Hot Rod racing latest and links

New Stock Rod World Champ
Marc Morrell wins at Aghadowey

National Hot Rods N.Irish
Shane Murray wins title by just one point

National Hot Rods English
Kym Weaver secures English points title

Ballymena 40th anniversary
John Christie wins NHR Irish Open

ORC Stock Rods European
Won by Leon Stewart at Cowdenbeath

The Final Wimbledon

National Hot Rods Aldershot
Chris Haird wins the final ahead of Kew

Stock Rod European Championship
ORC version preview

Stock Rod World Qualifiers
Spedeworth: 5, 60, 171, 207, 212, 319, 447

Stock Rods Midland Championship
Ed Trofer wins final, 45 cars race

Stock Rods ORC Championship
Jim Pitcaithly wins at St Day

Derek Martin practice crash
No score in Round 11

First online programme produced
Cowdenbeath 29th April 2017

Lightning Rods English
Reid Murray wins but only 12 cars finish

Where do we go from here?

NHR European
Carl Waller-Barrett retains title

Last ever Wimbledon
Shane Bland wins final ahead of Murray

Wimbledon. She's gone
Tim Moody memories

For Sale
Championship winning Lightning Rod

Stock Rods English Championship
Res: 212, 300, 224, 5, 313, 144

Remembering the great

Classic Hot Rods London Championship
Res: 210, 72, 271

2L Hot Rods Hoosier R2
Res: 43, 330, 8, 96, 565

National Hot Rods Eng WQ8
Res: 174, 31, 95, 115, 117, 339

Lightning Rods London Championship
Res: 387, 411, 339 320, 591, 53

2L Hot Rods London Championship
George Turiccki wins last ever Wimbledon

2L Hot Rods London Championship
Racepixels gallery

Gordon Hendry's new NHR
Seen testing at Lochgelly's first session

Slick Cars @ Hednesford
Additional meeting added to 12th March

Arena Essex 2017
PRI fixture overview

New formula: Thunder Rods
Construction rules on RTS

National Hot Rods new series
4 Nations Cup details

Joan Purdie Memorial meeting: 26th Feb
Includes Nationals, Classic and 2 Litres

Classic Hot Rods Scotland
New series begins Cowdenbeath 20th May

Classic Hot Rods NI
Dilly Roofing Supplies to sponsor series

ORC Stock Rod World
To be held Ballymena 25-26 August

ORC Stock Rod rules
2017 technical specifications

The year ahead in Hot Rods

Ipswich practice session 25th Feb
Daytime includes 'stock car market' in pits

Current driver profiles
Alastair Stewart + Jordan Murray

Past driver profiles
Ken Avis + David Jarvis

Rob Austin back in NHR
BTCC racer to appear at National Champs.

Questionaire: profile
Add your driver profile to WJS

Stock Rods London Championship
Daniel Rea takes final from Joe Smith

Additional Rookie Rod fixture
Added to Northampton Sat 11th February

Remembering the great

Classic Hot Rods 2017
Active drivers

Stock Rods 2017
Active drivers in ORC and non-ORC

2L Hot Rods 2017
Active drivers and top finishes

Lightning Rods 2017
Active drivers and top finishes

National Hot Rods 2017
Active drivers and top finishes

NHR Winternational - Ballymena
Glenn Bell wins ahead of Sloan and McKee

2L Winternational - Wimbledon
George Turiccki takes heat and final

Save Grimley Raceway
Petition to support track

Wimbledon petition
13,000 signatures handed to Downing Street

2L Hoosier Series
Martin Codling wins series ahead of Shelley

Dear Santa
Oval racing wish list

Duffy Collard
WJS obituary and achievements

Spedeworth fixtures
January to March 2017

Ringwood fixtures
2017 confirmed dates

Oval Racing Expo 2017 - 21/22 Jan
Schedule for all 81 races

Wimbledon Farewell meeting
NHR included, tickets for sale

2L World Final 2017 in N.Ireland
DMC to host during 22nd-23rd July

NHR European 2017 at Lochgelly
HRP to host during 1st-2nd April with Classics

Spedeworth Obituary
Mick Collard

NHR Best in Britain
Photos by Ditch Dalton

National Hot Rods Best in Britain
Revised Result: 42, 76, 95, 174, 964, 117

Classic Hot Rods Best in Britain
Result: 72, 333, 121, 924, 5, 91

2L Hot Rods Best in Britain
Photos by Matt Bull @ Racepixels

Lightning Rods Best in Britain
Photos by Matt Bull @ Racepixels

2L Hot Rods Best in Britain
Result: 43, 186, 303, 11, 565, 745

Lightning Rods Best in Britain
Result: 337, 387, 636, 53, 591, 627

Last date announced for 26th March 2017

Arena Essex Outlaw Points Championship
Top 3: 711, 278, 350

Oval driver of the year
Downforce Radio poll

2L Hot Rods
Jason Wilks and Kevin Randell return for Best

Lightning Rods European Championship
Result: 7, 974, 591, 50, 337, 53

Autosport International Show
Oval racing will be included for 2017

National Hot Rods Irish Open
Result: 261, 70, 20

2 Litre Hot Rods OMI Cup
Result: 961, 162, 68

Stock Rods Feature
Promoting at Swaffham Raceway

Spedeweekend 2016
Controversial moments

Spedeweekend 2016