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The new Hot Rods for the 2015 season. Photos supplied by driver unless stated. Click on image to see larger version of photo.

73 Trevor Harvey - Slick Cars
Stepping up to Slick Cars in the former Sammy Shuddall Peugeot 206. Photo supplied by Jason Kew.

351 Christain Baer - 2L Hot Rod
New colours and car for German racer. Photo supplied by Sascha Paar.

60 Rene Heijnen - 2L Hot Rod
Another newcomer on the continent. Photo supplied by Sascha Paar.

90 Dirk Albrecht - 2L Hot Rod
The grey Nova is replaced by this blue, expect to see more trips to the UK with this car. Photo supplied by Sascha Paar.

4 Martin Dalzell - 2L Hot Rod
Former Legends racer has one of the most spectactular colour schemes to grace the Incarace tracks.

333 Gerton Boes - 2L Hot Rod
Yet another 2L Hot Rod to grace the continental tracks. Photo supplied by Sascha Paar.

197 Charlie Sayers - Hot Rod
The latest addition is the Honda Civic to race at Worthing. His more powerful Toyota Starlet should be back to action as well in 2015.

16 Jeffrey Zwiep - National Hot Rod
A body shape rarely seen in Hot Rods, the Mini is to be piloted by 19 year old Jeffrey Zwiep who races the ex-Benne Veldman car. Photo supplied by Sascha Paar.

48 Gary Farrington - Classic Hot Rod
The famous Zakspeed colours have taken shape and final touches are being put on the car.

39 Erik Emming - National Hot Rod
The Corrado body shape still lives on, new colours for Erik in 2015 in the ex-Chris Haird/Jack Blood Corrado.

258 James Griggs - Outlaws
Armed with a newer Peugeot 206cc expect to see him at Mendips, Ringwood and on the Slick Car scene in the Midlands.

116 Frank Nohring - 2L Hot Rod
A winter spruce up for the Tigra. Photo supplied by Sascha Paar.

92 Roland Sudnicks - 2L Hot Rod
Former National Hot Rodder of the 1990's Roland raced several times at the World Final. His car is the ex-Craig Shelley Nova. Photo supplied by Sascha Paar.

57 Barry Limer - Lightning Rod
The second Ford Zetec powered Sierra for Barry Limer

916 Mark Corry - Lightning Rod
The build of this car was previously shown on the site, now the livery has been completed.

333 Paul Gomm - National Hot Rod
As seen at the Autosport Show, Paul's Tigra for his debut in the class

9 Jason Norris - Hot Rod
The Honda has already hit the track this year at Worthing

117 Rob McDonald - National Hot Rod
The current points champion's Tigra that has been tidied up over the winter break.

154 Anthony Burgess - Slick Car
A Peugeot 206 to be raced in the Midlands based Open Hot Rod class.

54 Adam Hylands - National Hot Rod
After stamping his mark on 2L Hot Rods, the time has come for Adam to step up to National Hot Rods.

167 Mark Miller - 2L FWD Hot Rod
After several years of being rebuilt the Mini finally made it's debut at the Oval Racing Expo. Paul Ballard images

536 Jeff Johnson - Outlaws
The former James Griggs Peugeot 206cc now in the hands of Jeff

Images from the Autosport Show can be found here

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