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Continuous list of drivers that have appeared in a Hot Rod during a 50 year span. Across all types of formulas, some drivers may appear several times in this list as they have changed formulas and raced under different numbers. National Hot Rods before 1986 are named as Hot Rods (pre NHRPA), as Hot Rods have become a generic type. Those listed under Hot Rods fall into a mass that raced at Barford, Bovingdon, Buxton, Highwood, Peterborough, Ringwood, Rolling Thunder, SEGTO and Worthing.

The Spedeworth 2L Hot Rods developed from the 1600 Hot Rod class and both rules ran in tandem during 1997, any 2L Hot Rods without an affix (eg PRI, GMP) will be those that raced to the Spedeworth specification.

801 Melvyn Dean Hot Rods
801 Melvin Dean Stock Rods
802 M Miszzycha Stock Rods
802 Mike Brassey Stock Rods
804 Alan McBurney Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
804 Checker Thompson Stock Rods
805 David Leslie Stock Rods
806 Garry Chapman Stock Rods
807 Chris Murfin Stock Rods
807 Dennis Power Stock Rods
807 Steven Carding Stock Rods
808 Robert Richardson Hot Fords
808 Phil Dicker Hot Rods
808 Willie Miller Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
808 Phil Dicker Outlaws
808 Jeff Pritchard Stock Rods
808 Lee Dimicelli Stock Rods
808 Robert Cope Stock Rods
809 Brian Leckie 1600 Hot Rods
809 Brian Leckie Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
809 Brian Leckie National Hot Rods
809 Kenneth Swingewood Stock Rods
810 Terry Nelson Economy Rods
810 Derek Allcock Stock Rods
811 Gerry Moore National Hot Rods
811 Jimmy Gellan National Hot Rods
811 Mark Nason Stock Rods
814 Chris Goldsmith Stock Rods
816 Jim Wardope National Hot Rods
816 Ryan Stoner Saloon Rods FWD
817 Jack Tuffen Stock Rods
817 Thomas Bailey Stock Rods
818 Malcolm Young Stock Rods
819 Adrian Bennett Stock Rods
820 Kevin Wells National Hot Rods
820 Roy Goddard Stock Rods
821 Andrew Dix National Hot Rods
821 Billy Harris National Hot Rods
823 Dave Goodall Stock Rods
823 Paul Williams Stock Rods
825 Philip Elson Stock Rods
827 Richard Marris Stock Rods
829 Stuart Fox Stock Rods
830 Rob Turner Stock Rods
831 Elvin Ravenscroft Stock Rods
832 Jim Wightman National Hot Rods
832 Andy Latham Stock Rods
832 Andy Rogers Stock Rods
834 Nigel Hurley Super Rods
835 Richard Rigby Stock Rods
837 Ian Paul Stock Rods
838 Tim Moody Stock Rods
840 Dean Archer Saloon Rods FWD
841 Chris Harman Stock Rods
843 Ray Watkins Stock Rods
844 Bill Bonnar Snr National Hot Rods
844 Billy Bonnar National Hot Rods
844 Nathan Etheridge Stock Rods
845 David Rose Stock Rods
846 Lindsay Wilson Lightning Rods
848 Allan Ross National Hot Rods
849 Neil Soule Stock Rods
850 Keith Valentine National Hot Rods
850 Stefan Miller Rookie Rods
850 Andrew Miller Stock Rods
852 Paul Simpson Stock Rods
852 Peter Mills Stock Rods
853 Paul Saunders Stock Rods
854 Frank Tart Stock Rods
855 Billy Hay 2L Hot Rods (GMP)
856 Paul Thomas Stock Rods
857 Dave Willis Stock Rods
860 Steve Hall Stock Rods
861 Steve Field Stock Rods
862 Malcolm Chesher 2L Hot Rods (GMP)
862 Carl Checkley Classic Hot Rods
862 Malcolm Chesher Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
862 Malcolm Chesher National Hot Rods
862 Carl Checkley Stock Rods
862 Carl Checkley Super Rods
863 Paul Wightman National Hot Rods
864 Joseph Simpson Stock Rods
865 Alan Henderson Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
865 Alan Henderson National Hot Rods
868 Alan McHattie National Hot Rods
868 Mark Poole Stock Rods
871 Graeme Callender National Hot Rods
871 Gary Black Stock Rods
874 Steven O'Shea National Hot Rods
875 Gordon Hendry National Hot Rods
875 Andrea Stanley Stock Rods
875 Orey Stanley Stock Rods
876 Darren Saunders Stock Rods
876 Lewis Clark Stock Rods
876 Mike Chapman Stock Rods
877 Ian McGuigan National Hot Rods
877 Peter Ricketts Stock Rods
878 John Hubbard Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
878 Michael Wilmot Special Rods
878 Guy Hazell Stock Rods
882 Bob Ballard Lightning Rods
883 Malcolm Songhurst Stock Rods
884 John Cowie National Hot Rods
885 Ian Marr National Hot Rods
885 Tony Rudge Stock Rods
888 Graham Wait Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
888 Jimmy McAlpine National Hot Rods
888 Paul Warner Stock Rods
888 Philip Bailey Stock Rods
889 Brian Catchpole Stock Rods
890 Clive Pickard Stock Rods
892 Rob Montagner Lightning Rods
896 Arnie McKenzie 1600 Hot Rods
896 Phil Drewitt Stock Rods
896 Robert Johnson Stock Rods
898 Steven Bailey Stock Rods
899 Davy Philp National Hot Rods
899 Dave Leech Stock Rods
899 Warren Selby Stock Rods
899 Gavin Taylor Super Rods
900 Roger King 1600 Hot Rods
900 Darren McGeady 2L Hot Rods
900 Jock Burgoyne 2L Hot Rods (GMP)
900 Jock Burgoyne National Hot Rods
900 Peter Rose Rookie Rods
900 Dave Paterson Stock Rods
900 Jock Burgoyne Stock Rods
901 Ian Thompson 1600 Hot Rods
901 Julian Walmsley Hot Rods
901 Chris Foster Lightning Rods
901 Ian Thompson Jnr National Hot Rods
902 Leigh Nicholl 2L Hot Rods
903 Denver McLean 2L Hot Rods
903 Darren McGinley Hot Rods
903 Lee Carlin National Hot Rods
903 Robin Sloan National Hot Rods
904 Nigel McCauley 2L Hot Rods
904 Wilson Hamilton National Hot Rods
905 Kevin Johnson Stock Rods
906 Craig Irwin 2L Hot Rods
906 Eddie Foott National Hot Rods
906 Jason Trueman Stock Rods
907 Robin Martin National Hot Rods
907 Ashley Reid Saloon Rods RWD
908 Andrew Best 2L Hot Rods
908 John O'Regan National Hot Rods
909 Justin Washer Stock Rods
911 Malcolm Blackman 2L Hot Rods
911 Wayne Wing Hot Rods
911 Liam Fahey National Hot Rods
911 Malcolm Blackman National Hot Rods
911 Clayton King Outlaws
911 Wayne King Outlaws
912 0 Hot Rods
913 Ricky Shaw Lightning Rods
914 Francis Allen 2L Hot Rods
915 Leslie Dallas Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
915 Adrian McKinstry Lightning Rods
915 Leslie Dallas National Hot Rods
915 Adrian Smith Stock Rods
916 Mark Keys Lightning Rods
917 Aaron Stewart Lightning Rods
917 Mervyn McReynolds National Hot Rods
917 Jason Bird Stock Rods
918 David McMenemy 2L Hot Rods
918 Richard Stewart Lightning Rods
920 Derek Martin 2L Hot Rods
920 Tim Hazlett Lightning Rods
920 Angie Hyde Stock Rods
921 Martin O'Flaherty Lightning Rods
921 Des Cooney National Hot Rods
923 William Buller 2L Hot Rods
923 Kenny Cooke Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
923 Steve Emerson Lightning Rods
923 Orey Stanley National Hot Rods
924 Craig Phillips National Hot Rods
924 Craig Phillips Stock Rods
924 Mel Cooke Stock Rods
924 Stuart Wright Stock Rods
925 Mike McBratney 2L Hot Rods
926 Davy Hearst Lightning Rods
927 Alvin Doak 2L Hot Rods
927 Mo Rainey Lightning Rods
927 Dan Stroud Saloon Rods FWD
927 Dan Stroud Saloon Rods RWD
927 Karl Bishop Stock Rods
928 Dave Leech Stock Rods
929 Steven Talbot Stock Rods
930 Dermot Meenehan National Hot Rods
931 Mark Madill 2L Hot Rods
931 Mark Madill Lightning Rods
932 Davy Evans Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
933 Gary Campbell 2L Hot Rods
934 Philip Wilson Lightning Rods
935 Philip Beattie 2L Hot Rods
936 Alan Wilson 2L Hot Rods
936 John English National Hot Rods
936 Mike Scutt Outlaws
937 Ivor Greenwood Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
937 Ben McKee Lightning Rods
939 Pat Canavan National Hot Rods
940 Gary Woolsey National Hot Rods
941 Wayne McClure 1600 Hot Rods
941 Wayne McClure 2L Hot Rods
941 Wayne McClure National Hot Rods
942 Davy McCall 1600 Hot Rods
942 Davy McCall 2L Hot Rods
942 Jason Gibson Hot Fords
942 Davy McCall National Hot Rods
943 Robert Cairns 2L Hot Rods
943 Jason Devlin Lightning Rods
943 Robert Cairns Lightning Rods
944 Ronnie McMillan 2L Hot Rods
944 Ronnie McMillan National Hot Rods
945 Jonny McMillan Lightning Rods
946 Sean Donnelly 2L Hot Rods
946 Ivan McMillan National Hot Rods
947 Eric Wakefield 2L Hot Rods
947 Gordon McKee Lightning Rods
948 Alvin Doak 2L Hot Rods
948 Alvin Doak National Hot Rods
949 Andrew Best 2L Hot Rods
950 Wayne Woolsey 1600 Hot Rods
950 Norman Woolsey Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
950 Peter Saunter Lightning Rods
950 Norman Woolsey National Hot Rods
951 Denis Kinane National Hot Rods
955 Damien Mulvey National Hot Rods
955 Frank Tart Stock Rods
957 Mervyn Crawford 2L Hot Rods
960 Mark Heatrick Lightning Rods
960 Mark Heatrick National Hot Rods
961 Trevor Heatrick Lightning Rods
961 Tom Casey National Hot Rods
962 Ormond Christie Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
962 John Christie National Hot Rods
962 Ormond Christie National Hot Rods
962 Richard Mucklow Stock Rods
963 Gary Clarke 2L Hot Rods
963 Alan Wilson National Hot Rods
963 Terry Maxwell National Hot Rods
963 Nigel Downing Stock Rods
964 Dane Ferry Lightning Rods
967 Neville Stanley National Hot Rods
968 Glen Hetherington 2L Hot Rods
968 Bruce Burges National Hot Rods
969 Ryan Abernethy 2L Hot Rods
970 John Murray 2L Hot Rods
970 Andy Cochrane Lightning Rods
970 John Murray National Hot Rods
970 Sean Murphy National Hot Rods
970 Shane Murphy National Hot Rods
972 Willie Hardie 2L Hot Rods
972 Adrian Done Stock Rods
974 Gary Beggs Lightning Rods
975 Davy Potter 1600 Hot Rods
975 Davy Potter 2L Hot Rods
976 Clive Richardson National Hot Rods
977 Ian McReynolds Lightning Rods
977 John Simms National Hot Rods
978 Anthony Pettingill Stock Rods
979 Richard Turtle National Hot Rods
980 Will Scott National Hot Rods
981 Jeff Richardson 2L Hot Rods
982 Gary Wilson 2L Hot Rods
982 Tom McSweeney National Hot Rods
982 James Baker Stock Rods
984 Sean Dynes 2L Hot Rods
984 Barry English National Hot Rods
985 Malcolm Clein National Hot Rods
987 Francis Rafferty Lightning Rods
988 Fergal McNally 2L Hot Rods
988 Kevin Shiels National Hot Rods
990 Colin McFarlane 2L Hot Rods
992 Lawrence McMenemy 1600 Hot Rods
992 Lawrence McMenemy 2L Hot Rods
992 Vince Litter Lightning Rods
993 Tony McCarthy Stock Rods
994 Keith Martin 1600 Hot Rods
994 Keith Martin National Hot Rods
994 Clint Wykes Stock Rods
995 Davy Clarke 2L Hot Rods
996 Davy Kidd 1600 Hot Rods
996 Stewart Doak 2L Hot Rods
996 Stewart Doak Lightning Rods
996 Stewart Doak National Hot Rods
996 Malcolm Tedd Stock Rods
997 Andrew Murray 2L Hot Rods
997 Andrew Murray National Hot Rods
998 Anthony Hawkins National Hot Rods
998 Anthony Hawkins Outlaws
998 Jonathan Greene Stock Rods
999 Andy Wildsmith Hot Rods
999 Keith Newman Hot Rods (pre NHRPA)
999 Glenn Bell Stock Rods

501 - 800

844 Billy Bonnar 848 Allan Ross
871 Graeme Callender 874
876 Lewis Clark 894 Colm O'Sullivan
902 Nigel Jackson 904 Wilson Hamilton
904 Wilson Hamilton 911 Malcolm Blackman
911 Malcolm Blackman 911 Malcolm Blackman
911 Harry Steward 914 Allen Cherry
917 Aaron Stewart 918 Richard Stewart
918 Richard Stewart 920 Derek Martin
924 Mervyn Emerson 928 Dave Leech
928 Dave Leech 929
931 Mark Madill 933
935 Philip Beattie 940 Gary Woolsey
940 Gary Woolsey 940 Gary Woolsey
944 Ronnie McMillan 944 Ronnie McMillan
949 Andy Best 950 Norman Woolsey
950 Norman Woolsey 959 Adam Best
959 Adam Best 960 Mark Heatrick
961 Tom Casey 961 Tom Casey
962 John Christie 962 John Christie
962 Winston Weir 964 Bradley Dynes
966 Thomas Dilly 970 Scott Cochrane
970 Shane Murphy 970 Shane Murphy
974 Gary Beggs 976 Joel Richardson
976 Clive Richardson 977 Ian McReynolds
979 Richard Turtle 983 Vince Campbell
992 Vince Litter 994 Keith Martin
997 Andrew Murray 997 Andrew Murray
999 Gill Anderson

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