Rods RWD
83 Eric Smith Stock Rods
83 Steve Wright Stock Rods
83 Thomas O'Rourke Stock Rods
84 Derek Wellman 1600 Hot Rods
84 John Parsons 1600 Hot Rods
84 Peter Wooltorton 1600 Hot Rods
84 Derek Wellman 2L Hot Rods
84 Darren Christie Group A Hot Rods
84 Malcolm Bone Hot Rods
84 Phil King Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
84 Alan Conroy National Hot Rods
84 Marty Colliver Rookie Rods
84 John Durrant Stock Rods
84 Stewart Armit Stock Rods
84 Wayne Turner Stock Rods
84 David Allen Super Rods
85 Rob Singleton 2L Hot Rods
85 Rob Singleton Group A Hot Rods
85 Paul Perry Hot Rods
85 Bobby Scott Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
85 Sean Brown Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
85 Iain Nicklin Lightning Rods
85 Bobby Scott National Hot Rods
85 Stuart Carter National Hot Rods
85 Paul Perry Prod C
85 Jack Miles RDC Super Rods
85 Neil Wells Rookie Rods
85 Peter Fitkin Rookie Rods
85 Andy Fishenden Stock Rods
85 Derek Newitt Stock Rods
85 Trevor Rolfe Stock Rods
85 Barry Hughes Super Rods
85 Nigel Andrews Super Rods
86 Michael Brooke 1600 Hot Rods
86 Vince Hoskins 1600 Hot Rods
86 John Tomlinson Anglia Hot Rods
86 Gary Edwards Economy Rods
86 Dave Hutchins Group A Hot Rods
86 Paul Pickard Mini Rods
86 Hans Frey National Hot Rods
86 Mark Kocken National Hot Rods
86 George Streeter Prod C
86 Dave Sharp RDC Super Rods
86 Steve Baldwin Rookie Rods
86 Gary Edwards Standard Rods
86 Steve Baldwin Stock Rods
86 Michael Brookes Super Rods
87 Alan Yearly 1600 Hot Rods
87 Jason Busby 2L Hot Rods
87 Flaviano Vitulli Group A Hot Rods
87 John Vitulli Group A Hot Rods
87 Martin Wickens Group A Hot Rods
87 John Stone Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
87 Alan Yearley Lightning Rods
87 Frankie Cunningham Lightning Rods
87 Robin Miles RDC Hot Rods
87 Darren Jackson Rookie Rods
87 Leon Paine Rookie Rods
87 Steve Abbott Rookie Rods
87 Bob Richardson Saloon Rods FWD
87 Dave Venni Standard Rods
87 Kevin Cooke Stock Rods
87 Paul Rawkins Stock Rods
87 Steve Abbott Stock Rods
88 Dale Atkins 2L Hot Rods
88 Philip Blackford 2L Hot Rods
88 Vince Vitulli 2L Hot Rods
88 Derek Hyland 2L Hot Rods (PRI)
88 David Owen Classic Hot Rods
88 Andrew Newton Economy Rods
88 Mike Parker Group A Hot Rods
88 Vince Vitulli Group A Hot Rods
88 Pete Curtis Hot Fords
88 Alan Shelper Hot Rods
88 Darren Saunders Hot Rods
88 Mike Raven Hot Rods
88 Chris Griggs Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
88 Peter Grimer Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
88 Robert Hounslow Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
88 Billy Steward Lightning Rods
88 Phil Manning Lightning Rods
88 Brian Catchpole National Hot Rods
88 Neville Torrens National Hot Rods
88 Peter Grimer National Hot Rods
88 Jason Anderson RDC Super Rods
88 James Gray Rookie Rods
88 Justin Grice Rookie Rods
88 Wayne Allen Rookie Rods
88 Alan Reed Stock Rods
88 Bland Corbett Stock Rods
88 Malcolm Songhhurst Stock Rods
88 Philip Blackford Stock Rods
88 Steve Hunt Stock Rods
88 Alan Shelper Super Rods
88 Jim Brown Super Rods
89 Kevin King 1600 Hot Rods
89 Michael Vitulli 2L Hot Rods
89 Michael Vitulli Group A Hot Rods
89 Roger Barrett Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
89 Kevin King National Hot Rods
89 Mick Cave Outlaws
89 Gary Pope Rookie Rods
89 Mick Copsey Rookie Rods
89 Ian Green Stock Rods
89 Steve Templeman Stock Rods
89 Bill Stewart Super Rods
89 Mike Shepherd Super Rods
90 Tony Collins 2L Hot Rods
90 Nick Hill Group A Hot Rods
90 Ashley Hayes Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
90 Derek Rosebalde Lightning Rods
90 Gary Jordon Rookie Rods
90 Karl Mills Rookie Rods
90 Paul Smith Stock Rods
90 Richard Haines Stock Rods
91 Derek Brundle 1600 Hot Rods
91 Terry Bearman Group A Hot Rods
91 Mike Stocker Hot Rods
91 Jason Fitch National Hot Rods
91 Chris Card Outlaws
91 Mike Stocker Prod C
91 Luke Leedell Rookie Rods
91 Matthew Haines Stock Rods
91 Wayne Leedell Stock Rods
92 Paul Hughes 1600 Hot Rods
92 Tony Moss 2L Hot Rods
92 John Wright Formula 1400
92 Jamie Lee Potter Group A Hot Rods
92 Kingsley Parbott Group A Hot Rods
92 Tony Moss Group A Hot Rods
92 Peter Blood Hot Rods
92 Bob Wilson Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
92 Colin Watson Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
92 Sonny Howard Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
92 Dave Roberts Lightning Rods
92 Jason Clifford Lightning Rods
92 Colin Watson National Hot Rods
92 Peter Blood National Hot Rods
92 Roland Sudnicks National Hot Rods
92 Tony Moss Outlaws
92 Gavin Nicholls Rookie Rods
92 Jamie-Lee Potter Rookie Rods
92 Barry Evans Stock Rods
92 John Wright Stock Rods
92 Jon Evans Stock Rods
92 Lawrence Ross Stock Rods
92 Lesley Noris Stock Rods
92 Martin Smith Stock Rods
92 Dave Roberts Super Rods
93 Paul Tedder 1600 Hot Rods
93 Richard Norman 2L Hot Rods
93 Donald Constable Group A Hot Rods
93 Matt Haines Group A Hot Rods
93 Neil Baker Group A Hot Rods
93 Dave Melbourne Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
93 John Campbell Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
93 Mick Green Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
93 Terry Moss Mini Rods
93 Klaus Killianski National Hot Rods
93 Chris Cracknell Rookie Rods
93 Michael Pocock Stock Rods
93 Paul Rudkin Stock Rods
93 Richard Norman Stock Rods
93 Stuart Sculthorpe Stock Rods
93 Blondie Melbourne Super Rods
93 Richard Norman Super Rods
94 Robin Pickett 1600 Hot Rods
94 Derek Martin 2L Hot Rods
94 Richard Haines Group A Hot Rods
94 Tony Fielding Group A Hot Rods
94 Nigel Puddiphatt Hot Rods
94 Robin Pickett Hot Rods
94 Maurice Smith Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
94 Colin Eldridge Mini Rods
94 Robin Pickett Outlaws
94 Philip Secker Rookie Rods
94 Philip Stollery Rookie Rods
94 Adrian Marks Stock Rods
94 Andrew Best Stock Rods
94 Brian Morgan Stock Rods
94 Kelly King Super Rods
95 Malcolm Bonner 1600 FWD Hot Rods
95 Graham Murray 1600 Hot Rods
95 Mike Parker 2L Hot Rods
95 Darryl Pinder Anglia Hot Rods
95 Ian Haines Group A Hot Rods
95 Ian Simpson Group A Hot Rods
95 Andy Dance Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
95 Graham Murray Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
95 Bob Eldridge Mini Rods
95 Andy Dance National Hot Rods
95 Gavin Murray National Hot Rods
95 Graham Murray National Hot Rods
95 Ashley Wallace Rookie Rods
95 Daryl Melbourne Super Rods
95 Neil Truran Super Rods
96 John Boon 1600 Hot Rods
96 Kevin Randell 1600 Hot Rods
96 William Woestenborg 1600 Hot Rods
96 Kevin Randell 2L Hot Rods
96 Ron Fielding Group A Hot Rods
96 Karl Paesson Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
96 Dave Gorman Mini Rods
96 Ian McKellar National Hot Rods
96 David Hunwicks Rookie Rods
96 Paul Shirley Rookie Rods
96 Ian McKellar Stock Rods
96 Jimmy Rix Stock Rods
97 Chris Bayliss 1600 Hot Rods
97 William Ellis 1600 Hot Rods
97 Chris Baylis 2L Hot Rods
97 Tony Stevens Anglia Hot Rods
97 Richard Amos Group A Hot Rods
97 Sean Cusack Hot Rods
97 Josef Willemsen Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
97 Mike Brown Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
97 Chris Baylis National Hot Rods
97 Josef Willemsen National Hot Rods
97 Juppi Willemsen National Hot Rods
97 Paul Rugman National Hot Rods
97 Daniel Lake Rookie Rods
97 Mark Skillings Rookie Rods
97 Andrew Murray Stock Rods
97 Tony Pettingill Stock Rods
98 Peter Holdsworth 1600 Hot Rods
98 Kieran Murphy 2L Hot Rods
98 Peter Wing 2L Hot Rods
98 Phil Morley Anglia Hot Rods
98 Peter Scott F1 V8 Hot Rods
98 Nigel Murphy Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
98 Dave Leech Lightning Rods
98 Steven Evans Mini Rods
98 Peter Wing National Hot Rods
98 Richard Poulter National Hot Rods
98 Tick Steward National Hot Rods
98 Kevin Clarke Rookie Rods
98 Jason Jeffrey Stock Rods
98 Jon Redgment Stock Rods
98 Peter Wing Stock Rods
99 Richards Edwards 1600 Hot Rods
99 Peter Scott Jnr 2L Hot Rods
99 Pete Vickers Anglia Hot Rods
99 Bruce Horrell Auto Rods
99 Steve Train Classic Hot Rods
99 Kevin Boulton Formula 1400
99 Jason Villa Group A Hot Rods
99 John Greenwood Group A Hot Rods
99 James Brunton Hot Rods
99 D Parr Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
99 Dave Bozzard Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
99 Stuart Maidment Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
99 Jason Jukes Lightning Rods
99 Mark Collins Lightning Rods
99 Tony Wright Mini Rods
99 Mark Cordery National Hot Rods
99 Pat Casey National Hot Rods
99 Wayne Lee National Hot Rods
99 Jason Villa Outlaws
99 Karl Ripper Rookie Rods
99 Mitchell Hawkins Rookie Rods
99 Sarah Ford Rookie Rods
99 Steve Keay Rookie Rods
99 James Brunton Saloon Rods FWD
99 Paul Dewey Standard Rods
99 Nick Campbell Stock Rods
99 Nick Sculthorpe Stock Rods
99 Peter Scott Jnr Stock Rods
99 Stuart Cooper Stock Rods
99 Warren Selby Stock Rods (Formula 1400)
99 Angus Kennedy Super Rods
99 Ian Brown Super Rods
99 Ray Watkins Super Rods
100 Nigel Stopforth 1600 Hot Rods
100 Paul Newark 2L Hot Rods
100 Vic Wiles Anglia Hot Rods
100 Mike Collins Group A Hot Rods
100 Vic Hope Group A Hot Rods
100 Geoff Cowley Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
100 Martin Freestone Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
100 Ray Morris Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
100 Bradley Jones Lightning Rods
100 Dennis Whiteman Lightning Rods
100 Phil Waite Lightning Rods
100 Dick Burtenshaw National Hot Rods
100 Simon Smith National Hot Rods
100 Dick Burtenshaw Outlaws
100 Nathan Stillwell Prod C
100 Steve Tilley RDC Hot Rods
100 Kevin Teager Rookie Rods
100 John Castleton Stock Rods
100 Kevin Teager Stock Rods
100 Dave Melbourne Super Rods

21 - 50
101 - 200

51 Andy King 52 John Ridyard
54 Adam Hylands 54 Adam Hylands
55 Roy Rawlins 55 Alastair Lowe
55 Alastair Lowe 55 Alastair Lowe
55 Gary Thomas 56 Mark Freeman
56 Dave Leeks 57 Graeme Taylor
57 Dave Willis 57 Dave Willis
57 Barry Limer 57 Barry Limer
57 Mike Oliver 57 Mike Oliver
60 Mark Paffey 60 Mark Paffey
60 Mark Paffey 61 Andy Holtby
61 David Holden 63 Phil White
64 65 Mark Willis
65 Mark Willis 66 Colin Hall
66 Nick Garner 66 Nick Garner
67 David Brooks 67 Chas Farrer
68 Levi Robinson 68 Mark Fuller
70 Shane Murray 70 Shane Murray
70 Shane Murray 71 Gordon Alexander
71 Gordon Alexander 72 Willie Hardie
72 Gary Goodswen 74 Laurence Connors
74 James O'Shea 75 Colin Chambers
75 Chris Crane 75 Chris Crane
75 Elliot Steward 76 Adam Maxwell
76 Adam Maxwell 77 Andy Owen
77 Ian McGuigan 78 Laurens VD Velde
78 Dalton Scarlett 78 Dalton Scarlett
79 79 Lester Stacey
79 Simon Barry 79 Mikey Day
80 Lee Fishwick 81 Neil Wollington
81 Lee Parsons 82 Dave Lamb
82 Gary Wilson 82 Gary Wilson
82 Paul Woolfe 83 Adam Ignaczak
83 Andy Beaven 83 Alan McCormack
85 Simon Cox 85 Simon Cox
86 Hans Frey 87 Frankie Cunningham
88 David Owen 88 Peter Grimer
88 Dale Atkins 88 Jason Anderson
89 Mick Cave 90 Nick Hill
91 Wayne Leedell 92 Dave Roberts
92 Jack Blood 92 Jack Blood
92 Peter Blood 93 Nick Ross
93 Klaus Killianski 95 Gavin Murray
95 Gavin Murray 95 Gavin Murray
95 Ian Heffernan 95 Ashley Croft
96 Kevin Randell 96 Ian McKellar
97 Paul Cusack 97 William Ellis
98 99 Steve Train
99 Bill McCurdy 100
100 Dick Burtenshaw

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