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My first year racing 2016 For those lucky enough to meet me face to face have usually been racing drivers and they normal put a question to me “how’s your racing going” – and unfortunately it didn’t go to plan.

The pick-up I purchased was built for tarmac racing and I should have gone down that route. I tested the car at Arena Essex and although I wasn’t mega quick I was by the end of the day feeling comfortable in the car and found my limits. The tyres were second hand and the engine wasn’t in the best shape but felt happy.
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Shady lady 2015 I always knew that the biggest challenge to racing would not be my race ability but the homework required to make sure the car is race worthy. This is my adventure to get an almost race ready car to being race ready.

When I bought the car I knew there would need to be a few little changes to suit me but I thought I would be on track quite quickly. Winter set in and working on the car became very difficult, no garage and nowhere to keep the car was tough originally but the knowledge I needed wasn’t there. In steps my dad who without him I wouldn’t be able to compete, he has the tools, the time and wants to share his wealth of knowledge. I’m gradually getting more tools, improving my skills and understanding the need for certain parts of the car but would be lost without him. read more

Living the dream 2014 Some people dream about being a professional footballer others want to be rich or famous, for this webmaster it was all about being a Hot Rod driver. This is the story of Paul Ballard, my story, the one about being a being a former Hot Rod super-fan.

Step back to 1988 and a young Paul Ballard got his first taste of oval racing and instantly was hooked, from seeing Stock Cars at Eastbourne it wasn’t long before Wimbledon was visited and the first glimpse of Hot Rods. read more

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