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13/5 Lochgelly Heats: Ricky White, Darren McAlpine. Final: Chris Lattka

10/5 Points: Polleysport Yokohama Series R3
Jack Grandon 89, Sam Owen 69, Daniel Rea 65, Eric Walker 64, Charlie Hodge 63

6/5 Points: DMC - World Qualifying
Shane McMillan 290, Derek McMillan 281, Ed Davis 246, Victor McAfee 241, Jonny Cardwell 240

2/5 Points: Lochgelly - Chart 5
Chris Lattka 310, Jonathan Lattka 286, Siobhan Martin 281, Darren McAlpine 183, Gary Dean 105

1/5 Points: Spedeworth - Chart 8
Dean O'Dell 298, Eric Walker 214, Stuart Smyth 201, John Smith 191, Chris Woods 169. This points chart is used to determine those that qualify for the World Final.

1/5 Hednesford Although 49 cars were booked in 45 raced (probably a record in a domestic meeting for the 21st century) for the Midland Championship. Ashley Brown, Lewis Clark and Stuart Smyth won the heats which put Smyth on pole but it was Ed Trofer who raced through from the third row to win the title ahead of Chris Lattka, Ben Grant and Brown.

1/5 Arena Essex A downpour midway through the first heat saw Ian Jardine, Carl Steptoe and Jon Turvey all crash out. Wayne Shackleford and David Crouch won the heats with Andy Taylor (now racing as 193 instead of 93) winning the final. The latest points sees Matt Rowling leading by 2 points from Crouch.

29/4 ORC Championship - St Day Jim Pitcaithly held off pressure from Michael Bethune and then Luke Oliver to take the first championship of the year. Pitcaithly qualified on pole after a win and third in his heats. The other heats were won by Justin Washer and Adam Daniels.
Final: 91, 51, 45, 24, 151, 944, 14, 740, 3, 437
Autospeed Report

29/4 Points: DMC - NI Championship
Jonny Cardwell 99, Stevie McNeice 89, Marc Morrell 89, Victor McAfee 86, Ed Davis 86

29/4 Lochgelly Heats: Brian Wilson, Chris Lattka. Final: Brian Wilson

29/4 Arena Essex Rolling Thunder Show Winter Series concludes and trophies presented to the top 3 of Wes Porter, Ryan Richards and Matt Coburn

29/4 Tullyroan Heats: Victor McAfee, Owen McGrath. Final: Victor McAfee

27/4 Spedeworth World Qualifiers Although each driver has to confirm their place Eric Walker, Daniel Rea, Dean O'Dell, Jack Grandon, John Smith, Chris Woods and Stuart Smyth are Spedeworth qualifiers for the Stock Rod World Final at Aghadowey.

17/4 Irish Open - Aghadowey Heats: Derek McMillan, Marc Morrell. Final 1-2-3: Jonny Cardwell, Derek McMillan, Stevie McNeice

15/4 Irish Masters - Tullyroan Heats: Stevie McNeice, Jonny Cardwell. Final 1-2-3: Stevie McNeice, Shane McMillan, Curtis Greer

7/4 Lochgelly Heats: Stuart Wedderburn, Brian Wilson. Final: Brian Wilson

2/4 Great Yarmouth Samuel Owen won his first race since moving up from the Junior Rods. Jack Grandon won the other races.

25/3 Lochgelly Heats: John-Lee Green, Ryan Venters. Final: Daniel Davidson

12/3 English Championship - Wimbledon John Smith wins followed by Tristan Jackson and Ben Grant. Final: 212, 300, 224, 5, 313, 144, 319, 217, 110, 60. Mylaps
Previous winners English Championship

11/3 Lochgelly Heats: Daniel Davidson, Ryan Venters. Final: Darren McAlpine

11/3 Aghadowey Heats: Johnny Gillespie, Ryan Murphy. Final: Marc Morrell

5/2 London Championship - Wimbledon Daniel Rea took the title but crashes played a part in this meeting. Charlie Hodge ending up on his roof and then Chris Woods and Eric Walker crashed hard into the posts.


26/12 Aghadowey Heats: Victor McAfee, Chris Gordon. Final: Ben McCully

2016 Polleysport Yokohama Series
Tony Perfect 261, Eric Walker 243, Chris Woods 237, Perry Osbourne-Brown 224, Stuart Smyth 223

28/10 King of Aghadowey - Aghadowey Heats: Jonny Cardwell, Bobbie Johnston. Final 1-2-3: Derek McMillan, Jonny Cardwell, Curtis Greer

28/8 ORC European Championship - Ballymena The title returns to Scotland with Michael Bethune winning ahead of Steven McKane and Aaron Moody. Bethune secured pole with a fifth and third in the heats that were won by Moody, McKane and Luke Oliver.

21/8 Tullyroan Dean O'Dell won the Tullyroan Challenge Cup after passing early leader Bobbie Johnston who started on pole. The reverse heats were won by Marc Morrell and O'Dell.

20/8 British Championship - Aghadowey Bobbie Johnston took his first title in the class after Chris Lattka and Jonny Cardwell took chunks out of each leaving Johnston to win ahead of Derek McMillan, Dean O'Dell and Stephen Gooch. Victor McAfee and Ben McCully won the qualifying heats.
Previous winners
British Championship

14/8 Arena Essex Sadie Betts and David Crouch win the heats whilst Jon Turvey takes the final, his second in a row.

6/8 National Championship - Hednesford Qualifying heats won by Ed Trofer, Stuart Wright, Eric Walker and Jamie Akehurst. John Smith takes his first major from pole, a year on from huge roll-over in the same event. The Grand National was won by Jack Bradburn who also finished 6th in the main race.
Final: 212, 551, 25, 658, 224, 97, 944, 5, 28, 911 Mylaps
Previous winners National Championship

31/7 Arena Essex Joe Cooper won both heats and then Jon Turvey won the final. The extra helter skelter race was won by Matt Rowling.

27/7 Southern Championship - Eastbourne A titanic battle raged between Stuart Smyth and Andy Sturt for most of the race, Smyth was first on the road but docked for contact handing the win to John Smith to retain the title ahead of Ben Grant and Smyth.

24/7 Barford Ian Lowery takes the final in Round 8 of the Grand Prix Series. Levi Robinson has attended every round and wins the qualifying series from Justin Washer and Adam Daniels; 84 drivers participated.

23/7 Jane Burt Memorial - Cowdenbeath David Kempston returned to racing after his big crash earlier in the year to take heat and final. James Matson won the other heat.

23/7 Birmingham Zak Alaoui takes the opening heat in his first meeting since moving to Incarace from PRI. Daniel Rea wins the other heat and Ed Trofer takes the final ahead of Dean O'Dell.

21/7 Grid Positions With immediate effect the finals of all meetings at Spedeworth and Incarace will lined up by points scored in the heats.

17/7 ORC English Championship - Taunton Luke Oliver retains his title by passing poleman Simon Jones who finished second followed by Chris Drake, Adam Daniels and Justin Washer. The heats were won by Callum Hosie, Lewis Trickey and Oliver.

16/7 Ipswich Michael Benstead takes a heat and final double with Joe Smith winning the other heat.

13/7 Aghadowey Ben McCully takes heat and final, he was first on the road in the other heat but docked for contact handing the win to Victor McAfee. World Champion Stevie McNeice returned to action after his recent injury.

10/7 Hednesford Ed Trofer takes a heat a final double from a poor 9 car grid. David Patterson wins the opening heat.

4/7 European Championship - Ipswich
Heat 1: 188, 876, 5, 224, 551, 3, 842, 28, 207, 928
Heat 2: 212, 207, 944, 83, 23, 25, 144, 33, 447, 97
Grid: 944, 207, 168, 224, 25, 188, 5, 551, 876, 144
Final: 944, 25, 207, 551, 224, 212, 144, 876, 319, 3

29/6 Eastbourne As preparation for the Spedeweekend Jack Grandon takes the final. Daniel Rea and Ryan Jordan win the other heats.

19/6 Aldershot Ryan Jordan wins both heats with Daniel Rea runner-up in both of those. Joe Smith wins the final.

4/6 Tipperary - World Championship Stevie McNeice won the title ahead of reigning champ Dean O'Dell, Alan McCormack and Willie O'Donovan. The qualifying heats were won by Jonathon Lattka, McNeice and McCormack. McNeice secured pole ahead of Jonny Cardwell who fell back after contact.

2/5 Arena Essex - ORC Championship The title event drew Arena's biggest field for the class from around the UK however it was local Dave Imber who won ahead of Ricky Walker and Jim Pitcaithly. Imber had won both his qualifying heats and Walker won the other one.

26/4 Ipswich Heats won by Ryan Keating and Andy Taylor on the ex-Thorndyke Corsa. Sean Matteoli passes Harry Sarjent who is later spun out by Jack Grandon.

9/4 Northampton - English Championship In wet conditions Dean O'Dell dominated the English Championship. In qualifying he took third from the very back, won the next won and pull away from pole to win the title for a second time ahead of Stuart Smyth and Chris Woods who inherited third when Andy Taylor was docked for contact. The heat winners were Taylor, O'Dell and Jack Grandon. Making his debut in the class was Jack Bradburn who finished every race in the top 10.

2/4 Ringwood Helen Samways wins the meeting final and Steve Haskell takes both heats.

28/3 Aghadowey - Irish Masters Chris Lattka took the title after passing pole sitter Derek McMillan. Heat two winner Chris Gordon was second ahead of Ed Davis; Lattka won the first heat.

27/3 Great Yarmouth The season opener for the seaside track saw Daniel Rea take the heats and Tony Perfect win the final.

26/3 Tullyroan - Irish Open Chris Lattka retained the title after securing pole position. Runner-up Jonny Cardwell also won the first heat finished the Irish Open ahead of Stevie McNeice and heat two winner Jonathan Lattka.

25/3 Ballymena - Yokohama Championship World Champion Michael Bethune takes the title followed by Jack Kennedy and Niall McFerran. Bethune becomes the third Scottish winner of this title.

19/3 Hednesford Former Junior champion James Morris starts his senior career by winning both heats and finishing second to Ed Trofer in the final.

12/3 Ringwood Rhys Langdown takes a heat and final double, Dave Imber keeps up with the winning streak by taking another heat.

5/3 Ipswich Andy Taylor wins both heats with PRI points champion Tony Perfect taking the final. Lauren Sarjent debuts in a booted Nova.

5/3 Aghadowey Chris Gordon kicked off the NI season with a win and newly DMC-registered Steve Gooch won the other heat, on both occasions first on the road Ed Davis was docked places. Ben McCully won the final.

29/2 World Qualification Ringwood announce 4 drivers will qualify through the promotion. A new points chart will also allow points to be scored when visiting other venues.

27/2 Lochgelly Yellow top Brian Keir takes the final after Siobhan Martin and Derek Conner win the heats.

27/2 Ringwood Dave Imber makes a switch to FWD and takes both heats, Dave Ham wins the final.

14/2 Wimbledon - London Championship Andy Sturt takes the title ahead of John Smith and Joe Smith. Sturt also takes a heat with Ashley Brown having the other one.

14/2 St Day - Winter Supreme Justin Washer led the title race from start to finish after securing pole with a first and third in the heats. Adam Daniels was second and heat 2 winner Matt Peters third.

16/1 Autosport Show World Champions Dean O'Dell and Michael Bethune on display alongside National Champion Derek McMillan in completely orange Corsa C.

1/1 Wimbledon - Winternationals Stuart Smyth wins ahead of Northern Irish visitor Derek McMillan who also won the opening heat, Andy Sturt won the other heat but did have Smyth closing in on him.

1/1 Ballymena - Winternationals Steven McKane takes all races, Adam Sloan being the runner-up in the final. Jack Kennedy and Jason Clyde both debut in debut.

New rules 1600 engines now allowed for 2016 but will not be eligible for points, prize money or can race in Championship events.

2016 World Finals Provisional dates have been announced as Barford 11th September (ORC version) and Tipperary 4th June (non-ORC version).


22/11 Wimbledon Nicky D'Souza follows up two second places in the heats by taking the final. Perry Osborne-Brown wins both heats.

24/10 Tipperary - European Championship Andy Sturt wins the title only just ahead of Jonny Cardwell, William O'Donovan and Ronnie McMillan.

4/10 Arena Essex - English Championship Luke Oliver wins the ORC version ahead Dale Atkins, Tony Perfect and Justin Washer. Qualifying heats won by Gary Hicks and Matt Rowling.

3/10 Tipperary - John Hall Memorial Keith Butler takes the title.

2/10 Ballymena - Irish Championship Wilfie McNeice wins dramatic race ahead of Aaron Moody, Matt McKinstry and Shane Gault. First over the line Steven McKane is removed from the result for being underweight. Gareth Bevan also removed when the race is declared two laps from the end.

What are they

Stock Rods were invented as a budget formula as Hot Rods were becoming too expensive. The formula has evolved and the cars are no longer standard but are the largest hot rod formula (registered drivers) competing all over the UK. It is the only hot rod formula that has had World Champions from three different nations. Seven promoters currently run Stock Rods under ORCi rules.

The class began in 1977 allowed most cars up to 1300cc in capacity and cars in standard form, windows removed but headlights kept in. The first car that was successful was the Fiat 124 and dominated the class, but like most other oval formulas, Escorts were used, then Starlets and then front wheel drive cars took over with the Vauxhall Nova.

The Nova is still the choice car, the newer Corsa and Saxo are used but still not getting as much success. The Toyota Starlet become the car to have in the early 1990's but has now been phased out. Stock Rods have proved a great training ground for drivers, although not an entry level formula they are more of a intermediate class. This years National Hot Rod World Champion Carl Boardley began racing in Stock Rods while drivers like Mark Paffey, Andy Steward, Mark Willis, Kevin Randell and Lee Pepper have also gone onto championship success in hot rods after racing Stock Rods.

With so many promotions and tracks available to the drivers the major titles alternate between all of them. The only title that stays at one track is the National Championship, which forms part of the National Championship Weekend at Hednesford. This meeting is usually fully subscribed with drivers from all over Britain and Ireland. No formal qualifying series takes place for entries into major championships but is limted to the top points scorers from different promotions.
Championship Winners

Stock Rods are run at all the major promoters; Spedeworth, Incarace, Autospeed, GMP as well as in Ireland both sides of the border. In the mid 90's Trackstar had the formula as well as independent promoters at Northampton and Ringwood.

Tracks Used: Aldershot, Ballymena, Birmingham, Cowdenbeath, Great Yarmouth, Hednesford, Ipswich, Lochgelly, Northampton, St Day, Taunton, Tipperary, Wimbledon. For further information check out the Track Guide

The Future
This class really needs more models to be allowed into rules. The problem though with newer cars are injected engines and heavier cars. The Nova has proved the best car but this car stopped production in the early 90's. When the Nova was first used it was still in production, the car is around 25 years old now. With no more Starlets in the class it is a pure FWD class but the rules do not state they have to be.

The class does need to stop allowing competition parts and modifications to the cars, the organisers need to clamp down and punish drivers more harshly for failing to adhere to the rules. Stock Rods are no longer the entry level formula as the cars have become too sophisicated for the average person to start racing in. Rookie Rods have filled that void but the promoters should have clamped on improvements years ago.

Since 2008 Swaffham have a class called 1400 Rods which are very close in specification to Stock Rods, they are likely to bring their rules inline with the others. Grimley Raceway run a class similar to the rules but are not part of the ORCi. The Rolling Thunder Show version of Stock Rods is not ORCi. With Spedeworth Scotland running at Lochgelly the 1400 class (which was essentially Stock Rods) now fall under the ORci umbrella.

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