Hednesford 25.05.15

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With a grid bigger than the last few National Hot Rod meetings at Hednesford the Slick Car meeting excited a lot of fans with the body shapes that were seen several years ago in National Hot Rods. Wilson Hamilton for instance raced the ex-Jeff Simpson Mitsubishi Colt that started life in 1998, for many they will consider this to be an old race car however the Colt was being produced on the road several years longer than the current Vauxhall Tigra that nominates National Hot Rod racing, the same could also be said of the Peugeot 206 that was the most popular car racing at Hednesford.

The meeting saw Warren Farazmand (Peugeot 206cc) take the final, second was Colin Hitch (Ford Fiesta) who won the opening heat and third Ian McGuigan (only Vauxhall Tigra present) won the other heat.

Photos supplied by Martyn Robinson. Click on image to see larger version of photo.

The drivers or their cars depicted in these photos are: 26 Gavin Jones, 56 David Leeks, 59 Nigel Beardsmore, 73 Trevor Harvey, 24 Roger Wright, 637 Warren Farazmand, 172 Colin Hitch, 904 Wilson Hamilton, 59 Simon Bentley, 216 Luke Walter, 2 Stephen Pedley, 154 Tom Burgess, 92 Lee Rudge, 229 Alex Williams, 362 Paul Trimmer, 97 Paul Cusack, 239 David Poole, 46 John Wicks, 77 Ian McGuigan

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