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Please note this is not an official list supplied by PRI, Rolling Thunder, GMP, Thunder Valley, Buxton, Ringwood, Mendip Hills or Grimley it is for viewing purposes only.

No. Driver / Car / Hometown / Championship Success
007 Alan Milford Peugeot 206
7 Ian McGuigan Vauxhall Tigra
8 Stu Hammond Audi TT Croydon, Surrey
8 David Owen Ford Escort mk1
18 Larry Langmead Ford Focus Newton Abbot, Devon
20 Dave Fry Ford Escort mk1
22 Alex Williams Citroen Saxo
24 Roger Wright Peugeot 206 Wheelock, Cheshire
26 Gavin Jones Peugeot 206
27 Mikey Godfrey Vauxhall Tigra B
32 Mike Snelgrove Ford Fiesta mk3
35 Neil Muddle VW Corrado Brislington, Bristol
43 Ramon Roeffen Audi TT Germany
44 Lee Rogers Peugeot 205 Chelmsford, Essex
44 Gary Anderson
46 Dave Saxon Vauxhall Corsa Hayes, Middlesex
54 Mike Plant Peugeot 205
55 Alastair Lowe Vauxhall Tigra Gloucs
66 Nick Garner Mitsubishi Colt
77 Arthur Roxborough
81 Lee Parsons
82 Paul Nevin
82 Keith Richens
85 Walter Nevin
85 Paul Perry Vauxhall Tigra
86 Mick Ramsay Vauxhall Corsa
87 Gareth Nevin
89 Mick Cave Vauxhall Tigra Burgess Hill, Sussex
97 Sean Cusack Vauxhall Tigra Manchester
98 Andy Goodman
99 Barry Limer Ford Fiesta mk4
103 Lewis Shelley Chelmsford, Essex
113 Greg Guillou
117 Dave Tossell Citroen Saxo
120 Ross Harrison Peugeot 206 Nottingham
125 Martin Brown Ford Fiesta mk3
126 Gary Stow Peugeot 206 Croydon, Surrey
134 Paul Macklin Peugeot 206 Abbots Langley, Berks
136 Ivan Grayson Peugeot 206
172 Steve Kite Vauxhall Tigra
187 Paul Trimmer Peugeot 206
196 Ben Matthews Vauxhall Corsa
197 Paul Cusack Peugeot 206cc Manchester
198 Andy Steward Peugeot 206 Manningtree, Essex
205 Mike Norton Peugeot 205
214 Tim Mabey VW Corrado
223 Gary Pollard Peugeot 206
238 Kev Duce Honda Civic Basingstoke, Hamps
Peugeot 306
258 Jason Griggs Peugeot 205
259 Rod Brewer Ford Fiesta mk5 Chelmsford, Essex
263 Colin Williams
267 Jon Price Vauxhall Tigra Stoke on Trent, Staffs
277 Terry Bell Ford Puma Boreham, Essex
282 Steve Hunt Peugeot 206
285 Trevor Ward Peugeot 206 Heathfield, Sussex
307 Guy Morgan Peugeot 206
313 Ross Hawtin Peugeot 205
333 Paul Gomm Chesham, Bucks
350 Patsy Enright Peugeot 205 Burgess Hill, Sussex
418 Ben Edwards
444 Sammy Shudall Peugeot 206 Hayes, Middlesex
578 Rick Lee Honda Civic
652 Leo Clark
666 Graham Jackson Vauxhall Nova
697 Terence McGonigle Northern Ireland
718 Colin White Vauxhall Tigra Glastonbury, Somerset
904 Wilson Hamilton Vauxhall Tigra Kidderminster, Shrops
Mitsubishi Colt
924 Stuart Wright Ford Anglia
935 Davy Gurney Peugeot 205 Northern Ireland
941 Bill McCurdy Northern Ireland
952 Stephen McGonigle Northern Ireland
980 Jaye Nevin Northern Ireland
998 Simon Kennedy Ford Fiesta mk4 Northern Ireland

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