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WQ Points: England R13
Kym Weaver 442, Chris Haird 432, Jason Kew 403, Colin Smith 394, Gavin Murray 387

14/5 Aldershot Chris Haird made up his Hednesford misery by taking the final ahead of Jason Kew. The heats were won by Layton Milsom and Steve Dudman.

14/5 Tipperary Heats: Les Compelli *2. Final: Damian Mulvey

WQ Points: N.Ireland R12
John Christie 474, Shane Murray 463, Gary Wilson 451, Derek Martin 449, Jaimie McCurdy 446

12/5 Aghadowey Jaimie McCurdy won his first race since changing to a Ginetta, the first win for such car in Northern Ireland. The heats were won by Ian McReynolds and Simon Kennedy.

Keith Martin - 30 years To mark 30 years since winning the British Championship (his first major title in National Hot Rods), there was a special presentation at Aghadowey prior to the start of the racing.

WQ Points: N.Ireland R11
Gary Wilson 433, John Christie 428, Shane Murray 422, Derek Martin 419, Adam Heatrick 413

5/5 Ballymena Points leader Derek Martin crashed heavily in practice when his throttle stuck open leaving him perched up against the wall, by the end of the meeting he was fourth in the points. Gary Wilson became the new leader by virtue of winning the final, whilst Carl Sloan's attempt at qualifying looks a lot harder after being loaded up for taking out Shane Murray. Tommy Maxwell won both heats.

WQ Points: England R12
Kym Weaver 408, Chris Haird 380, Jason Kew 359, Colin Smith 357, Gavin Murray 349

1/5 Hednesford Bradley Dynes took the final and almost the opening heat but was later docked; the heats then went to Jack Blood who had started from the whites. There was debuts for Nigel Beardsmore and Chris Crane in the ex-Bell Tigra. After a decade plus in yellow Chris Haird opted for a black colour scheme.

29/4 Tullyroan Mark Heatrick almost scored a maximum with two win and a third place, Ben McKee being the other heat winner.

23/4 Crimond Jim Cowie won all three races that also saw Paul Yule make his first start from the red grade and Gordon Hendry race the ex-Christie Tigra.

17/4 Aghadowey A heat and final for John Christie sees him jump up to second in the points. The other heat being won by Conor McElmeel, his first since stepping up to National Hot Rods.

17/4 Ipswich Kym Weaver maintains his good form by winning his second final in a row.

14/4 Ballymena Shane Murray almost scores a maximum with a heat and final win, plus a second in the other heat which was won by Keith Martin. Adam Maxwell drops from first to fifth in the points, Derek Martin now leading by 3 points. Kenny McCann made his debut in a Vauxhall Corsa.

14/4 Northampton The traditional Good Friday meeting is won by Kym Weaver. The returning Jack Blood wins the opening heat and Aaron Dew wins his first race since changing to Ginetta. Haird still leads the points, Weaver now up to second; Shaun Taylor moves into a qualifying place at the expense of Mikey Godfrey.

9/4 Tipperary Jeff Riordan took a heat and final. With Shane Murphy not racing again he is now 122 points away from qualification and looking unlikely to qualify this July.

2/4 Lochgelly The Scottish Open which also doubles up as the Malcolm Chesher Memorial and Round 1 for the Four Nations Cup was won by Rob McDonald.

1/4 European Championship - Lochgelly Carl Waller-Barrett retains the title after passing early leader David Casey in traffic who later spun out. Weaver, McDonald and CWB won the heats; a second and sixth place gave Casey pole position.
162, 209, 117, 9, 20, 174, 70, 115, 95, 199
Previous winners
European Championship

26/3 London Championship - Wimbledon Shane Bland wins the final of the last ever meeting from the famous London venue after easing by Steve Dudman won both heats. Top 3 in the points of Haird, Kew and Hillard remain the same after this meeting.

18/3 Cowdenbeath Graeme Callender wins a very wet final, Rob McDonald takes the heats.

4/3 Birmingham Jason Kew won the final, after falling back mid-point he regained the lead winning ahead of Dick Hillard and Gavin Murray. Layton Milsom and Shane Bland won the heats. The new Ginettas being raced were in the hands of Stuart McLaird, Aaron Dew and Rich Adams. MK Pics Gallery

4/3 Lochgelly The Northern Irish trio of Glenn Bell, Adam Maxwell and Adam Hylands took the top places in the final. Bell and Jim Cowie won the heats. Billy Bonnar was loaded up for a technical infringement.

Four Nations Cup New series introduced to score points from the final meetings of the day from the National Championship (Hednesford), European (Lochgelly), British (Tullyroan) and Irish Masters (Tipperary). The series is backed by Cele Services.

Mid season points At the Winter break Chris Haird leads the English Series by 50 points over Billy Wood, Colin Smith and Kym Weaver. In Northern Ireland Adam Maxwell now leads from Gary Wilson, Derek Martin and previous leader Adam Heatrick. David Casey leads in Ireland, while a missed round from Shane Murphy sees him outside a qualifying position. Billy Bonnar leads in Scotland. Of the 32 drivers in qualifying places, 29 have previously qualified for the World Final.

Autosport Show The new Ginetta from Rich Adams was on display in its Chris Prior Graphics livery. The nationalhotrod.com awards were given to Adam Maxwell (Driver of the year), Kym Weaver (Best presented car and team), Paul Gomm (Most improved) and Shane Murray (Best newcomer).

2/1 Winternationals - Ballymena Glenn Bell took the title after his main rivals retired from the final, those being heat winners Shane Murray and John Christie. Carl Sloan and Ben McKee followed Bell home in the title race.


Billy Wood ban Following the incident in the final where Billy Wood (who had been leading) tangled with the back-marking Terry Hunn and Paul Trimmer he is now banned for the next 4 meetings.

20/11 Best in Britain - Wimbledon After the top 4 in the final were initially docked places, a revised result was given handing the win to first on the road Shane Bland; Gavin Murray was given the win on the night even though he was 5th and now takes 3rd. The heats were won by Bland, Billy Wood and Steve Dudman.
Final: 42, 76, 95, 174, 964, 117, 199, 48, 155, 113

6/11 Hednesford Rob McDonald took his second final in as many days, he had opened the day with a heat win too. Lee Pepper took the next one which was his first since rebodying his car as a 206cc and Shane Bland the other heat. A cold meeting also saw Ralph Sanders return to racing.

5/11 Lochgelly A brilliant 16 car entry included Adam Maxwell, Tommy Maxwell and David Kernohan - all 3 would race at Hednesford the following day. Not normally a regular in the Scottish Series Rob McDonald took heat and final, Billy Bonnar won the other heat and Adam Maxwell was second in every race.

30/10 Irish Open - Tipperary David Casey completes a successful weekend by winning the Irish Open and Pat Canavan Memorial. Jaimie McCurdy won the other title race on offer the Davy Evans Memorial Cup. There was also heat wins for the recently returned David O'Regan and Shane Murray.

28/10 Aghadowey A record 21 cars started the meeting. Carl Sloan won the opening heat but just couldn't get by Simon Kennedy in the next one. For the final Sloan led until Adam Maxwell moved by on his inside.

22/10 Ipswich As so often the final Ipswich of the year is a messy one. Layton Milsom was loaded up, Aaron Dew was given the wrong grid position in the final, Billy Wood didn't start in protest, Bradley Dynes was docked from winning the final and NHRPA officials resigned. However Adam Maxwell did perform a cracking drive in the final to secure second behind Chris Haird. Paul Frost debutted the next Ginetta.

18/9 British Championship - Tullyroan Adam Hylands took another major title, poleman Derek Martin spun himself out in the early gerasy conditions yet recovered for third behind Glenn Bell who had spent a few laps on Hylands outside before finished nearly half a lap behind. Bell and McCurdy won the qualifying heats.
Final: 54, 9, 20, 994, 962, 82, 76, 31, 977, 162
Previous winners
British Championship

18/9 Leslie Dallas Memorial - Tullyroan Following the British Championship Hylands won the race but a tyre infringement saw him disqualified from that race handing the win to Derek Martin from Keith Martin and Gary Wilson. The British revenge race was won by Ian McReynolds.

29/8 Northampton David York took a heat and final double with recently returned Stuart McLaird and Paul Frost winning the other heats.

27/8 Ballymena The hatchback revivial continues with Ian McReynolds winning heat and final in his Saxo, the opening heat goes to first time winner Philip McCloy.

20/8 Birmingham Layton Milsom wins the opening two heats, although Danny Hunn was disqualifed from first in the first one. Track specialist Mikey Godfrey won the other one. European Champion Carl Waller-Barrett took the final.

20/8 Aghadowey Shane Murray nearly took a hat-rick but was denied by Adam Heatrick in the opening heat.

20/8 Cowdenbeath Billy Bonnar won the opening heat before recording a DNF and last. Paul Cusack won his first National Hot Rod race and then Graeme Callender the final.

13/8 Tipperary Shane Murphy took heat and final success but in the borrowed Stewart Doak Tigra after picking up serious damage at the National Championship; Damien Mulvey won the other heat.

6/8 National Championship - Hednesford Qualifying heats won by Jason Kew, Rob McDonald, Glenn Bell, Shane Bland, Jack Blood and Adam Maxwell. The last chance qualifier is won by Ken Marriott. Adam Hylands takes the title from pole ahead of Carl Waller-Barrett and Rob McDonald. The NHRPA Championship is won by John Christie now racing the 20 year Fiesta.
Final: 54, 162, 117, 20, 261, 994, 115, 174, 960, 305 Mylaps
Previous winners National Championship

24/7 Aldershot Paul Gomm wins the heats in the first English round. The final is taken by Billy Wood ahead of Chris Haird and Rob McDonald.

16/7 Lochgelly Billy Bonnar kicks off the qualifying campaign by winning every race of a 9 car grid.

16/7 Tipperary David Casey leads home Shane Murphy in every race of the new qualifying series. Every car that raced was a Tigra A.

15/7 Ballymena Keith Martin takes a heat and final double in the Hankook sponsored NI Series. Simon Kennedy wins the opening heat.

3/7 World Championship - Ipswich
Final: 76, 261, 162, 304, 117, 42, 174, 199, 82, 491
Betfred Trophy: 339, 304, 31, 209, 174, 117,
Nick Thomas Mem: 304, 209, 261, 162, 174
Wildcard: 342, 196, 44, 925, 55, 136 Heats: 369 + 66

18/6 Thunder 500 - Ipswich Heats are won by Jason Kew and Shane Murray, that gives Brett Walter pole. Murray takes the win from Billy Wood, with Walter being penalised to finish fifth. Keith Martin races the ex-Christie Tigra and Stuart McLaird returns in the ex-Dynes Tigra.
Final: 70, 305, 162, 42, 217, 117, 199, 31, 940, 23

1/6 Points With the qualifying rounds completed and dropped scored applied the winners of the points are Carl Waller-Barrett(England), Shane Murphy (Ireland) and Adam Maxwell (N. Ireland)

30/5 Ipswich Danny Fiske inherits the final after Jack Blood is dropped. Returnee Colin Gomm wins both heats in his Mercedes. Andy Lee was back after an even longer break now racing as 289. Carl Waller-Barrett wrapped the English Series by finishing the final in 9th and taking the title by one point from Shane Bland who finished behind him on the road.

29/5 Tullyroan Adam Maxwell moved by Derek Martin to take the NI Points title, aided by playing his joker and a second place in the final. Gary Wilson took a heat and final to secure his qualifying position. Andy Stewart won the opening heat after Philip McCloy ran wide.

20/5 Ballymena Adam Maxwell takes the meeting final at a wet meeting to move closer to the top of the points. Mark Heatrick wins both heats.

15/5 Aldershot Layton Milsom takes the opening heat, before Mikey Godfrey takes the second heat that is stopped several times. Godfrey wins the final from pole by half a car length from Carl Waller Barrett. The updated points sees Bland still leading ahead of Waller-Barrett, Lehec and Smith.

2/5 Hednesford Steve Dudman secures pole with two wins in the wet heats before crashing out at the start of the final, which is won by Rob McDonald (his second in a row).

1/5 Crimond Graeme Callender results improve over the day with a 3rd, 2nd and 1st in the final; Ian Donaldson wins both heats. Steven Armitt debuts.

30/4 Tullyroan Jaimie McCurdy wins all 3 races

23/4 Northampton Chris Lehec won the heats and lead the start of the final before Rob McDonald squeezed by to win the final.

22/4 Ballymena Returning from injury Shane Murray took a hat-trick, only 9 cars finished the final from the 17 that started the day.

9/4 Lochgelly - European Championship Carl Waller-Barrett turned pole into his first championship win in the class, followed home by Chris Haird, Glenn Bell and Billy Wood. The qualifying heats were won by Haird, Billy Bonnar and Bell. The Scottish Open the following day was won by Derek Martin.

28/3 Ipswich Danny Fiske plays his Joker and wins the final on new tyres. As per Northampton Danny Hunn is spun out of a leading position in the final. Aaron Dew wins both heats.

28/3 Aghadowey After picking up heavy damage at Ballymena Jaimie McCurdy repaired his Tigra B to take a heat and final double. Ben McKee won the other heat.

25/3 Ballymena Glenn Bell takes all 3 races. The opening heat sees Heatrick and McCurdy pick up damage. Adam Hylands is removed from results after failing weigh-in.

25/3 Northampton Danny Hunn wins both heats, to give the Mazda its maiden wins. Carl Waller-Barrett takes the final ahead of Jason Kew after first on the road Colin Smith was disqualified for spinning out leader Danny Hunn.

19/3 Tullyroan - Practice Session John Christie sets the fastest lap of the well attended session with 13.503; the day also sees Conor McElmeel and Philip McCloy out for the first time.

18/3 Points The top 2 of Shane Bland and Kym Weaver remains unchanged but the biggest mover is Colin Smith in third place.

13/3 Hednesford Danny Fiske wins the final ahead of Chris Haird. The heats were taken by Rich Adams (who then qualified on pole) and Martin Heath.

12/3 Aghadowey - Practice Session Adam Hylands records the fastest time of the day with 14.112s after completing more than 100 laps in the day.

5/3 Birmingham Kym Weaver takes the final, then has the victory taken away due to weight issues, this victory is reinstated the following day. Ken Marriott, Steve Dudman and Colin Smith wins the heats. Weaver moves within 11 points of leader Shane Bland.

5/3 Lochgelly A successful night for Billy Bonnar as he takes heat and final (plus 2 heats in the 2L Hot Rods), Ian Donaldson wins the other heat and finishes second to Bonnar in the other races.

28/2 Hednesford - Practice Session Smaller grid compared to the previous night, Aaron Dew sets the fastest time of 13.984s.

27/2 Ipswich - Practice Night Kym Weaver is fastest of 12 cars, setting a best lap of 14.816s; next quickest were Chris Haird, Danny Fiske and Colin Smith.

16/1 Autosport Show Hot Rods from the 1960's, 70's and 80's are displayed alongside the latest Mazda RX8 of Danny Hunn. World Champion Shane Murphy and Matt Wells (ex-Hunn car) are also present with Tigras. The indoor racing sees 8, 27, 43, 55, 66, 174, 196, 278, 308, 333, 344, 467, 615

1/1 Ballymena - Winternationals Keith Martin takes a heat and final double, finishing ahead of Carl Sloan who won the other heat. Brisca F2 pilot Christopher Kincaid debuted.


Provisional fixtures English and Scottish series to kick off 5th March at Birmingham and Lochgelly, Northern Ireland begins Good Friday 25th March at Ballymena. The Spedeweekend returns to the first weekend of July.

16/11 Wimbledon - Best in Britain Jason Kew takes the title with John Christie closing towards the end. Christie and Shane Bland were both docked for contact in the race promoting Chris Haird and Dick Hillard. The heats were won by Kew and Bland. Terry Hunn raced his Mazda but clipped the fence after completing one lap.
Final: 174, 115, 31, 962, 42, 199, 629, 362, 615, 152
Previous winners Best in Britain

7/11 Lochgelly Ian Donaldson takes a heat final in the last qualifier of the year. Billy Bonnar also returns after his year ban.

1/11 Hednesford Shane Bland takes the final after heat winners Ralph Sanders and Layton Milsom crash out at the start. Ivan Grayson wins the other heat. Danny Hunn races the first Mazda RX8 Hot Rod in the UK, albeit the car that Terry Hunn will race. Former 2L World Champion Kevin Randell makes one-off appearance as 396.

30/10 Ballymena Derek Martin wins the final. Heat winners are Ben McKee and Adam Hylands.

24/10 Tipperary Shane Murphy wins both the Davy Evans Memorial and Euro Challenge Cup.

17/10 Birmingham Kym Weaver takes the meeting final being chased home by Mikey Godfrey.

3/10 Tipperary - Irish Open World Champion Shane Murphy adds another title to his collection winning ahead of David Casey and Derek Martin. Heats won by John Christie and Casey; Ben McKee rolls.

11/9 Ballymena Jaimie McCurdy takes all 3 races.

6/9 Tullyroan - Leslie Dallas Memorial Glenn Bell takes a heat and final double to secure the title. Other placemen are David Casey, Billy Wood and first heat winner Adam Maxwell

What are they? National Hot Rods are the premier hot rod formula, With over 50 years of evolution, the class has developed from the original hot rods of the 1960's. The formula is expensive and attracts the best drivers chasing the top prize in Hot Rod racing.

They resemble road cars through their silhouette but are a tubular spaceframe clad in lightweight panels (kevlar/ glassfibre) powered by a highly tuned 2 litre engine (Vauxhall/ Ford 16 valve) outputting around 240 bhp. The cars are rear wheel drive running on Hoosier 10 inch slicks. Although a strict rule book is in the place the allowance of competition parts is greatest in this class of Hot Rods.

The original Hot Rods in 1963 allowed for modified cars for akin to Stock Cars but the formula moved towards saloon based cars with the Ford Escort being the car of choice through the 1970s before the hybrid era in the 1980s where lighter cars were favoured most notably the Toyota Starlet.

From the early 1990s spaceframes became common and the choice bodyshapes were the Peugeot 205 and Ford Fiesta, but with a desire to have a lower height car the Vauxhall Tigra is the current the car of choice for a decade. The sport has drifted away from hatchback styled cars to coupe and sportscar. The latest new model to join the class is from Ginetta.

The formula is governed by the NHRPA, an organisation to bring unity across different countries. As Hot Rods developed there was a need to run to the same rules, this created the name 'National Hot Rods' with Hot Rods being used by many promoters as a generic name to non-contact oval racing regardless of rules being used. Many formulas have spawned from them as cheaper alternatives and a stepping stone to the class.

The 1970s is hailed as the Golden Age of the sport with the Big 3 of Barry Lee, George Polley and Mick Collard helping to drive the popularity of the sport under the leading promoter of the time Spedeworth. Over time, cars became quicker and more expensive that effected competing drivers at each meeting. During a typical year are now 14 qualifying rounds in England plus major championships, other countries run a similar amount of meetings.

A year long qualifying series takes places in England, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland that allows for 32 drivers to race for the World Championship that has always been held at Ipswich traditionally during the first weekend in July. The other major title is the National Championship at Hednesford ran over two days, with points deciding grid positions. This is the oldest title in Hot Rods.

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