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12/5 Thunder Rods Points: DMC - 2017 NI Points
Robert McIlroy 110, John Goligher 80, Samuel Montgomery 80, Daniel Rodgers 72, David Wilson 64

1/5 Rookie Rods Points: Spedeworth - Chart 4
Lee Ribbans 92, Jack Vincent 76, Jessica Phillips 70, Jack White 62, Chris Head 62

1/5 Junior Rods Points: Spedeworth - Chart 4
Perry Cooke 46, Zachery Lammas 39, George Baker 36, Caine Silk 32, Ellis Skoyles 25

1/5 CC Rods - Lochgelly Heats: Michael McNiven, Jamie Bell. Final: Jack Robertson

1/5 Thunder Rods - Aghadowey Heats: Graham Young, Daniel Rodgers. Final: Graham Young

1/5 Open Rods Points
Ian Whittaker 115, Dave Swingewood 115, Scott Thompson 81, Jak Parsons 71, Stuart Bromley 68

1/5 Open Rods - Skegness Heats: Chris Cooley, Scott Thompson, Final: Ian Whittaker

30/4 Open Rods - Skegness Heats: Lynden Hazlehurst, Stuart Bromley Final: Chris Cooley

29/4 CC Rods - Lochgelly Heats: Jack Robertson, Jamie Brown. Final: Colin Wotherspoon

29/4 Junior Productions - Tullyroan Heats: Ben Bruce *2 Final: Adam McFall

29/4 Junior Rods - Arena Essex Rolling Thunder Show Winter Series concludes and trophies presented to the top 3 of Harvey Hendy, Steven Chandler and Austen Hayes.

29/4 Euro Rods Rolling Thunder Show Winter Series concludes and trophies presented to the top 3 of Terry Emberson, Warren Constable and Daniel Leatham.

17/4 Thunder Rods - Aghadowey Heats: Ashley Hawe, Andrew McLean. Final: Robert McIlroy

17/4 Junior Micra Rods - Buxton Heats: 1, 1 Final: 1

17/4 Fast Fords - Buxton Heats: 295, 14 Final: 67

17/4 Rookie Rods - Ipswich Chris Head goes one better than his last meeting by taking the final.

16/4 Junior Rods - Great Yarmouth Perry Cooke kicks off the Dolphin Travel Series by taking the win. The earlier heats are won by Ellis Skoyles and Zachery Lammas.

15/4 Junior Productions - Tullyroan Heats: Ben Bruce, Adam Weir. Final: Adam Weir

7/4 CC Rods - Lochgelly Heats: Jamie Brown, Jack Robertson. Final: Jack Robertson

2/4 Hot Fords - Buxton - Northern and Midland Championship Heats: Luke Pepper, Richard Handy Final: Dave Carter

2/4 Rookie Rods - Northampton An away for the formula sees Lee Ribbans win the final. Tom Froggatt and David Hunwicks win the heats.

19/3 Junior Micra Rods - Buxton Heats: Ben Germany *2 Final: Will Cooley

19/3 Fast Fords - Buxton Heats: Ted Heath, Kevin Heath Final: John Plater

18/3 CC Rods - Lochgelly Heats: Kevin Donaldson *2 Final: Jack Robertson

18/3 Rookie Rods - Ipswich The first Foxhall meeting of the year for the class sees wins for Dan Abbott, Gary Betts and Luke Dabson.

12/3 Open Rods - Buxton Heats: Jak Parsons, Ian Whittaker, Dan Ranson Final: Jak Parsons

12/3 Junior Rods - Wimbledon The last winner of the class at the London venue was Zachery Lammas ahead of Tyler Ivins. The other heats being won by Ben Spence and Perry Cooke.

12/3 Hot Fords - Buxton Heats: Graham Haywood, Craig Bennett Final: Benjo Bell

11/3 Thunder Rods - Aghadowey Heats: Robert McIlroy, Gareth Robinson. Final: Gareth Robinson

8/1 Rookie Rods - Wimbledon Reece Beldom won the first race of the year and followed that up by winning the next heat. Beldom was fourth in the longer final that was won by Lee Ribbans.

1/1 Incarods - Birmingham The opening meeting of the year sees a double for Dean Quinsee with Hayley Harvey winning the other heat.


5/11 Incarods - Birmingham Adam Priest wraps up the year by winning the I-Factor final. The heats were won by Luke Willmett.

9/10 Super Rods - Buxton Probably the last meeting for the formula. Heats are won by Dave Willis and David Leeks, Leeks takes the 6 car grid final.

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